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My husband played in the Alan Kirby band and they won a melody maker competition three years running,good memories

One of the self-closing 'kissing gates' where the watercourse from under the Cattle Arch (St Helen's Grove) reaches the Trent. All the riverside land was owned by Nottingham Corporation (Stoke Farm or Bulcote Farm) back then but now Severn-Trent, I believe. A favourite walk, for many, along the bank of the river.

I am the Great Great Grandson of John William Cousins and Esther Ellen Brown. They lived in Low Lanes and in North Halls at one point. Their daughter Martha (Dot) was my Great Gran. Does anyone have any memories/photographs of the Cousins family?

I was there late 60's and it was terrible cried every night and hated it,during the night I used to think there was a man in a big black cape going on all the beds one by one like Dracula and wasn't till I was an adult thast I thought maybe it was some kind of sexual assault on innocent kids x

I went to old Harlow College during the war. I remember walking across the fields to Harlow Mill where us boys used to swim. It was a very strict college with prefects. It was run on the style of the Cambridge University. I was what they called a fag ie I looked after one of the prefix. We had a (...Read full memory)

My wife and I worked at the hotel for about a year in 1969 I as head waiter and my wife as receptionist also served in the cocktail bar Phil Roddis was there ,as I remember it was a G Bradshaw and his wife who took over It used to get very busy with coach trips arriving regularly and on an evening all the locals (...Read full memory)

Hi. My family have lived in Peckham for over 60 years, and originally lived in Sunwell Street. My father, uncle and aunts attended John Donne and later Peckham Manor and Peckham Girls respectively. My dad used to tell me how great Peckham used to be and how magical christmas was at Jones & Higgins. It'd be nice to hear from anybody who knows or remebers us.

Oh my gosh. I remember Ms. Knapton and her dog pickles. I wish I had something pleasant to say about her, but I don't. She gave me the cane six times on my right hand because of skipped school one afternoon. Not very nice. Pauline Veil-Slight

My Gran owned a corner shop 1960-1970's in Ebbw Vale. I believe is it now a power station for National Grid. I would love more information about this shop.

I was there when I was 6 which was 1956 I was an angel in school play at Christmas . We had marmite and bread at supper time

My mum owned Fords Fruit and Greengrocers in Nolton Street and my dad owned Bridgend Driving School. I’d love to hear from anyone who knew my parents.

We used to have regular dance nights but these were conducted with a record player playing 78's. I took a few of my records and one of the favourites was of Piano Red a boogie woogie pianist playing Red's Boogie. I have it now on my I Pod!! I played for the School (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Dearoak st, I think it was just around the corner from the baths off queens road

I was born in Denbigh in 1939 in a house named Parc y Twll near the entrance to the Denbigh Hospital. We moved next door to St Davids which is at the entrance. My father worked at the Hospital and I spent my childhood roaming the grounds and the wonderful farm the hospital owned and ran nearby. There was once a barn fire at the (...Read full memory)

Opened in 1862 its closing and being converted to flats.

None of these pics are Rosudgeon, all Prussia Cove, original name was Trennels Farm which is about the first house you come to

Before Louis Behrens built Porthenalls during WWI, on promontory in front of Coastguard Cottages (to right of Cliff Cottage shown), musta been where the Carters the smugglers had large thatched house (shown in 1885 Valentines photo) but demolished by 1908. Sandor Vegh and Hilary Tunstall-Behrens established International Musicians Seminar at Porthenalls in 1972, Hilary is 90!

Top Tieb, just below Castle Gayer. I've got someone else's postcard shows harbor wall broken off, I have idea it took 2 goes to build harbor, first was washed away, anyone know for certain?

Hi, I have lived here, despite a short time in South Harrow , all my life. I remember so many shops , long since, gone — Sam Lee, toys and sweets, Clark’s cycles ,Coopers hardware, WH Smith, Woolworths, Pembles,newspapers, and I think there was a Home and Colonial store for foods of all sorts . Besides the shops (...Read full memory)

Like many others I also spent summer holidays in Birchington with my Grandfather at 96, Park Avenue. I remember that the Icecream Parlour had a fairly large wooden parrot outside. We were friends with the children opposite at 111, Park Avenue, they were permanent residents and Barbara had a holiday job there. I also remember (...Read full memory)

Living on Hainault estate 1947 Chigwell was part of the area we roamed Opposite the paper shop. Was Retreat Way at the end by the forest Was the Retreat pub, but no music allowed ,next door was was a hall but could not sell alcohol so tenants from Hainault all ex Londoners Who liked singing would buy drink in the (...Read full memory)

Doe anyone remember headquarters and general supplies at loughborough junction ?

