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I believe my Grandfather bought the Garreg Lwyd in 1946 and it was my fathers home when he was young. Does anyone know anything about it's early history? I know what it became in the 70's and what it is today as I still frequently visit Benllech.

My mother and us 4 girls stayed every year for several weeks of the summer holidays. I was the eldest (born in 1935). Our Dad came down from Norwich at weekends. This was probably about 1945 - 1953. My mother was a sports teacher before she married and she only had to come down to the beach and numbers of kids suddenly (...Read full memory)

I worked in The Metropolitan Convalescent home for children for 2 years from 1951 to 1953 I have many Happy memories here I wonder if any one else remembers this, we spent many hours on the beach and the children coming from London District, a lot of them had neve seen the beach before so thoroughly enjoyed (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember or know someone that might remember the McKinnell family who lived on Bourton Street in the mid 1950's. The property they lived at may have been a Blacksmith's I think. I am producing an extended family tree and would like to put a little history to the families I research. (...Read full memory)

I remember while at school with a 20 min walk to the church and or to the cinema to see the first showing of Disney's fantasia then walk back to school those were the days I was staying in the school from about 1964 to 1969 I met Sam kid on the green just past the cinema got his signature, best years of my life and I (...Read full memory)

1951 was border at Miss Howell"s (the management). house at 5 Clifton Road. Used to go the the Muswell Hill tennis club and meet a girl, Margaret Seymour to play tennis with. Pretty girl. Would take bus in the week to Archway to The Aldwych on my way to Kings college on the Strand. Happy days-Lovely violets dear. Star , News or Standard was the cry after the war.

My memory of working there from me been 14yrs old to 17yrs old. Employed by mr and mrs crosby as a live in maid. I would love to know what became of them. If anyone that reads this emai and has any information on it, id be very intersted to hearing from them. Thankyou

My sister and I attended this school. I left in 1964/5 having failed my 11+, my younger sister staying till we moved to South London in 1967. When we were there Miss Blight was headteacher, Mrs Blight a teacher and Jennifer Blight was head girl. My friend Catherine Attlee also attended the school. (...Read full memory)

A two bedroom flat on the third floor, 46, Durham Buildings, became home to me, my two siblings and parents for about 9 months from 1961 to 1962. The flat had no bathroom but a small outside balcony which housed the toilet that had no window and no electricity for lighting. We'd venture out there day (...Read full memory)

My memory of the Rock House Hotel is very particular and rooted in the period 1973-1980 My stepfather's family owned the White House across the paddock field from the Rock House Hotel. The gate from The Huts & Boat Shed nearest the road to the beach opened almost directly onto the side entrance to the (...Read full memory)

This picture I believe was taken from Woodheads. You can compare it with an earlier photo of 1894 of 'Grange over Sands from Woodheads' (photo ref 34123). It is interesting to see that the land below Woodheads was still unbuilt upon at 1921 although a new house has appeared on what looks like Highfield (...Read full memory)

I attended this school from 1949 until 1952. Headmaster Hugh Parrington, teachers Miss Ethel Mordaunt and Miss Ina Offen. Unconventional education but enjoyable. Does anyone else remember it? When was it established and when closed down? Rita Acott (nee Bennett)

I recall Mr Harry Shaw and his car. He was a philosopher and social commentator as much as a teacher. He taught me much more about life than he did about technical drawing. In fact, my class always tried to get him to expound on some contemporary social topic. Once he got going, we knew that we would do no more (...Read full memory)

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers my father or my grandfather who were the proprietors of this shop. Geoff and Edgar Edwards. My memory is linked to the current interest in Windrush, as I spent many hours on a Sunday morning, sat on a pile of newspapers at Tilbury docks, watching the passengers arrive from the exotic East and West Indies. Sian Edwards

Hi everyone, My mum is visiting Hayling island for the first time since she left there in the 60's. I am just trying to surprise who by seeing if I can find any old friends she made there :) She lives in Nottingham and her name is Gillian Stanfield. She is on facebook and I bet she would be over the moon to share some memories :) Many thanks Carl Stanfield

I moved from St Pancras to Etherley Road Tottenham with my parents as a very young baby. I was born in 1941 and lived in Tottenham until my late teens. I went to Belmont school from 1953 to 1956 during which time I had a class girl friend called Sandy. I had many friends in those days most of whose names I cannot (...Read full memory)

