Woodbridge, The Quayside And The Tide Mill 1925
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There has been a tide mill here since at least the 12th century, although the present building dates from c1793. The mill operated for about two hours each low tide as the water, trapped in the mill pond on the high tide, was released. The mill ceased to work in 1957; it was restored in the 1970s, and is now the last working tide mill on the east coast.

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A Selection of Memories from Woodbridge

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Woodbridge

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I was married in the Easter of 1969, and the reception was held at the Melton Grange. What a superb place, with its beautiful gardens where many photographs were taken, which I still treasure today. The splendour of the Grange certainly added the finishing touches for a perfect day. Such a shame that it no longer exists.
1970s I worked here while in high school, I started at age 15! They use to hold dinner dances, every Friday and Saturday night, for about 300 hundred guests all staffed by the local youth. After I finished school, I went on to work full time as a waitress, I also was a chamber maid for a while. So sad that it is no longer there!
After reading all the nice memories of the area, I just want to add that my father was stationed at Bentwaters, and we lived in Ufford as well as Woodbridge. My mother was from Ufford, and I was born in Melton - best time of my life as a child living there. I went to Ufford school and Woodbridge. I went swimming at the 'big bridges' in Ufford and worked on a farm - I did it all there. I still have family ...see more
Dad recalled that when the USAF were based there, probably around 1955, maybe earlier, he'd decided to take a drive up the road that skirted the base to see if he could spot the new fighter which he had heard about. So, having left my mum chatting with her sisters, he donned his black leather riding gear and rode his motorcycle up to the gates, got out his binoculars and ...see more