I remember staying at Eagle Hall in the early 70's on a pony trekking holiday with my friend. It was a fantastic place for pony mad girls! I remember the lady who owned it was Barbara Edward and she had two lively daughters who took out the rides. I think one was called Vicky but obviously it's a long time (...Read full memory)

Born in Taunton, christened in St. Michael's church in 1940 and lived on Parkhouse Road on and off for several years until 1956. Had my first drink of scrumpy at the Plume of Feathers. Returning home from choir practice I passed the P of F and heard some jollity therein, so decided to go in (1955 - yes, I was 15). I (...Read full memory)

I was a little girl who was adopted to Cecil John Keeler and my first visit to Petham was as a 5yr old. My Granny Fanny keeler and had 5 sons. Dick.Ray.Ted.Cecil and Reg.Granny Keeler also had 3 daughters Daisy.Girlie and Doreen. The Keeler family began in Bridge (Waltham) as far back as the 1600 period(or mid (...Read full memory)

I have great memory's of farnborough in the 60s I was in the Royal Engineers stationed at Cove, had a girlfriend that lived in Melrose Avenue the road opposite the shops shown in the photo of the shops on the Pyestock estate Mike Batten

I was at Hall Place for a year in 1961, originally at Brook Street girls school, Northumberland Heath. I loved it there, was there recently remembering happy days. At the main school in Townley Rd I had Mrs. Richards/Richardson for French who commented on my 'real' French accent, gained (...Read full memory)

My sister Annette and I have just been sharing memories of this place, before it become Teddys club. We got to go in there rarely but remember after the Guide Parades on Remembrance Day, having squash and crisps in there. Very exciting!

I was abused at Delamere Forest School by someone called A, he did not care who he interfered with, If it was not me then a younger girl would have been treated the same way. This happened 3 times In 1971 to 1973. Although it cannot be proven the boy was a wild child and knew what he was doing, (...Read full memory)

Another great pic of Chanctonbury. I have a recollection of a road called wingletire or something like that (excuse spelling) would that be the road on the left of this picture, if so our old house could be in the picture, number 186. Mike

Lovely pic of Chanctonbury Rd. grew up in this road in the early 60s , no 186. Pretty much as i remember it, hardly anyone had a car. Just joined this group and hope to find out much more and discover more photos. Sadly i was to young to remember to much. Mike

Anyone remember us we got married at the registery office 21/9/1968 my wife’s name was Christina Susan Nicholls sorry I can’t put our photo up if I could it would help. My wife was a Sutton Girl,and lived in Elm Grove and went to school at then Clyde Road Sutton Surrey and crown road infant school . Does anyone have any photos of her please it’s our golden wedding anniversary this sept.

My best friend was married to John Dinsdale who lived in a flat above Evan Cooks and was the yard man and I think a part time driver They were there in the late 60's early 70's and had 2 sons.

My eldest sister was admitted to Eaton Hall in 1946 and happily conceived a baby girl named Toni. She had recently been discharged from the RAF and only 9yrs old at the time, I remember visiting her there. Not been back since but I intend to do so.

i used to go to Saturday morning pictures here 1n 1966 ish i lived on the lough borough estate kemble house anyone from there on this site ?

The book is an award gift to a swimming winner in the year 1901 (picture 5, 6), so the book must be published and printed before 1901. The book has 341 pages (picture 9). The book's cover has the totem of the Shepton Mallet Grammar School and the school motto with using Latin 'Disce Aut (...Read full memory)

Anyone have any information about this house, from any time period?

St. Anne's took boys until age ten or so, and in the mid 1940s I was one of those. My mother had been a teacher at the local school where we lived but was not impressed with the school and considered the headmaster a bad character, so she sent me to St. Anne's. Then toward the end of my second year, the (...Read full memory)

Channon's garage at bottom of High East Street.. good memories of my mother buying me my first car...a MGB ... when I qualified in medicine in 1967. My father had been a good customer of Channon's, but had died in 1963.