My parents over the years owned 3 caravans. They were on howisons/Robinson's caravan site(now Whitehouse's leisure) We spent every weekend and every holiday there. Lots of lovely friends dad played the organ in the camp club. I am still in touch with two girls I met all those years ago. The memories no one can (...Read full memory)

I was born in Bradninch on February 17th 1951. I lived in the house I was born in, at 12 Passmore Road, where I lived till I married Alan Gubb. I was Lorraine Hooper, youngest daughter of Gilbert & Kathleen Hooper. I enjoyed going to school in my younger days and made several friends. Bradninch has changed a bit (...Read full memory)

So many memories of Upminster in growing up, thankfully my memory is still intact. Wonder how many people remember the following, Silver Horn sold the most delicious ice cream in Corbets Tey Road. Unigate dairy was at the back of the now Rooms furniture store, with the milk dispenser machine in Station Road selling (...Read full memory)

Hi all. I'm in the process of putting together a social history of Cowdenbeath and would greatly appreciate input from any users of this 'Memories' forum. If you'd be happy to share your memories over a cup of tea please let me now by contacting me on 07968 773 918 or at Your input would be much appreciated. Thanks Martin

This is not a memory of mine but a memory I found in a photograph album from a Charity shop in Derbyshire with which I am very intrigued. On opening the album there was a single page of writing which states: .....'My sister Betty (Elizabeth Simpson of Millthwaite, Holmrook, Seascale, Cumbria.gave me this album which had (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Kingham's Grocers, My Grandmother Mrs Edith |Lambert worked there, she also worked there when it became Cullens.

I moved to Ben Rhydding at a year old and grew up there with my brother and sister. We loved living there, exploring the river and the moors. I distinctly remember the large detached house Thornycroft when it was still owned by a wealthy family. I visited them frequently to walk their two dogs, Puffin and Brandy. They still had (...Read full memory)

My grandparents lived here and i have many fond memories of stock farm and churt - walking on hankley common with grandads st bernards. Love seeing this pic

My grandad had a grocers shop in Farncombe high street, Renmants. My mum, brother and I lived with the grandparents and great grandma during the 2nd world war. I can remember a German plane being shot down in Broadwater playing fields and we all went to have a look. Also,a bomb dropped on a house near (...Read full memory)

My Dad settled my grandmother and aunt in the East Dene lodge for the war. my grandmother died there in 1952 and my aunt Joan in 1959 the year I was born.

I lived in Pelaw Place, South Pelaw from 1949 until 1972 when I left to live abroad. Growing up and living in South Pelaw was really fantastic. My mates and I played hide and seek, kicky the tin Block, and loads of other outdoor games. We played on the pit heep, riding our bikes and sliding down the heep on tin sheets we (...Read full memory)

My name is Jeanette Levin, but when I went to Wembley House School I was Jeanette Green. I lived at 2 Crawford Avenue. I remember Richard Model. I was born in 1935. My parents had a shop in the old Wembley Market, selling textiles. They were very popular. Another name I recall is Mary Price, a good friend of mine. My next school was Haberdashers' Askes School. Does anyone remember me?

My name is Paul Griffiths and I lived at the above address from 1942 until 1951 when my parents moved to Braintree, Essex. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood were spent at Upper Boat and we lived at the last house in Crwys Crescent next door to Roger Thomas and his parents. I can still remember the black out (...Read full memory)

I went to Tylers Croft from 1959 to 1964. Brilliant school days and loads of happy memories. Some names that come to mind are: Clive White, Richard White, Fred Lodge, Trevor Campbell, Alan Hobden, Alan Bell, Eric Cooper, Eric Davis, Trevor Ellacott, Geoff Shwalbe, Billy King, Walter Club and Terry Rogers. I could think of many (...Read full memory)

In the 1970s as a child, I used to travel from nearby Brownhills where I was from to cannock to go to the swimming pool. My friends mother had a market stall at Cannock Market and my friend and I would swim and then come back to her later. We would go for milk shake at a lovely corner cafe where all the market traders used to (...Read full memory)

So many memories of holidays here. We stayed in a small Caravan on a farm run by Mr & Mrs Johnson. They had a son and daughter, Lynne and Dean. I was a baby, and Mrs Johnson used to wash my nappies! They were so good to us. I was about seven when we stopped going there, as we travelled to (...Read full memory)

