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Worcester Photographic Memories

Worcester Photographic Memories

The photo 'Worcester, the Cathedral Ferry 1906' appears in this book.

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Caption for Worcester, The Cathedral Ferry 1906: The ferry originated for the use of monks from the priory, to cross to their farmland on the west bank. After the Dissolution of the Monasteries the operation of the ferry passed to the Dean and Chapter of the cathedral. It lapsed in the 1950s but has since been successfully revived as a summer-only service. Edward Elgar used it regularly as a boy, crossing from his home in Worcester to his school at Lower Wick. This picture appears to show King's School pupils using it. Behind it is the Watergate, the last surviving city gate, built in 1378.

An extract from Worcester Photographic Memories.

Memories of Worcester

My family lived in Lavender Road from 1958, then Tower Road till 2007, and we have been in walking distance of the park till now (2013). We have had many hours of enjoyment there and our two children spent many hours in the park where they made many friends.The original paddling pool where our son learnt to swim has been (...Read full memory)

This shot of the High Street presents the signage for the Cadena Cafe, a chain of national cafes (in the 'Lyon's' mould) where shoppers met for coffee and light meals. I have fond memories of visiting the cafe with family and friends, and in particular the stairway down to the coffee lounge, below street level. The coffee (...Read full memory)

The little white building in the middle is the Lamb & Flag. I spent many a happy lunchtime & evening there in the '80's. It was a Marstons pub, run then by Don & Sheila Jones, an Irish couple who I think had been there since the early 1970's. It had a tiny front bar, a slightly larger rear one, & a (...Read full memory)

From June 1965 -May 1969 I lived with my family over the Stead & Simpsons shoe shop where my husband was the manager. This is the shop centre right of the picture with the 2 white blinds out. The large 3 bedroomed flat was on the top 2 floors and my youngest son was born Nov 1967 in the top floor bedroom.  The (...Read full memory)

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