Watford, Cassiobury Park And Iron Bridge Lock 1921

Memories of Watford

Hi, I am desperately looking for old photographs of north Watford, particularly around 1975 onward, I looking for areas like Bruce Grove, St Albans Road or around these areas. Please could someone get in touch. Thank you.

We moved to Watford when I was 8 and I remember our regular trip from St Johns Road to the market behind Cawdells where we bought our dog Jally. There were so many stalls selling good quality goods, I still have the china teaset my mother bought - "Blue Chelsea". I spent my formative years in Watford and was dragged kicking and screaming away when I was 16.

Living in Watford from the early 1950's, I well remember the Town Hall roundabout before they moved it. Can't recollect whether it was nearer or further away. I can recollect, not far from a pub called the OBH, or almost opposite the Royal British Legion Club, was the bus stop for the 346 travelling towards the (...Read full memory)

Used to go to The Trade, Top Rank, Clockhouse, New Penny & Pickwick club in the 60's and early 70's before I left blighty to go to NZ and Oz. Wound up in Perth, Western Australia and am still there. Knocked about with a guy called Barry Machin who was better known as Harry Munchkins before he took off to Torquay. (...Read full memory)

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