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Just to let everyone know that the factory is still canning peas and other vegetables but is owned by Princes. The factory has totally changed but the original offices that face onto Ly nn Road are still there. John

Delivering newspapers for Foresters. Dancing lessons with Mrs Bretherton. Going to Haskins to buy model trains. Snogging in shelters on the promenade. Watching the sailing races. Cowboy movies at the Tudor. Buying aniseed balls and sherbet suckers on Dee Lane. Underage beer drinking at the Bells. Cycling (...Read full memory)

Joan Springate worked at Kango's she was my ex mother in law !!

My stepfather, Mr John Few, was at Oak Bank between 1942 and 1947. He was a teenager whose father was the head gardener billeted at the lodge alongside the golf course. John and his older brother Eric worked at the school. John's jobs included lighting fires and boilers in the hall, nursing quarters, classrooms, and dining (...Read full memory)

I grew up here ...happy memories , loved the lake and fun fair , surrounding countryside , would be either sat on a jetty with my feet in the water watching the boats come and go , or hiding in the dense shrubbery at the top of the hill overlooking the fun fair . The glass bottomed boat , was a favourite , it fascinated me as a (...Read full memory)

Greengate and Irwell Rubber Salford. My father Bill Dwyer worked here making conveyor belts. As children I remember works Christmas Parties at Salford lads club. Early 1960s.

I’m so glad to find this site I was born at 2 Ross terrace ferniegair in 1950 I have so many great memories playing up the bing going for walks up the high parks the only bad memory I have is of the primary school miss smith was lovely and Mrs Harvey was it was the headmaster he would have been arrested in this day he used to (...Read full memory)

My name is Graham Foster and my father William Foster was the licensee of the Victoria Inn from 1938 , He left Wye under strange family circumstances would any body have any memories please?

Memories from many years ago. My father David Dickson was the dentist who built the house at 9 Newcastle Street which is where I spent my early years.. After the war we moved to Birkland Villa which we entered from a laneway just south of the pharmacy "Deauville". This house had been owned by TC Mills. My father had (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Morris Bros, Gents' Outfitters - I THINK must have been in Ealing High Street. I worked there for three summers in the early 70s, walking over from my sister's house in Mayfield Avenue. Mr Morris himself (I suppose a surviving younger bro, like "young" Mr Grace in Are You Being Served) I remember as a slight, (...Read full memory)

I too was a victim of the York Road bombing. I lived at No 1 York Road and also ended up with my parents in requisitioned accommodation. I have been searching for photographs of York Road so far no luck. I cama across this web site after all this time and seem to remember the name Norman Long. The Hepburns also lived there. Any contact would be greatfully received.

Was the year my family moved from Acton to Earldom Road, Putney, where we lived at number 10 (cost £5500 in 1963!). I have so many memories that I really don't know where to begin! The rag and bone man and his ancient horse trundling up our street, the shops in Lacy Road-especially the wonderfully ornate tiled facia of the fragrant (...Read full memory)

Hi, i lived at Styal from 1966 til 1968 my name sharon entwistle, remembering good times only, miss/mrs carter was my teacher and mrs webster was headmistress. I was one of the older girls left, there was another sharon i became sharon no.1 and sharon no.2 was just a bit younger. Rose wheelan from longsight was there. All the (...Read full memory)

Hi all I lived in charmydown for 7 to 8 years .I can remember the first day we arrived. there were Hurricane planes still on the run way. we lived in the officers hut 1 lime grove ..

Hersham House was my first school. It was run my Mrs Jean Hewlett.I lived in the cottage next door and every afternoon after school she would help me. She recognised that I had problems with reading and I am indebted to her for her help.

I think that when your photographer set up his camera to take this scene he was not intending to take 'Ye Olde Grove Farme' shop, but the site of the public house 'The White Swan', which, as far as I know is still there; or was when I was in the area a few years ago. On the far left of the picture you can see the pub sign. .

