Barking, East Street c.1955

Memories of Barking, East Street c1955

The year was about 1950/51 I also worked in Sainsburys I had been working in Upton Park in Ray's bridal shop and had to go to Sainsburys for my mum ,one of my school friendsShirley Barbara Smith was working there and said why don't I go and work there. So I did. What I mainly liked about it was that you could take (...Read full memory)

Hi Mike I wonder when you worked for Sainsbury. My Mum 'Ellen' or you may have known her as Helen worked there on the butter pats. It would have been in the late 50's

My Mum worked at Sainsbury's in East Street in the late 50's - to early 60's. She used to 'knock up' the butter from the huge slabs into the small half pound packs, all while the customer waited. She also used to bring home the first yogurts, usually they were frozen and my sis and I loved them. My Mum loved the job but she (...Read full memory)

I used to look forward to the weekend so I could pay my 'tanner' and go to the Saturday morning pictures at the Capitol (now Marks & Spencer I believe). I was born and raised in Barking, Sutton Road (off Movers Lane). Went to school at Northbury (infant)/Westbury (junior) and finally Eastbury Secondary Modern schools. (...Read full memory)

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