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Year 1955, who can name all the family occupants from number 1 to 102 Avondale Street? at # 1 Rosser       2 Dyer       3  Courtney       4  Davies       5 Thomas       6   Fields       7   Smith        8  Owen       9   Evans       10  Jones       11  Caple       12  Bowen       13  Parfit       14  Thorn    (...Read full memory)

In 1946 The occupiers of Avondale Street from 68 to 102 numbers were as follows 68 Avondale Street,adjacent to Battenberg Street were Mr. and Mrs Mason who had three children namely,daughter June the eldest,sons Gordon,and Mansel. No.70....Mr. and Mrs.Evans.Kenneth and Gerald No.72....Mr.and (...Read full memory)

I`ve really enjoyed reading about Ynysboeth on this site, I was born in Cross Street in 1957 and lived there until I got married in 1979. Reading all them names from Avondale Street brought back some great memories, some I remember, some I don`t (memory must be fading with age). I have an old copy of a photograph with all (...Read full memory)

Slogger, as you call him, was my father Gwilym Jones. His shop was at 86, Avondale Street, Ynysboeth. Back in his younger days, before I was born, he was a professional boxer and fought mostly in London. He had a shop at that address before the second world war and closed it down in 1939 when he signed on (...Read full memory)

I was born at 86 Avondale Street, Ynysboeth, and my memories of growing up in this close knit community are very vivid indeed. The land, prior to the construction of AB metal products and the carpet factory, was meadow pasture farmland used for grazing cattle, owned by (...Read full memory)

I also remember my first day at Ynysboeth Infants school, and unceremoniously being dragged there by my mother for the first time, because I didn't want to go to school. However, as I was happily greeted by the teacher on entering the classroom for the first time, I also saw this wonderful huge rocking horse directly in (...Read full memory)

Boeth Boy Dig for me a Boeth boy’s grave Spare no sweat or time Measure how I lived my life Then build for me a shrine Scroll on the slab of pure gold I lived a Princely life For I have gazed the richest prize Touched their holy grail I drank good health with merry men Blue scars adorned their chests From battles (...Read full memory)

I am looking for photographs of the Ynysboeth hotel and Avondale street before the Bryncynon club was built Are there any out there ? Age is not important Please email ynysboeth@gmail.com

My memories are of my dad and his jazzband called Bryncynon Skylarks - we were good. I lived with my mam n dad at 15 Cross Street, till I moved to Pontypridd 12 yrs ago now. Would love to know if anyone has pictures of jazzband or carnivals from the 1970 -1979 thank you

I was born in 92 Avondale St and lived in 95 until I was 10yrs old. I remember the jazz bands and the fair ground that came every year at the end of Avondale, where the new Nant-y-Fedw is built. I also remember the Coronation street party; it was held in AB Metals factory canteen. Audrey Jones was (...Read full memory)