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Hand Coloured Photographs

These photographs are all coloured in the Victorian style and are particularly suitable for use on Jigsaws, Tea Towels and Cushion Covers, but are also available in all our products.

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A special selection of archive photographs.

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Canals and Waterways

Peaceful and thought-provoking scenes of life down by the water.

Memories of Watford

I was not born when the photo was taken in 1906 but I do well remember our weekly shopping trips to the Watford market just after world war two. There would always be time to visit the top end of the high street to admire the large golden fish in the pond. I found later that they were Golden Orf. On one of our (...Read full memory)

I have fond memories of this part of the town - I worked in Cawdells as a Saturday girl on the switchboard - great fun when you're 15! My mum bought all our bedlinen and other useful items in their January sales. My teens were spent visiting friends in the area and going to the Top Rank in the evenings for a good dance to Gino (...Read full memory)

Apologies in advance this is not a Watford specific question but if anyone had any information on the building that is currently Falconer School in Bushey, I would love to know. I am aware it was previously the junior Masonic School, the secondary being based on The Avenue, but have heard rumours of it being a hospital, possibly for TB patients? Just curious to hear more if possible!

Used to go to The Trade, Top Rank, Clockhouse, New Penny & Pickwick club in the 60's and early 70's before I left blighty to go to NZ and Oz. Wound up in Perth, Western Australia and am still there. Knocked about with a guy called Barry Machin who was better known as Harry Munchkins before he took off to Torquay. (...Read full memory)

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