I am not too sure I can be the only one to contribute, but am glad to do so.i was a patient in 1959 as a young lad with tb and was so desolate to be away from my home and family,it is very clear in mind now all these years on that I soon settled and came home just before my 12th birthday having had a (...Read full memory)

I was in year 1 while my sister was in year 4 of the junior school when it opened, I think it was summer of 1961. Lovely dinners and posh puds in those days. No ‘old pig sty’ school for me which is where my sister and brother went to in Kirby Lane.

I am Dave Faulkner. I lived in Levenshulme .. I also played football in Mellons field with Greg Thompson and Billy Butt. I live in Northamptonshire now.

Does anyone remember the Kelly’s from 184 Bridgwater Road, Paul, June and Sandra, moved in 1953, moved from Islington. We all went to brook side school, Miss Basket headmistress comes to mind, then on to Quarles. I married in 69 and bought a caravan in Noak Hill, 87 North End, Cummings Hall Lane. Our neighbours were the Smiths and Schulers. Love to hear from anybody that remembers me, June Kelly

In 1955 I was doing my penultimate year at school. I started at Selsdon primary circa 1944. The air raid siren was out side the school so when it went off we could not miss it! The doodle bug phase of WWII started in June 44 so we often had to evacuate the classroom and march out in orderly fashion, led by our class (...Read full memory)

I was here in November 1956 and would love to more about it. My mum lived with Trudy Quigly?

My family moved to Fairlight Avenue from Potter's Bar in 1949 when I was four, when my dad got a job as signwriter at Walthamstow Stadium [as the dog track was known then]. I went to King's Road C of E and Wellington Avenue at eleven (my brother got into Chingford County High) and we both joined the 40th (...Read full memory)

My Grandparents Sydney and Ellen Simpson built Beachbank between the world wars. Sydney had served in the Royal Flying Corps in WW1 and left seriously injured but that never prevented them from buying this plot of previous agricultural land and building this fantastic holiday camp where I spent my (...Read full memory)

Does anyone exactly remember a new bell or bells being winched in by a very large crane into the tower. My memory as an 9 year old standing outside Morants watching with Dad ( Vicar of Oving then) and younger brother, was it early 1966?.We knew Sam Vigar, who was the cathedral Head of Maintanance, he was running (...Read full memory)

My older sister and I spent summers in 1959 and 1964 in Mitcham on Thirsk Rd, the childhood home of my English mother. My memories of Figges included the great rectangular, grassy mound of the shelters, but also two huge (to a child, at least) boulders, almost like dolmen or Stonehenge stones. I believe they stood (...Read full memory)

I went to this school in 1954 when I was four and living in a large house on Pinner Road, backing onto the railway, shortly before the older terraced houses. I was first in the kindergarten in North Harrow, where we had mattresses for an afternoon nap, and then went to the junior school in Pinner View, eventually (...Read full memory)

I lived at 70 Balfour Road from he end of 1945 till 1948 Lots of fond memories of 'Feathers' Juniors and, not so fond of the winter of '46/47 queuing for hours in freezing conditions for a bag of coke. Anyone want to share, e-mail me on tedcong14@btinternet. Cheers Godfrey 'Goofy' Gammon.

My husband and I have recently purchased an Old Coach House that used to belong to Arawai House. We believe the House and this Stable were built around 1870 and we are trying to find any old sketches, maps or photographs of the original building. Half (...Read full memory)

Together with 5 other danish boys + boys and girls from England, Germany and Sweeden I participated in the International Optimist Regatta august 1962. The regatta took place on the Hamble River from 11. to 18. august. Peter DUE and I were accomodated at: Holly Hill Lodge 123 Barnes Lane Our (...Read full memory)

Hi, my dad grew up in Surrey Lane, Battersea and my mum in Earlsfield. They were both born in 1950, my dad talks of Bolingbrook school (probably not spelt correctly). Dad is a big Chelsea FC fan and used to ‘jump’ to watch them all the time. Mum and Dad drank at the Rising Sun pub all the time. Dads called (...Read full memory)

I am Peter Nugent and I went to Alma Road in the early '50's. Used to live at Old Farm Avenue and one day on the way to school, I came across an old friend; a stag beetle which brought back memories of my childhood in Mussoorie, India. I took it to school with me and was playing with it under my desk lid when the teacher (...Read full memory)