My dad went to the tin school and I’m looking for anyone who may have known him as my sisters and I would like to make a book of story’s from his time there for his 60th his name is jimmy Layfield and he had an older brother called Keven Layfield

Hi, I was at glanford, Started 61 , Still makes me sit up wen i here the name frank woodcock, Was into boxing with my best mate tomo who lost his life wen he was 14 , God bless him, colin from wrawby

Used to holiday at this caravan park in the first half of the 1970s. It was pretty basic compared to the Pontins camp just over the hedge. They had a pool, tennis courts etc. We only had a toilet and shower block and a very basic club house that sold a few drinks. Can anyone remember it? Would be lovely to (...Read full memory)

I went to this school, which was operated from a substantial detached house on a large site at the junction of Sandy Lane and Hophurst Lane, for one year from September 1961 to July 1962. It was a 'crammer' school of about 40 students only, designed to help pupils through the common (...Read full memory)

My grandparents,Frand and Edith Cass are both buried here.They lived ar number eleven High St.Roydon.after his retirement from the London Police Force.My uncle,Robert M.Cass,Flight Lt.his name is on the War Memorial.He was,if course,killed in action durin WW 2.I am nearly 80 and live in the non caps,,,

I am trying to make contact with anyone who lived on or knew the Bamford family (Robert, Rose and their children Robert junior, June & John) whom I think lived on Chorleywood Crescent in the mid 1950's. The Bamfords are relatives. I know they were living on Chorleywood Crescent in 1964 but am not certain they lived (...Read full memory)

I am hoping to make contact with anyone who lived on or remembers the Bamford family (Robert, Rose and children, Robert junior, June & John) on Castlehaven Road in the mid 1950's though I do know the Bamfords moved to Bromley at some point prior to 1964. Any help would be much appreciated.

As a child during WW2 I spent a lot of time in Cotherstone, staying with Grandpa Berkley and Aunty Blake. They were joint proprietors of the village shop together with Tom Kipling. He and his family lived overlooking the green and beck on the way to the station. I spent many happy hours with my dad sitting by the river (...Read full memory)

Pictures bring back many memories and I am sure that some are of my family since we were probably the largest family in the village. We lived on Sandy Lane during the war but often spent the night with Grandpa Stow behind the shop. Uncle George had the shop in Hogsthorpe and Uncle Frank the one at Chapel point. The war (...Read full memory)

I was very proud of my first bike - even if it was a relic from the '50's or even earlier. My schoolmates took the mick - they had Sun racers or the new Raleigh Choppers. My oldie had rod brakes & weighed a ton - or that's what it felt like pushing it up the many Somerset Hills. But it was a taste of freedom, & (...Read full memory)

I'm surprised there are so few memories of Wells. In the late '60's to '70's I lived in nearby Shepton Mallet as a schoolboy & later worked on a farm there. At weekends my elder brother, Colin, would arrive on the coach from Bournemouth, where he worked for the MoD. This was usually on a Friday night, & he (...Read full memory)

I left school in 1958; my first job was in the menswear dept in the coop in Sheridan Road Lower Belvedere. Does anyone have any memories or photos of the parade of coop shops that was there until about 1959/60 when they were demolished, and moved to the existing parade on Picardy St. These were the old individual (...Read full memory)

I was born at Dyson House Blackwell Lane Greenwich in 1943. My father was still in Burma so I lived with my mother and maternal grandparents. We moved to Selcroft Road but in was too young to know when . My first memories are of tap dancing in Christchurch and of playing in the flooded bomb craters down (...Read full memory)

Photograph number 7 of 9 is labelled as The Ford. It was in fact Middle Path which ran from Brook Street in Edlesborough up to Harling Road, Eaton Bray. I used to go fishing for tiddlers there and had fallen in on more than one occasion. I went to see the bridge a couple of years ago and the stream is no longer clear with (...Read full memory)

Just read some of these. Albert & Sarah Pritchard were my Mum's grandparents. My Grandma was Maggie Pritchard. Alice is my Mum & I am a twin. We lived in 61 Barnet st. Moved to Skelmersdale in 1969.

