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Caption for Wrexham, Town Hall In High Street 1895: Wrexham stands on a tributary of the River Dee. It has a long history - it was known to the Saxons as Wrightesham or Wrightelesham. Elihu Yale, founder of Yale University in the USA, came from the Wrexham area (his family was associated with Erddig Hall), and he is buried at St Giles's church. The town developed fast during the 19th century, and became an important centre for brick and tile manufacture. Brewing was also an important industry in the town: a brewer's cart is standing outside a public house on the left.

Memories of Wrexham

Dear Sir, my uncle, Billy (William) Ellis) used to own Wrexham Dairies. I used to come to stay with him and his wife (Auntie Flo) when they lived at 8 Pant Olwen in Gresford. Many a time I have been out with my favourite lorry driver collecting and delivering the milk churns to and from farms in the area, I also (...Read full memory)

Having just re-read Professor A.H Dodd's "A history of Wrexham" He was amazed at how much history, buildings etc had been swept away in the name of progress from 1850 to 1950. He published his book and died in 1975, lamenting some of the beautiful buildings that had been demolished. After a visit to my old town (...Read full memory)

I attended the Bakery Department Denbighshire Tech. from 1960 to 1962. Mr Nash and Mr Hawkins were the tutors. I went to the Tech rather than getting a job in a bakery because my Youth Employment officer said I was too small for bakery work and needed to gain weight and strength! I won the Burton cup and the Renshaw cup (...Read full memory)

The school was in fact three buildings. The convent itself, the house next door and the main school in Gerald? Street. There was also a large prefab type building in the grounds that housed Sister Marie Claires Business Class and the Assembly Room. My memoires are of the smell of polish in the Convent, (...Read full memory)

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