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Caption for Woburn Sands, High Street C1955: Woburn Sands, right on the Bedfordshire border and bleeding across it, grew up when the railway arrived in 1846; its delightful station in Tudor cottage style is on the Bedford to Bletchley junction line. This view looks along the High Street, with Hardwick Road to the left. The war memorial-cum-clock tower has been relocated away from the more recent roundabouts at the junction to a safer location further up the High Street beside the 1874 Institute. The Swan still thrives, now mostly clad in painted weatherboarding.

Memories of Woburn Sands

I have a picture postcard which was sent to my mother from her mother (my gran) who was staying at Edgbury Home with my uncle, who was a baby at that time. She must have either had the baby there or been convalescing. I did not expect to find that the building still existed. I wonder if there are any records of that time.

I was born in NW London. My first visit to Woburn Sands was about 1950 when my Uncle Ted and Aunt Ada moved here. They lived at the 'Dene' Aspley Hill. Aunt Ada did the housework for Mrs Russell the owner of the 'Dene' and my uncle drove a lorry for Marston Bricks. My school holidays were spent here cycling around the (...Read full memory)

I was a pre - Nursing student at Daneswood for two years. I hailed from Bolton, Lancashire and it was my first time away from home and town. I fell in love with Woburn Sands and enjoyed my time at Daneswood, to this day I have lovely memories of the place and friends made there. I have lived in (...Read full memory)

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