Cark, The Village 1903

Memories of Cark

My grandad was born here in 1923, his name was Clive John Lupton, also known as Cliff. He left when he was 17 and settled in Liverpool, but didn't speak much about the place. We returned with him in 2001 but he didn't really open up about anything, we think he had a conflict with his parents who were Gwladys Maude Faraday (maiden (...Read full memory)

My maternal grandfather's family came from Cark in Cartmel. The cottage nearest to the bridge was/is called "Beckside". Our family know it better as "Grandma's" house. I've found that she lived there from around the time she married, which would have been in the 1850s. She and her husband, Thomas Hadwin, (...Read full memory)

This is the cottage where my maternal grandfather's family used to live.  Thomas (born 1828) and Mary Hadwin had 12 children and lived all of their life in this house.  Their granddaughter "Carrie", born in 1877, lived there with them, too.  I'm yet to discover if the house was occupied by the Hadwins previously.

The house in this photograph is Lawn Cottage, Cark-In-Cartmel. It was the home to my great-great-grandfather Alfred Jackson Caton and his wife Mary. Alfred Jackson died in 1910, and it would seem from the census that by 1911 his wife and daughters were self sufficient, running a laundry and dress making service from the house.

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