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I used to live in Langley park up until 1971 three time a week three of us used to have to go to Consett for commercial study typing and bookkeeping we used to get off at this bus stop and walk back to the village on our way home.I usually took the old road because of the river and different things birds animals etc then pass wallnook farm and into the vilage

My name is Rob Beilby and I grew up in Durham City from 1937 until 1966. I and my brothers Bryan and Jimmy lived in a pub called the "Angel Inn" at the top of Crossgate from 1937 until 1945 with our grandparents and mother, our dad was gone in the army to North Africa. I remember (...Read full memory)

Remember that there was a coal yard near the bridge over the Browney just opposite the old road. Was that the yard where the coal wagon loaded. Remember roaming the streets looking for loads of coal that had been delivered so that kids (under 15 at time) could get paid to put them in. Remember a a Tom Sewell and a Tommy (...Read full memory)

Hi I used to go to Easington Technical college at Peterlee between 1967-1969 doing a secretarial course for two years. During this time the mining lads used to come along and there was a guy from Witton Gilbert called Eddie, I just dont remember his surname. He was a tall and distinguished looking guy. I just (...Read full memory)

I am trying to get in touch with men I worked with at Langley Park Pit where I worked with my pit pony, pulling tubs of coal out of Wembley West from the coal face. Where men such as; George Garforth and Jacky Lawton were coal hewers. Paddy Riley and myself enjoyed the craick at bait time with Billy Shanks, the timber (...Read full memory)

The girls at home through the day or at Ma Petries at night and they were all ladies, Vera, Mavis, Dot, Norma, Iris, Pat . A couple of years later I was a member of the cricket team which won the N C B knock out competition final, played on the welfare ground. I remember myself, Boxer Ward, Tommy (...Read full memory)

I started work on the coal motor when I was 15 yrs old. The wagon had 4 compartments and so carried 4 loads of coal. When the driver raised the back of the wagon I ran back with my hammer and knocked out the pin holding the back shut, and out poured the coal. The driver's name was Frank Heppel who during WWII (...Read full memory)

I remember Gynmathias. I was a bit older. People in my class I remember; Ann mace, David Richardson, Pat Wilson, Pat Richardson, Alan Raine, Spike Richardson, Doreen Elliot, Elaine Wardle, Diane Lamb, Alan Gregory. Anyone remember me?

What happened to some of the people I knew in my class when I was at Langley Park Junior Mixed School circa 1957? I left in 1957 to go to Durham Johnston School after the 11+ exam which split us all up! Names such as Keith Gregory, George Walton, Margorie Cowan, Wendy Smith, Joyce Debrick(?), Priscilla Joyce, Billy (...Read full memory)

I lived at 14 Darcy Street until we moved to Wallsend in 1965. My name is Allan Calvert, we lived next door to Steven Oppenshaw and his family. I have lots of great memories of good friends, June Welsh, Dennis Thompson, David Maddison and of course my best mate Stevie. I eventually sailed all over the place but Langley (...Read full memory)