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Old Maps of Milton Lilbourne

Historic Maps of Milton Lilbourne and the local area.

I lived in Mill House as a young child in the late 1940s with my parents and grandparents. My Grandfather bought Mill House and the mortgage cost them £2.7.9 (2 pounds 7 shillings and 9pence a month over 21 years (I still have his mortgage book from the Ramsbury Building Society. Mill house is now valued at £1,000,000 + if only it had stayed in the family-thats life I suppose!

I was but a young lad of 13 when I were to stay in a small village called Oare with my brother-in-law and sister within a cottage of which was named the China Cottages. The cottages originally had ceilings as low as five feet high. They had been designed for some dwarf family but were to be bought outright by some (...Read full memory)