Watford, Cassiobury Park And Iron Bridge Lock 1921

Memories of Watford

my memories of Watford start in 1947 when I was born in the front bedroom of our house in Liverpool Road from the 1950s till approx 1968 there is not much I didn't know about the town I first went to school at Watford fields changing to Victoria boys school. We did our train spotting at Watford Heath where the train had to (...Read full memory)

My father Basil Leader was manager of the Co-op Funeral service which used to be the site of the Angel Inn and we lived in a maisonette above the premises. At the back were two branches of the river Colne - a fast flowing millstream where I used to catch crayfish and see kingfishers and a slower branch that (...Read full memory)

Living in north Watford from 1952 to 78, I have fond memories of factories such as the British Moulded Hose. Not a nylon stockings factory as its title may sound, but an asbestos factory which I remember one day caught fire when I was in the playground of Park Gate School. Other well-known factories I remember were (...Read full memory)

Used to go to The Trade, Top Rank, Clockhouse, New Penny & Pickwick club in the 60's and early 70's before I left blighty to go to NZ and Oz. Wound up in Perth, Western Australia and am still there. Knocked about with a guy called Barry Machin who was better known as Harry Munchkins before he took off to Torquay. (...Read full memory)

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