Hopton, Bowling Green c.1955

Memories of Hopton on Sea

As a young lad we visited the Constitutional Holiday Camp for a number of years, as far as I can remember I went with my parents from about 1949 to 1955. At that time my parents were living in East London which even by then was still suffering from the results of the wartime bombing, and to visit Hopton (...Read full memory)

I worked at the Golden Sands Holiday Camp, 1961. Had the most fun. One evening one of the workers had an invite to join a party at the Constitutional Holiday camp..........we ran across the cornfield behind our girls chalets..........and back later that evening..... The following day, we all were called in (...Read full memory)

While I was at university I spent the summer holiday vacations waitressing at Hopton's holiday camp,1952, 1953 and 1954. I am now living in Devon and am in the same drama as a male friend who had holidayed there in his late teens, almost certainly when I was there. No two waitresses could have the (...Read full memory)

Was this camp called the 'Constitutional Holiday Camp'? If so I remember being sent there for a week's holiday by the British Legion Orphans Committee - it felt like I was going to the other end of the world from Cambridge. I had a great time even though I was very homesick for a few days. I remember having (...Read full memory)

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