I went a lot longer after you guys but loved the moors and going aldershot assult course. Sneaked into lakeside a couple times lol I remember that old Chappel down that lane with trees ether side and the old badger hut off to the left in the bush's

I was born in Russell colt street my name was Dorothy Dick my twin sister is called Jean Dick We went to Gartsherrie Academy We then moved to Old Monkland Swinton Crescent my father worked at Lambertons in Coatbridge his brothers were Jimmy and Gillon Dick sadly my Dad was bed ridden for many years and sadly died in 1956 My (...Read full memory)

During late July to early August, 1966, while visiting the U.K. from the States, I stayed in a stone duplex off the eastern main road into Cirencester from Oxford. One half of the house was occupied by three students from the Royal Agricultural University with whom I stayed, and the other half was the home of a lady with a (...Read full memory)

Now aged 70, this week with much interest I visited Nelson for the first time. My name is Nicola Pugh. I was born in London and adopted at the age of 5 months. The documents relating to my adoption were signed at the Royal Oak Hotel in Nelson, in the autumn of 1948. The witness was F. Hickson, a mining (...Read full memory)

Hi there born 16/02/1951 lived at 7 Barton street back to back no longer (there). Had gas lighting and electric lighting and a gas lamp outside my bedroom. Townhead cotton mill was at the bottom of our street and knocker upper use tap the windows to wake the mill workers for 6 Am shift. Did not have a TV until 1960 a Rediffusion (...Read full memory)

My family the Smiths lived at Pollocks cottages down the Faggs road and when I was born in 1942 we lived there till about 1950 when we moved to the houses opposite where the fire station is now because of the building of the causeway. We used to play in the fields behind the orphanage and had many happy hours there. We (...Read full memory)

I was a boarder at the convent from the age of 6 to 12. My sister was 5. Our Aunt was a nun there (another aunt at the convent in Orpington). I remember Sister Cecelia most of all. I remember Penelope W, Antoinette M, Doula (from Spirdoula) S, Litsa S (her sister), Brenda M. My name is Dorothy, my sister's - Christine. I would love to hear from anyone with whom I can share memories.

In the early 1950's my parents lived at Cherry Tree Farm, Washington. Does anyone know of it's location, or any details about it.

Lived in West End Road from 1960 to 1969, my brother was born there in 1961. We both attended Beaconsfield Road Infant School. My teacher for the first 3 years was Mrs Blong, our headmistress was Mrs Goodall. Have many happy memories of Southall Park, the Broadway, attending Brownies at the King's Hall, going by bus to (...Read full memory)

Not an actual memory I'm afraid: I'm writing a family history and am trying to find out about the school my father, Cyril John Bond, and his sister, Olive Lucy Bond, boarded at in the 1920s. Although they lived in North London, their mother had been born in Holbeach, thus the Lincolnshire connection. I believe the boarding (...Read full memory)

I worked for John for 10years running the sports and social club. He was such a good man, always fair, I often have him grief but we remained good friends.Much respect.

Across the road from the newsagent we had a small shop next to the butchers “creek road stores” that was around 1963-64. Denney,s stores. I now reside in the Netherlands

Hello, My name was Dominique Andrieu at that time. As a French student, I spent some marvelous holidays at Astwell Hall on summer 1970. Two of my aunts stayed there before me : Odette et Claude Villemaine. I usually served tea in the lounge with 2 other German young ladies. The most important (...Read full memory)

I went to this place between 77_1980. I was a boarder. my name is Darren.

Hi there I am doing some research on The Fox Inn, I am one of the directors who help to run the pub on behalf of the local community and I would be interested on any photos, documents, stories about the Fox Cheers Eddie

My wonderful nan lived at number 10 Church Street. Her name was Mrs Amy Wheeler. My sister Jane, brother Richard and cousin Janice spent all our holidays with her for as long as I can remember. She was very hard working, and looking back, I can’t remember her sitting down. She did her washing in the wash house in the garden. It wasn’t an (...Read full memory)

I recall learning the art of motorcycle trial riding at Matchams Park in 1966. Took a few knocks but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Living in Farnham Common and then in Farnham Royal, I knew Bourne End well. A long time ago some very good friends of mine bought a house in Blind Lane. Unfortunately, as so often happens, we have lost touch. If anyone reading this should remember Brian and Frances Wadman, I would love to hear from them.

