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Old Maps of Dyserth

Historic Maps of Dyserth and the local area.

Gus (not his real name, just a nickname) was a great big guy with a great heart who used to have a chippy over the bridge, his chips were proper chips, you know proper ones. He moved shop to where Foxon's is now. I used to go out with Liz Foxon, her dad hadn't got much' he always used to say it would happen to me' guess (...Read full memory)

I was probably in my last year in 1972 sitting in a class room at Ysgol Hirraddug when the rocks rained down. The explosion, at the time, did not seem that dissimilar to a normal explosion but within seconds everything changed. Like Andrew said, there was a slow motional downfall of rocks, some of which bounced (...Read full memory)