Old Maps of Watford

Historic Maps of Watford and the local area.

Living in north Watford from 1952 to 78, I have fond memories of factories such as the British Moulded Hose. Not a nylon stockings factory as its title may sound, but an asbestos factory which I remember one day caught fire when I was in the playground of Park Gate School. Other well-known factories I remember were (...Read full memory)

I lived in Bushey and then in Oxhey Village for all of my childhood, first in Aldenham Road, and then in Oxhey Avenue, and later in Villiers Road. In the early 70's I was living in Oxhey Avenue and my friend Annette lived in Woodwaye off Eastbury Road. When she came round on her bike I used to either walk or ride my bike (...Read full memory)