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Francis Frith & Our Story

Read about Mr Francis Frith and the fascinating story of this world-class archive. ... more. Read about Francis Frith and our company story

Generic Images

The Frith Collection is renowned for its "historical photographs of thousands of British cities, towns and villages" - but this is only part of the story as the Collection also contains thousands of images that have an appeal far beyond the locality and which portray many aspects of British life over the last 150 years.

We have created a catalogue which contains a selection of these called 'Photogenic Britain', which you may download here. Download the Photogenic Britain catalogue

Frith prints hang in a commercial reception space

Frith For Your Business from Francis Frith

Francis Frith and his company began supplying prints to retailers in 1860. Since that pioneering start, the range of products and services we offer to businesses has diversified greatly.

We offer a sophisticated range of products and a flexible product development service. This is enabled by bespoke technology combined with our extraordinary wealth of images and content. With in-house production facilities we create and deliver product tailored to a variety of markets.

A Frith photo wallpaper in situ in a restaurant
A Frith photo wallpaper in an office
Frith Prints in an office corridor

Design & Interiors

A world-class archive paired with a diverse range of output options provides you with enormous opportunity for any design or architectural project. Every Frith image is available in a wide variety of formats, including framed & canvas prints, giant murals, wallpaper, on foamcore, and more. We can also supply prints for framing by you. We can crop, hand colour or spot colour images to your brief.

Here are just a few kinds of businesses we regularly work with. We would love to help your business achieve your design goals and look forward to hearing from you!

In Offices, Corporate & Civic Buildings

Our local photographs displayed in your offices reflect your commitment to your community and celebrate the history of your locality.

In Hospitals, Nursing & Care Homes

Nostalgic photos provide attractive and relevant décor and are recognised as having an important role to play in the care of dementia.

In Hotels, Restaurants & Pubs

Our images are used by many hospitality businesses to create a welcoming atmosphere, full of authentic local interest.

With Architects & Interior Designers

Enlarge Frith images to create impactful and locally relevant décor, or select from our rich archive of generic images that suit a theme.

London, Market Porters at Covent Garden 1900
Hayle, Children in the Paddling Pool 1925

Commercial Opportunities with Us

Licencing, product development and publishing and digital commercialisation come easily when you have the depth of experience and wealth of content at our disposal.

No matter what your business is we feel confident there are commercial opportunities we could explore together. We are always happy to talk through commercial opportunities with you.

For Retailers

Products illustrated with local images sell particularly well as customers make personal associations with the locations depicted. We offer a wide range of products and price points. We have created over 600 own brand products for major retailers and offer this service. Our POD production capability enables us to supply a vast range of local variants in very low numbers.

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Promotions & Incentives

Our flexible production capability and the amazing content resources we own, enable us to create and deliver tailor-made incentives and promotional products that offer a high level of perceived value and quality and also meet tight budget parameters.

Web & Direct Marketing

Our products are ideally suited to web and direct marketing. We can simplify implementation to enable websites to offer a huge range of local product and we provide a complete fulfilment service. We have an outstanding record of supplying product tailored for direct marketing companies, all produced on-demand and drop shipped.

Street Dressing

The high quality of Frith photographs means we can enlarge them to very large sizes – enough to cover the fronts of empty buildings. When combined the photographs with professionally written copy from local authors describing the history of the location – these create very large panels suitable for street dressing and merchandising.

Photo Library

All Frith photographs are available on a rights managed basis, with a high level of exclusivity if required, and with supporting text in many cases. We can also provide an archive search service.

Image & Content Licensing

We licence Frith images and content to other companies for the creation of products that do not compete with our own product but only where the licenced products will be of a quality consistent with the Frith brand and subject to minimum royalty levels.

More about Licensing

Architectural Reference

The Collection provides an amazing record over 150 years of buildings and landscapes suitable for conservation and redevelopment projects and we can provide prints with all necessary rights at an economic cost.

Business Gifts

The personalised nature of Frith products is ideally suited to business gifts. We can select images that relate directly to your recipients or event and provide additional personalisation using our automated print on demand systems, and yet offer excellent value.

Oakham, Market Place 1932
Lustleigh, from the East 1920