Worksop, Bridge Street 1967

Memories of Worksop, Bridge Street 1967

Was student from 1943-1950. Canon Molony was the headmaster. Wartime. Poor food, dark at night and cold! But we survived. Michel Clark (535).

This photograph shows two ladies chatting together in the foreground.  On the right in the floral dress is my mother Mrs Beatrice Farnsworth.  My family have been farmers in the locality for three generations.  My mother's car is parked on the road just behind her.  The shop to the side is Perham Cox, which was a family (...Read full memory)

To the left of this photo, the first shop you can see was Reg Matthews opticians. You can just make out the entrance and the window above which is a V shape. As a trainee dispensing optician working there around 1971, I used to sit at this window and look down on Bridge St. Happy memories. The business was later taken over (...Read full memory)

The man walking behind the two ladies and carrying what looks like a picnic hamper is I think, my father - Dennis Davis.  Farther back in the picture are two women, one pushing a pushchair and a child running in front, this may be my grandmother, mother, baby sister and myself.  I would love to be able to zoom in on this picture.

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