I also have vivid memories of tolworth as I lived over the shops, waters the green grocers near the wimpy bar As a very young person I remember going to the nursery on the corner of fairmead. I remember playing in the fields behind the cinema and on the opposite side near the new underpass, I used to go to Saturday (...Read full memory)

My Clevett family originated from Clapham,from the early 18th century.A large family that spread to neighbouring villages like Patching and Angmering and also to larger Worthing.I am sure that many are buried in unmarked graves in the beautiful churchyard.There no reminders of my family at Clapham now but I was proud to (...Read full memory)

I lived at 19 Amberwood Rise, New Malden 1964-1970 with my parents. Before that we lived above the What O café , next to Champions Timer. I went to Bushey Junior School then on to Burlington Secondary School. Both my older sister and I used to work in New Malden High Street, I worked at Luxton Andrews, and (...Read full memory)

I moved to Colworth from Souldrop when I was 6. How lucky was I, to live in such a beautiful place one felt like someone special, Royalty almost. The whole estate was looked upon as our garden that was me Barbara Smith, Berenice Harris, Teresa Wright and Roy Eccles. We were able to wander freely and in safety. We learned all (...Read full memory)

I’m roger evans son of billy and floss Evans from paper shop in the wood. I remember all the people and places mentioned. As I we where born next to the travelers rest pub over the bridge. And I was the one with Andrew rolingson who took his dads house boat and took it down the cut for a ride and accidentally set (...Read full memory)

I have very fond memories of my childhood in South Ockendon. My maiden name was Mary Cooper and we lived in a bungalow in West Road. The garden was big and had an orchard next to it. Jennifer and Rowland Costain were often in that Orchard and we used to chat over the fence. I remenber there were geese in there (...Read full memory)

Worked there in 1970 including night of the terrible fire!

Hello, I am Barry Newboult, I attended the RMNS from 1958 to 1962, and was assigned to Frobisher House. I left early to complete my education at Exeter Technical College. I would very much like to reconnect with anyone from the school who wishes to do so. My memories of the school are mixed, at the time I (...Read full memory)

I was born at 48 Durban Road pathway in Jan 1944. Went to school at pathway Junior school and then to Patchway Secondry Modern School as it was called then. I had so many friends whilst growing up and played in the fields and at the nut woods up the by pass. I knew the area like the back of my hand then. Now I couldn't (...Read full memory)

I was born in No2 Abbey street in 1947. My grandparents who lived there were David and Florence Cross. I moved to Kent at the age of 1 but revisited fairly frequently. In later years after the death of my Nan, Grandad remarried to Ida Dines and lived in the Memorial stores near the War memorial. Grandad (...Read full memory)

During the mid '70's I spent many happy school holidays in Christchurch. My brother, Colin, worked at the MoD base (Signals Research & Development) nearby. He had lodgings with a Mrs Alison in the town. There was a direct coach route from where I lived in Somerset at the time. Whilst he was at work, the (...Read full memory)

During the mid 70's I attended the above school for a few terms. It was half a normal school, and also had a secretarial section that taught Gregg shorthand & touch typing. My aunt taught the secretarial students. I commuted in from Raynes Park, first by bus, then by train. It was near to the Ealing Broadway (...Read full memory)

My name was Jacqueline Wade , Best friend Sandra Francis at Style .Went to Style About 1975 for two half years was in Pine house Nurse was there She made my life HElLL Bullying and what I can only describe as torture . That to this day has left me scared,and finding it very to deal with. And no I have no good memories of that place.I call HELL

My husband Eric Marrion and myself Gillie lived in Oakenshaw at 41 New Row from 1972 to 1977. Our son Ben spent the first 3 years of his life there and our first daughter Steffy was born upstairs at No 41 on 4th November 1977 by candlelight. There was a storm and the electricity failed😬. We moved to Durham when she was 10 days old. Very happy memories! Gillie Marrion

I recall being in a Children's home in Cannock Chase, it would have been around 1965 to 1970. I cannot find a trace of it when searching online. I remember it was a very grand stately house with a very long lawn at the front with stables. It was near the woods and I think it was near a caravan park as I recall (...Read full memory)

My years at the primary were 1944-1948, after which it was King's Macc until 1957. Mr Fox was certainly familiar with the palms of my hands, probably one or two other parts of my anatomy too. Other than Fox, the only teachers I remember were a Miss(Mrs?) Bardsley and a young ex RAF guy whose name escapes me, although (...Read full memory)

