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Just finished reading all the memories on here, most of them from Salford folk so much younger than I. Born in 1931, I lived In Pendlebury, as that’s now part of Salford does that qualify me as a Salfordian? I went to school in Salford though, St.Lukes Salford 6. I left there in 1945, just after the war to go and live (...Read full memory)

Re e-mail from Jane Wilkinson 08/09/2014. If you could let me have your own e-mail address i will be happy to help if i can. John Harding was my brother. Thanks Ann

Re: Hilda Smith and Salford Royal Hospital. I was a patient in Salford Royal Hospital in January 1963 and remember a lovely nurse called " Staff Nurse Ramsbottom". I expect she went on to be a Sister. Maybe you remember her if she was there when you were. I was born in Ordsall in Moorhouse street in 1950. I have (...Read full memory)

I lived there just opposite St Clements Church. Ordsall park at the bottom of the road. Went to Ordsall board school then secondary modern school. Remember the ice cream cart pulled by horse. Bonfire in Archie st. Going to the pics Boro. Skating up and down Cavendish st. Whit walks. Tin baths, not many people had bathrooms. (...Read full memory)

I worked in Salford Custom House from 1961 to 1963 as a Departmental Clerical Officer (DCO). This was the start of my career in HM Customs & Excise and I have happy and very clear memories of walking to work down Trafford Road, over the iron bridge down to the Custom House, signing in the attendence book by 8.45 each day and (...Read full memory)

I think this date is about right. I started St, Luke's when I was six. It was on the corner of Mode Wheel Road and Eccles New Road. It was a great little school. My first teacher was Mrs Goldstraw, There was Mr Jones in the next class, Miss Murray and Mr Garnett took the oldest class. At the end of each term Mrs (...Read full memory)

I lived on Victoria Road near Hope Hospital . I went to Brommhouse Lane primary School and went to st James church where i was the rose queen . Iwent to Hope High School opposite Bule Hill Park My step father lived on park road untill his recent death last year xx

I was born in 192 Sutton Flats and Christened at St. Thomas's. My older brother Johnny and I were very happy there and both attended Halton Bank School. Our auntie, uncle and cousins lived close by in another block. (We were the Davis family.) In 1954 we moved to number 507. The little park was more or (...Read full memory)

Went to Clarendon secondary modern school between 1963 to 1967. Lived on clement attllee flats. Does anyone have school photos from then please

Born in Salford 1949, as was my sister in 1947. We lived with our mum and dad, Mary and Ted Dunnett at 379 Liverpool Street, Salford the butchers shop on the corner opposite Dorothy Rosco and Walshes shop. There were four shops, one on each corner. We went to Langworthy School and at Chimney Pot park we played. Fred (...Read full memory)