Watford, Cassiobury Park And Iron Bridge Lock 1921

Memories of Watford

I lived in Bushey and then in Oxhey Village for all of my childhood, first in Aldenham Road, and then in Oxhey Avenue, and later in Villiers Road. In the early 70's I was living in Oxhey Avenue and my friend Annette lived in Woodwaye off Eastbury Road. When she came round on her bike I used to either walk or ride my bike (...Read full memory)

My father Basil Leader was manager of the Co-op Funeral service which used to be the site of the Angel Inn and we lived in a maisonette above the premises. At the back were two branches of the river Colne - a fast flowing millstream where I used to catch crayfish and see kingfishers and a slower branch that (...Read full memory)

I was born in Watford Hospital March 1961. There is evidence that we - mum, dad and l - lived in Durban Road, and Wellington Road. I'm told one of these 'homes' was a flat in which l became proud owner of a little pink teddy - left on my pram by a neighbour, my mum says - she thinks it was a raffle prize from (...Read full memory)

I would have been aged seven years when I first remember walking with my family from Croxley over the golf-links and Grand Union into Cassiobury Park. The park was so beautiful with flower beds and a paddling pool and further along was a bandstand, people out for a walk were dressed finely and all was (...Read full memory)

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