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Memories of Guildford

I remember my Uncle Reg taking people across the River Wey on a punt. Now there is a bridge. He also made a bench and a small bridge over the spring that cam out of the hillside. This was where the Pilgrims were supposed to be refreshing themselves before continuing on their journey. Reg and Silvia moved to (...Read full memory)

In the late fifties and early sixties myself and my family lived just outside Guildford (where I was born in 1951) and my mother used to take me after school on shopping trips to Guildford High Street and into Harveys as it was then, as she knew the fashion buyer there. As a treat we would go up to the wonderful roof (...Read full memory)

I remember Rosie the doll. During childhood we, my sisters and I, shared quite a few dolls – but Rosie was mine alone. She had a small round head; no hair as such, just molded plastic hair, which was the same plastic as her head and body. Rosie always remained intact because I made sure of that. By intact I mean she had all (...Read full memory)

Remember my young childhood days at pilgrims WOOD sandy lane childrens home.1944. The searchlights & BARRAGE BALLOONS up on the hogs back. Playing in the woods building camps with BRACKEN & CLIMING TREES BIRDNESTING ETC such wonderfull times ... I had come from LONG BARN NURSERY IN SEVENOAKS. IT WAS (...Read full memory)

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