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Memories of Hornsea

I was in this hospital when I was about 8 years old so around 1966 I have very mixed memories I remember a small girl who didn’t like hot chocolate been made to drink every drop. Many of us used to plan how we could escape from the home. I also made a friend of a boy my age with very white blond hair we used (...Read full memory)

I worked as a pre student nurse at the children's home. We took children from the West Yorkshire area suffering from Asthma and Eczema. Children from the age of 2 yrs until 12 yrs. A very strict Matron, scary in fact. We would take the children down to the beach, very large old fashioned prams. I was not (...Read full memory)

Hell yes! still haunts me to this day, the cruelty and memories (locked away) horrific time as a 7 year old in the 60's, with psoriasis... being so very cruelly treated by certain staff here.. place from hell!

It's a terrible road to live on.

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