My grandfather Charles Maillou and one of his brothers used to own the Ship Inn. It was located near Staines Bridge and the Causeway , they owned the pub prior to WWII and not sure for how long. The business also included included a coach company. We lived at Glebe Road as did my grandparents and I went to Egham Hythe (...Read full memory)

My dad was Joseph wall. He took the name Todd after he was put into foster care. He never spoke of his childhood. From little of what we know he and his brothers and sisters had a really bad up bringing. But fortunately he met a brother and sister a few years before he died in 2000. My family and I have always been curious. He would always say he would tell us when we got older but never did

I started at Oughtrington as a very shy and quiet 12 year old in 1955. My first impressions were that I had been dropped off the bus, from Altrincham into a holiday hotel, not school. Progressing through the years I did not excel at anything but the world was alive for me. I, thanks to much (...Read full memory)

My grandparents, Ernest and Ada Forrester lived, with my aunt Bess, Dad,s sister, in the tiny cottage attached to the Congregational Chapel on The Green. They were the Chapel caretakers. In return they lived rent-free and had free coal. Grandad was unable to work because of illness, but he had two (...Read full memory)

Hello, I have some fond memories of my old school....but also some not so fond ones! Remember Miss Hingley bringing me to the front of the class after an assembly as I had been spotted chatting!....she slapped me on the legs so much I remember being on the floor! She had blonde short hair that I also remember.....some names (...Read full memory)

in the late 1950's I had an after school/Saturday job with Geddes. I had a pushbike with a basket and used to deliver medicines around Three Bridges & Worth; In addition I used to wash bottles as in those days liquid prescriptions were made up by the chemist using returnable glass bottles. Mr Geddes was very (...Read full memory)

I think it is now closed. I thought your memory was so touching. I spent some time in Selsey but never knew anybody there. Thanks for your post.

I arrived accompanied by my father in 1955 not really knowing what to expect as I had been been born and brought up in Jersey, which in those days was rather different to the mainland. My father, uncle and grandfather had all been to Stubbington and had told me tales of 'Monty' Foster who apparently had a fearsome (...Read full memory)

I was brought up on Minley Estate on Twelve Acre Crescent. My dad worked at the RAE as I would think did many. Just read memories of Cove. Munday's the sweet shop.The butcher's was Harris and Webb. I remember the sawdust and the lady cashier behind an ornate cash register. There was Elite Fisheries chip shop further down. Going to The (...Read full memory)

I have such fond memories of Selsey with all those marvellous pubs. My best friends lived in Harcourt Way and we would often walk along the seafront to one of the pubs in the village. Their names were Frank and Barbara Sugg. Unfortunately Frank passed away in Chichester hospital and although I would come over from France (...Read full memory)

Just found this site. I was born in Euxton in the early 50s, went to school there for a while and finally left in the early 70s. My dad's family had lived in the village since the late 19th century. They came from Wrightington and before that from the Preston area, I believe. I remember Eli - he was a village fixture and (...Read full memory)

The windows above Milledges, the toy shop and the door in middle of shops is where my Piggott relatives lived in the 1950/60s. Lovely memories.

My uncle, Earnest Smith live nearly opposite the Bucks Head with his sister Dora. He was a market gardener by profession and used to grow most of their needs. he also was a herbalist; often we'd visit and he'd say 'not feeling too well' and pop off own the garden and pick I recall dandelions to eat. He was the first person (...Read full memory)

I was there January 1957 to December 1958 so got demobbed 60 years ago next month. Anyone else still around?