I went to Scracebridge in 1957 as part of the "Grammar Stream" waiting for Haywards Heath Grammar School to be completed. The"Grammar Grubs", as were were affectionately known, received a pretty hostile reception, and we were instantly recognizable by our brand new school uniforms, and we were only pupils in the (...Read full memory)

As a young child my school in Manchester took us to the camp. It was amazing, as my mum was a teacher at the school, I went on many occasions. I would love to go back but as I don't drive and now an oap I guess it would be difficult. My friend took me there a few years ago, and we went to the camp, an amazing gentleman from a (...Read full memory)

My family moved to Selsdon in 1951. I was 4 years old. We lived in Selsdon Vale on our pig farm called Woodley. I went to Selsdon School. It was the happiest time of my life. I so well remember the village as we called it and the Bird Sanctuary where I enjoyed walking the dogs and tobogganing in the snow. The (...Read full memory)

Does anybody remember if there was a cafe in Blackpool from the mid to late 1950's that was called The Wheelhouse (or similar name) or a cafe that was owned by a family by the name of Wheelhouse?

I John we live on Donnison st West gorton Would you have pictures Of Donnison st I ham Ray galvin

After 30+ years of researching my family history, I believe that my 5 G Grandfather (Donald Buie or Donald Cameron) was a tenant farmer there until about 1775 when he left the Beauly area and came to America.

I was born at 3 prospect place in 1962. My grandmother was hilda readman, i remember the tarry beck and the old railway station which i believe was lit by paraffin lamps on a night. We moved in 1962 to town farm but spent much of my childhood in cargo fleet, playing on the common, the cobbled back alleys and the tarry beck. (...Read full memory)

We came to Littlehampton in the Summers of 1957-61. We stayed at Mrs Squires B n B in Albert Road. I spent my time either on the beach, the fun fair or just walking around the town (I was about 8 years old at the time). My dad and I played on the Putting Green/Crazy Golf on West Green, when did this close?. I remember (...Read full memory)

Gwen this isn't really a memory, but I wondered if you would have known my sister, Janet Pitches? From your musings and memories, you look to be about the same age. If not, I enjoyed reading anyway! Marion (her younger sister).

Wandering through the old photos prompted a memory of the opening of the Boating Pond. What year was that? With others from the Barbara Spencer Edwards dance school, wearing white pleated skirts navy blue waistcoats and hats, we stood in the water by a large model of Drake’s Golden Hind and felt very important! I was (...Read full memory)

Delamere ws certainly a formative experience for an eight year old in 1955, I witnessed no overt cruelty as reported in some posts here, but merely a babyish regimentation by a few well meaning spinsters which was often usurped. For example, those of us on sugar free diets would simply swap their ,healthy' after tea (...Read full memory)

I went to this school between 1968-1970 The Headmistress at that time was Mrs Hargreaves and the teacher that sticks out in my memory most is Miss Evans. My mum was the lollipop lady outside the school from 1968 until 1978 I think. Lovely school.

I used to be at hassoberry school in 1969 lovely school swimming pool we used to go in the van to get how sweets at weekends there was Irene cotton Lucy mole Linda evens Janet breger teacher miss evens miss Bogg miss Dunlop miss Dollier head teacher miss camp miss William be nice to know what happened to every one please get in touch Judith Hoy

I went there in 1969 and I loved it it not a school now it a sham that was a lovely place I like to no what happened to every one miss evens miss Bogg miss Dollier Irene cotton Linda arney like to hear from any one

From Chris Ward. Around about the mid to late 60s, I was a member of the St Peters and St Andrews youth club. The greatest memories I have of it are putting on a Christmas show called 'The Candlelight Cabaret'. We did this 2 years on the trot. The first at the church, the second at the Connaughty Centre( I forget what it was (...Read full memory)

When I was at St Gorran my bed was pushed into the bow window in the photo, a refuge from the rest of life.

I was born in the fish & Chip Shop in Wentloog Road, Paynes fish bar, (now a Chinese) in 1948. Christened in the Methhodist Church and on the 1st April 1960 was confirmed in St. Augustines Church. My sister was married there in 1964. It was a lovely little village in those days, not full of traffic and parked cars. I loved (...Read full memory)