Yeovil, Middle Street 1900

Memories of Yeovil, Middle Street 1900

No 23 Middle Street, Yeovil was a chemist's, name Francis.

According to the 1891 Census, No. 24 was the Chemist, No. 23 was an outfitters, and No. 25 was a Drapers

Dear Francis, As Christmas is looming, memories roll back to when Father Christmas arrived at Town Station on the train. One boy and one girl would be picked out of the crowd to recieve a present, and the present was a story book. How very lucky I was. Jenny Savage (Dungey)

My name is Vivienne. I was born in Yeovil in December 1953. My father was Graham Stanley George Adams born March 1926. He had four brothers: Stewart Roland Adams (Married Phyllis), Maurice Escort Adams (Married Jean Hallett, children Susan and Dawn), Norman Adams (Married Sheila, child Kim) and Cyril Adams (Married (...Read full memory)

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