A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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Nostalgic memories of Wednesbury's local history

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For well over 10 years now, we've been inviting visitors to our web site to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was when the photographs in our archive were taken. From brief one-liners explaining a little bit more about the image depicted, to great, in-depth accounts of a childhood when things were rather different than today (and everything inbetween!). We've had many contributors recognising themselves or loved ones in our photographs. Why not add your memory today and become part of our Memories Community to help others in the future delve back into their past.

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  • How the location features in your personal history?
  • The memories this place inspires for you?
  • Stories about the community, its history and people?
  • People who were particularly kind or influenced your time in the community.
  • Has it changed over the years?
  • How does it feel, seeing these places again, as they used to look?

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Was an accountancy student from 1969-1971. As a foreign student so far away from home (Singapore), i was able to settle down very quickly as everyone I met was so friendly. After I completed my accountancy studies, I tried to find a job as an Accountant around Birmingham or surrounding region as i had developed a fondness for this place. Unfortunately I had to leave West Bromwich for London where i managed to get a job ...see more

Added 03 December 2021
I used to live in willingsworth house as a child. My dad worked at Patent Shaft and they owned the house. It was a lovely big house. Has any one any photos ? Shame they built houses there now. I lived there in the early 60's before willingsworth school

To celebrate some milestone in Wednesbury's history, there was a bonfire and firework display at Hydes Road around about the 60's. To ensure everyone's safety, the fire brigade were given the job of setting off the fireworks. The area was fenced off for extra safety. I reckon there must have been about 2000 people there. Firemen let off a few fireworks, but suddenly rockets and other explosive things ...see more

Added 07 December 2012
I have too many memories to many to go into - apprentice Elec; at Patent Shaft steelworks, left Wednesbury aged 20 for 2 years RAF National Service, lived in south Yorkshire since 1954 - think about standing with fire watchers top of air-raid shelter Dangerfield Lane low side of No 92. Aged 12 in 1942 when parachute mines fell next to old-park works Kings Hill, I ended up bottom of steps, 4 firewatchers on ...see more

I remember going to the Rialto cinema, we called it 'the fleapit', it was a bit rough. The manager used to wear a smart black suit, he would be in the kiosk taking the money, I think he ran the place as a one-man-band, as he seemed to do everything, even selling the ice-cream in the interval! I remember going there to see "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and it scared me to death! I remember my mom taking ...see more

Dad used to take me to help on the market stall he had right outside Woolworth's as he and mom had a Ladies & Children's Wear in Birmingham.  His cousin was Mayor at the time - hence the prime spot? I remember the Tilley Lamps, and the stout lady who ran the fruit and veg stall on the visible corner, who used to hitch up her skirt to reveal £1 and ten-bob notes stuffed into her stocking tops!  My cousin ...see more

Sorry - I didn't add my name.  It was PATRICIA YATES then.  Now, it's PATRICIA PAVEY.

I worked in the library from 1965 to 1967 before I moved to Toronto, Canada. I loved working in this college!

Paul talked about the Home & Colonial. I think it was "Masons" used to be next door in the market place. I remember getting a 'penny dip' on the way back to school (Ridding Lane Primary). Mum would have gone potty if she had known we did that after a good meal at home. The other thing was the market vendors would always let us have 'speckled apples' for nowt, just for the asking.

I can remember my Aunt Marjorie working in the Home & Colonial in the Marketplace. I used to sit in my pram outside and she would bring me something nice. I can still remember the smell of the cheeses and hams.