I was here twice when I was younger..first time I was around 7 second I was younger sister was with me..she was missing mum terribly ..she wet the bed and got made to stand in a corner all night..following morning was cold showers..I got beating from the nurse for talking..cried for hours..most of the (...Read full memory)

My daughters and I lived happily at Bradford House for seven years in the late 1990's ... The house was originally two 17th century cottages at right angles to each other. The Victorians then re-modelled one of the cottages, adding bay windows and renaming it Bradford House - presumably to reflect its new and (...Read full memory)

My name is Peter Harrison and I was at Hurn Court from late 1960 to 1965. I remember both the headmaster Mr Morris and Mr Cottrell. I was one of three Harrison's at the time and became Harrison Minor. I remember a Mr Bisham, but not his function. He was always on the train when we came down from London. I moved to (...Read full memory)

My name is Peter Harrison and I lived in Farnham Common and then Farnham Royal in the 60's and 70's. My father had an Insurance Brokers in Mackenzie Street and then in the Farnham Road opposite the Crown Pub. When I moved to France I lost track of a lot of friends, which is a shame. Amongst them were James (...Read full memory)

I was most surprised when my Google search revealed memories from so many years ago .I went to the Building Tech in Garratt lane when I was 13 in 1949 ,it was an escape tunnel for me from a Secondary Modern hell hole next to Wormwood Scrubs prison . It was a long daily trolly bus ride for (...Read full memory)

For about 6 wks prior to joining the navy in 1963, I worked at the Fyffes banana warehouse in Williamson St. It paid about 3 quid a week (and all u cud eat). Still, a handy easygoing fill-in job for a naive halfwit 15yr old about to take the queens shilling and sea the world. The bananas arr (...Read full memory)

I spent my youth in Farnham Common and have nothing but happy memories. We lived in an old house called Glenwood in Templewood Lane. In those days (The 1950's and 1960's) there were very few houses. As you turned the corner where The Grange Hotel was or perhaps still is, you could count the (...Read full memory)

Seeing this beautiful liner reminds me that my father used to work on both. These ships would cross the Atlantic within 3 miles of each other. He took a photo of the Queen Mary as they were in the height of a severe storm. The bridge of The Mary was under water, the props exposed.

I recall the zoo at the common. It was run if I recall by Mary Chipperfield. We use to climb up the oak trees and peer in for free.

I was born on Tree Estate 1954. Went to Dartford West School from 1966 to 1971. Some of the teachers were Mr. Palmer [English] Always getting told off and detention for not wearing a tie. but he was a brilliant teacher. Mr Holloway [maths] Always said he had a pot shot at Hitler. Had some good times there.

I was at Watson House from 1951 to 1961 the people I remember are Howard Morely who went to Bishop Vesey grammar school Ormand weavers Carrol Family a keen sportsman and a good fighter he became a carpenter Micheal Gibson who went to Art College David Oldfield Lesley Pearman Leslly Barker who became a (...Read full memory)

Our family lived at Lightwater (1 High View Road) ; I passed 11 plus and was sent to Frimley And Camberley County Grammar School, starting in Sept., 1959. One of the first things we had to do was to get the uniform. We went to Over's (?) department store. ( or was it another?I may have that wrong : I seem to (...Read full memory)

My great grandfather John dunning was from cornsay colliery,he worked in the coke works,sadly he was killed in action on 21st march 1918 in france.his wife was pregnant with my grandfather at the time and they moved to birtley, he was called william dunning. My dad john dunning was named after his grandfather.i have (...Read full memory)

I started work in 1957 for United Dominions Trust whose offices were in George Street above a furriers, can't remember the name, but it later became Westminster Bank. Shirley Ede

Hello Chris, sadly we had moved from Sonning before your grandfather arrived. Our cottage was tied to my father's work so when he was transferred to Sindlesham we ended up in another tied cottage. I have such fond memories of Sonning and believe it is the loveliest place.

I lived many years in Dow st Salford, My earliest memories are that of playing in the street with my freinds, games which are long forgotten now, like hopscotch, 2 ball or maybe 3 if you were able enough, roller skating,whip and top,and make all lovely patterns on the top with the chalk. Many happy times playing until mother (...Read full memory)