Memories of Thursley

I grew up in Hindhead near Thursley in the 1960s and this story was extremely well known locally. On the walk which we did often up to Gibbet Hill above the Devil's Punch Bowl you would pass the Sailor's Stone memorial which told the story of the crime. The Sailor's Stone is still there, as is the unknown sailor's gravestone in (...Read full memory)

I lived in The Red Lion Inn, Thursley (Bridle Cottage) from the day I was born for approximately 22 years. I was born in June 1961 and I am the oldest child of four. I lived with my parents and grandparents. My grandfather, Tom Briscoe, bought the old pub in 1959 (after it had been closed down, I do not know why (...Read full memory)

Whilst going through my mother's things I came across a postcard of a gravestone 'In Memory of' then goes on to show the poem that was written which at the end says it was given by the generous public, on the back where you would put your stamp it says 'please affix halfpenny stamp'. It appears that a love (...Read full memory)

My grandmother, Rosa Hayden, nee Stonehouse, lived at the bottom of The Devil's Punchbowl and later at Forked Pond. Her husband, a Boer War and WWI survivor was gamekeeper at Forked Pond, even though he lost an arm. Early in WWII a German Bomber crashed (crew buried with military honours in Milford, I (...Read full memory)

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