Wealdstone, The Cabin, Graham Road 1960

Memories of Wealdstone

We originally lived in Camberwell and were bombed out in the blitz of 1940. After sleeping on the platform of the Elephant & Castle underground train station for a few weeks, my dad found us a house to rent on Toorack Road, which was the border of Wealdstone and Harrow Weald. We were on the Harrow (...Read full memory)

I lived in Carmelite Road and went to Whitefriars junior school until we moved away in 1969. I think the headmasters name was Mr. Studdart. I always remember the high street in Wealdstone because there was a row of multi coloured seats I always sat on whenever we went shopping. We used to go to St. Barnabas church which is no longer there. The vicar at the time was John Budd.

Wealdstone High Street was usually a vibrant place and this photo, taken early on a Sunday morning, with no cars and few people, shows how times change! The shops on the left show Len Evans fruiterer shop, then John Collier, the men's tailor, next to Mence Smith (which became Timothy White). Woolworth was on (...Read full memory)

Born at Station Rd, close to Bridge School, a small sweet shop called Ecclestones was at the foot of the bridge. We would walk over the bridge, mum to shop in the Popular Stores (Coop I think), I recall her giving a dividend number! The money used to shoot around in containers above our heads! (...Read full memory)

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