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Memories of Sunbury

Who remembers kenington Manor junior next to the wavey line the head master was Mr Saxtey, nearly every assembly was Cat Stevens Morning has broken. Unfortunately the red brick building has gone replaced by a housing estate! 1972 wot a great year with Slade topping the charts and watching the eels down by the weir.

I went to the School approx 1952-1957 firstly in the old School and then in the new school which was so modern and spacious- it had everything. The Gym was brilliant, albeit I wasn't very good. There was a sewing room where us girls learnt how to machine, sew and make our own clothes. My (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1950 above my father's butchers shop Laughtons in Green St. Behind the shop they made leather from cows hide I can still smell it not pleasant haha. Beside the butchers shop there was Dots Cafe a big jolly kindly lady, who came to my aid when I knocked myself unconscious after falling off the (...Read full memory)

I have read the memories on this site and can relate to most.My name is Alan Webb,i was born in Sunbury in 1949 and moved to Cornwall in 1990.I went to nursery road and K M secondary school.Remember going night fishing,and waiting for dots café to open and playing the juke box.My fav then was Chris farlow out of (...Read full memory)

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