I cannot remember the year but the club went on an Easter Ramble. We got a diesel train from Marylebone to Great Missenden. Leaving the station we turned left and up a hill. Then we turned left down a footpath though some woods. We stopped at a pub for lunch. Thats all I remember. John (...Read full memory)

HI I lived on the hi rise estate Kemble house do you remember dells sweet shop ? we used to get our jublees there. or further down Teds news agents near the hero of Switzerland pub...... around 1966/70 odd happy days

My name was Ann Lawrance I lived in a prefab in Calbourne Road from 1945 till about 1956 I went to Hernvile Primary School then Honeywell Secondary school in the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building which I loved I remember Michel Sinate next (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Billingshurst. My father Barrie Hunt, was the local police officer between 1969 and 1976. My mum Freda Hunt helped with cleaning the old village hall and the vicarage as well as helping at jumble sales . The police station resided between two houses on the top of Coombe Road the station is now gone. I have (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1950 in Westbury Avenue on the Waxlow Farm Estate. Although not idyllic my childhood was good and we had a lot of freedom. Westbury Ave was a long treelined road perfect for cycling and roller skating which I spent most of my time doing. The 'hills' of Bycroft and Sunnycroft Road were perfect for out of (...Read full memory)

Our house in Westbury Avenue was directly under the bad weather flightpath to Heathrow. The aircraft would come from the Ruislip Road direction and we could hear them coming getting louder and louder by the time they were over Allenby Rd it was really scary. At night I hated hearing the aircraft flying overhead (...Read full memory)

Yes I recall this well. The main attraction was that I could put my feet into a special xray machine to see 'the fit' of a shoe. One's toes could be seen wriggling. No doubt v dangerous but a child has no conception of that. So far I have not developed leukaemia which is an added bonus. Didn't Sally Seaton work there (latterly Mrs Brekaflak).

I was born over the shop at 1, High Street, then a MacFisheries where my Grandad was the manager until he retired at the end of October, 1956. We stayed there, with the shop closed, until moving to Downland Way, Tattenham Corner in 1958. Mum worked at R.J. Chapple (have I got the spelling right?) where she was the counter (...Read full memory)

I was born in Canada House September 1953. Attended Byron Road school in Gillingham, and then attended Upbury Manor school. I used to bike to school on the main road from Rainham to Upbury Manor. On my way home, I would stop at my grandmother's for tea. She lived at 48 Osprey Avenue near Barnsole Road just off the high (...Read full memory)

I lived in Th ePark 1954 till 1963.I went to Grange Juniors and Seniors too.My front gate was right opposite the third gate to Ealing Girls Grammar too.That it now part of the University.Byron and Noel Houses are still there.There had been a school before run by Lady Byron.In Geraldton Western Australia where I have been since (...Read full memory)

The newspaper I remember was the reporter. I have a picture in front of me with John Williams carrying bricks to build the 8th Dartford scouts hut in Oakfield lane. It is dated 27th October 1951

Coral Merriman We moved to Berkhamstead from London in 1952. I went to Ashlyns which still had the Thomas Coram boarders. It was a Secondary School, Mr Gilbertson was Headmaster, we had Assembly every morning where all the staff wore their black cloaks, we had Church Services in the Chapel where Mr Cuthbertson played (...Read full memory)

I got married in this church in March 1975

I'm posting this on behalf of my father-in-law whose father owned the aires restaurant opposite the royal Mecca dancehall from around 1942 to 1957. Does anyone have any memories of this or remember jack aires or Winnie aires?

Hi all, I joined the army in 1960 & did basic training @ Blandford Forum, Dorset. One of my pals was Alan ( nicknamed Ginge, ( not pc anymore ) Dobson, whom if memory serves me correctly lived @ 22 Barosa Rd, Camberly. When we got a week-end pass Ginge invited me to his parents home, as for me to go home to Glasgow, Scotland (...Read full memory)

My Mum and Dad had a small grocery shop in Carlisle st Splott in the 1950s I ththink it was on the corner of Cameron st but I'm not sure there was a bakery on the opposite corner .I remember my dad used to boil his own ham and pork to sell in the shop .I must have been about 9yrs old at the time .Does any one have any memories (...Read full memory)

My father was serving at RAF Coningsby and my mother, a WAAF , gave birth to me in Gate Burton Hall. She shared wonderful memories of her time there such as walking around the gardens and exploring the small church. I took her back about fifty years later, it was a very special trip as I’m sure you appreciate. My overwhelming impression is one of peace and happiness , an oasis in a troubled world.

