Old Maps of Hythe

Historic Maps of Hythe and the local area.

I remember the Gem. My aunty Silvia lived a few doors down from there .I went to St Lenards School in 1953. We lived with my aunty who lived at 39 Princes Terrace .We then moved to West Parade on the sea front.There was a little shop near The Light Railway that used to sell small pots jam and if we had been good my cousins and myself were allowed to chose one to have for tea.

Not quite a historical memory. But only last year I began some serious searching into my father's mother's family. She died when he was a wee child, and he lost touch with her family. He is now 94 years old, and this year I decided to visit Kent and East Sussex to see if I could find anything about his family. Prior to (...Read full memory)