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Reconnecting with our shared local history.

Take a moment to remember the places that have been important in your life. Where your family comes from, where you were born, went to school and got married; the towns and villages where you've lived and worked since. Recapture and rekindle those precious memories with this special part of our website. Here are a few of a favourites for you to read today..!

I lived in Dunston from 1946-1964. This area of Dunston was a place I knew quite well. The lamp post on the left was almost outside a dental surgery. I well remember the experience of having a tooth extracted here, and the staff's struggle to administer the gas anesthetic to knock me out! I learned to dislike (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1930 in Chelsea but moved to Haines Street, Battersea (demolished to make way for New Covent Garden in the 1960's) in 1933. Moved to No.3 Sleaford Street Battersea in 1935 and went to Sleaford Street School until 1939 (Mr Hilton and Mr Baker, two teachers). First swimming lesson with school and nearly drowning in (...Read full memory)

We lived in Penton Road and my brother and I went to Hygeia House School, sadly gone now. We used to walk down the tow path to the Lock. Once my brother (4 years older than me) dared me to walk across the wall below the weir! I still have nightmares - I couldn't swim, but somehow I waded across without slipping to my (...Read full memory)

In 1955, my mum owned the Beach Deckchair stand and the Penny Arcade named Funland. I worked on the beach chairs, and the Arcade in the evenings during the summer holidays. I recall that the bungalow next to the stand was called Laughing Waters and the elderly lady owner, had charge of her son's car in her garage; (...Read full memory)

Hello, my name is Mick Turnbull. I was born in 1957 and lived at 1, Cairns Avenue. My parents were Robert Davison Turnbull and Jean Turnbull. My mother's parents were Adam and Nellie Chirnside and had lived in the same house of which the ownership went back to the Smith family who, it seems , was the Manager of the (...Read full memory)

I lived in Wealdstone but went to the Wembley Majestic every Saturday evening to dance to the Roy Kimber band. It was a great place to meet girls, but there was no liquor sold there and we had to go out to the pub down the High Street to get a pint! If we met someone we liked, the first thing was to find out where she (...Read full memory)

We originally lived in Camberwell and were bombed out in the blitz of 1940. After sleeping on the platform of the Elephant & Castle underground train station for a few weeks, my dad found us a house to rent on Toorack Road, which was the border of Wealdstone and Harrow Weald. We were on the Harrow (...Read full memory)

The building you can see behind the tree left of photo was the main guardroom. At the back was the offices of the RAF Police and the RAF Regt. Opposite their office entrance was a grassed area where we had a wonderful standing aircraft - a jet Provost. One day whilst sitting in the RAF Police office, (...Read full memory)

I don't suppose my old Scout group in Brentford still exists? Back in the middle 50's I belonged to the 4th Brentford Scout group based at St Faiths Church in Windmill Road. Our Scout leaders were Alan De Jong and brothers, Wally and Richard Brown. Such enjoyable days with hikes around the Denham area, weekend camping at (...Read full memory)

I worked for Kango Electric Hammers from 1979-1981. Actually I worked for a firm in Coventry (UK) called Rutter Templair tools and it was took over by Kango, I was an inspector. We had a dispute with the company so we voted on strike action. I proposed an amendment of a 'work to rule' and an overtime ban which was (...Read full memory)