Barking, Longbridge Road c.1950

Memories of Barking

I was born in Williams ward in Upney in 1957. We lived on Thames View in a small flat near the top end of Bastable Avenue. We then moved to Bredo House – I will always remember the flat, it had a downstairs and a staircase up to the 2 bedrooms, bathroom and toilet. There was a door at the top of the stairs leading (...Read full memory)

My fourth set of memories carries on with shops in Barking. Previously I had recalled those along from Fanshawe Avenue to the station. Over the other side past Cambridge Road was Lloyds bank on the corner, my wife and I had a savings account there before we were married. Also in this block was (...Read full memory)

Living in the prefabs in Ilford Lane I could walk into town up Fanshawe Avenue, or go via Tanner Street and then Glenny Road or, and my memory may be playing tricks on me but I think it was Harpur Road and then up by the side of the railway to come out at the Spotted Dog pub. I found the shops fascinating (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1953, had an older bro and sis. Bredo House had something to do with sister's friend Marion Bredo. My family name is Farrow. It's such a shame about Barking, it's not good now. That is how this country is going - no value.s

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