Memories of Woking, Swimming Pool c1965

Does anyone remember a bakery, run by someone bearing the name Burgess, which also sold iced cakes? My Father worked there before the war and learnt to decorate cakes. Although eventually following a completely different career path he continued to make the most amazing birthday cakes for myself and my siblings. Much of his (...Read full memory)

When I was Five we lived in Byfleet and often visited the Woking Lido in Summer. I nearly killed myself by sliding down the slide unsupervised. Fortunately my father saw me and dragged me out. When I was Six my sister and I boarded at the Frithe Knowle School, in Wych Hill Lane (1948). The principal was Miss M Windsor (...Read full memory)

Wow! I was taught to swim in the Woking Pool by my mum. I could be in this very photo but preferred the quieter sessions. My sister or friends and I would cycle there and take a Thermos of Bovril to warm us up after our swim. There was a chalkboard at the turnstile entrance warning us of the water temperature! The changing (...Read full memory)

I discovered the swimming pool during a bike ride with a friend and we thought ourselves very daring for cycling through the park even though the park attendants were watching. You didn't have to lock your bike in those days and there were racks and more racks for bikes outside the entrance to the pool.  Those lovely ladies (...Read full memory)

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