My gran and Grandad lived in Walton-on-the-Hill Howard's close at number 47 does anyone remember Lena and George Taylor we lived at number 25 being so close to them made it even special living there

In 1924 my grandparents Charles and Maud Kleboe bought The Croft, Church Road. The Croft is the house with the For Sale sign. They bought it from Mrs Procter, the widow of Dr Procter, who was famous for visiting patients by car. The 1871 census shows a Dr Steadman and family living there. The census (...Read full memory)

Does anybody remember going to the jazz festival at the Black Prince. I can recall seeing trumpeter Ken Sims playing in an amateur trad band competition. He already had his own band as a pro, he asked me not to tell anyone and drop him in it. He didn’t win anyway. Also Shorty and Them, singer was Van (...Read full memory)

Drawing by George Dowker FGS of the creek

I remember old headmaster Mr rice. He had a navy blue morris minor. I left backworth in 1968 moving to cramlington. Kevin foster of 54 castle square

I also attended Chis and Sid as it is now known,studying on the technical side and left in 1959. We always envied the secretariall girls as they did not have needlework lessons- ugh, but we all loved cookery classes as the teacher was lovely, and I still use some of her recipes. I was in the netball team with Ann Sones? my best (...Read full memory)

My name is Mike Mansell and i was born in 1944 in Balfour Road, we lived at 72. My mother's parents a Mr and Mrs Leach lived at 10 Balfour Road. In 1947 we moved to 15 Townsend Road. I remember the ice cream shop at the top of the road,i enjoyed many ice creams from there. On the same side of the main road but the other (...Read full memory)

Hello brothers can you remember me Kirby regards to the name susqwatch his name was Darrel Coates I was there 1979 I was transferred from miserly to Barwick with heathcliff Knowles yes it was a hell hole and many a boy suffered also the riots that followed after is anyone on here on the Barwick house site on fb we have got a site where (...Read full memory)

I am 83 at present yet the memories of my birth place are with me forever. I was born in Dumfries at the address 2 Mitchels Lane. Also known to the locals as Skitter Lane best not to go into that. I grew up just a stone throw from the river Nith and as a boy spent a lot of time boating on the river or swimming in the Salmon Hole (...Read full memory)

I took a job at Gibbs Mews during the summer school holiday of 1967. I had worked every school holiday since I was 14, but this was certainly one of the more memorable jobs. The brewhouse, kegging department and warehouse were all inter-connected on the ground floor, the bottling department on the upper floors. Casual labour (...Read full memory)

I was born in Balham, 1945, was Christened at Broomwood Rd, Methodist Church. Went to Hearnville Rd School 1950 then on to Honeywell Rd School untill Garret Green Girls School was built. Left there in 1961. Married in 1964 at Broomwood Rd Church, had two children, then we moved down to Kent. I originally lived in Endlesham Rd, with my father. My name then was Christine Yarham now Cox.

hello . my family lived in two or three addresses in west gorton. in the 1930;s to 1950;s my grandma had a chip shop and i wondered if anyone remembers any of my family. the collens and the morans i would love to hear from anyone with any memories of them.

St. Benedicts Priory later became a special boys' school renamed 'Finchden Manor' run by George Lyward renowned educationalist in therapeutic education in the 1940s/50s/60s.

Hi my name is Brian Aspey I was at mobberley 1964 to 66 my number was 93. Me berry was the head big fella I was in shaftbury house they had just been build.dose any one remember a coloured boy think his name was joey rose and another boy called Donald Lindsey.

The Miner's Welfare (as it was known locally) gave a home to a wide variety of local activities. As a young teenager I attended weekly ballroom dancing classes on a Saturday morning,and an annual family pilgrimage to the Coalville Amateur Operatic Society musical was much enjoyed. The town lost a much loved and valuable institution when it burned down. I believe it was arson.

Although I have never lived in Willenhall during the late 1960s I was stationed there for three years at the old fire station which I believe is now used as a library. I remember using the old swimming baths at the rear for training purposes when it was not in use. There was two fire engines one of which was used by part time (...Read full memory)

I was born on the Ling,moved to Palgrave,returned to the Ling on leaving Diss Secondary Modern School as it was then.First job was as an apprentice baker at Denny's cafe/restaurant,who remember Denny's?.as a teenager it was the Rendevous coffee bar the local meeting point on Victoria Road.Now living in Nottinghamshire.

We moved to Hounslow in 1966 when I was 5. Apart from 3 years when I was at Leeds University and a couple of years in South London I have lived in Hounslow and Isleworth all my life. I remember Hounslow High Street before the horrendous Treaty Centre when it was a vibrant interesting place to shop and eat. Then the (...Read full memory)

Born 25 Dec1938 at numder 3. I have three sisters and a btother who were also born there. Iwenr to the primary school till Dec 1953 then worked at Forest Row garage until I moved to Australia Dec 1954.Ican remember a lot about the village.Like Tom Bedwell own the fish shop near the village hall.Sitfords had a fish (...Read full memory)

My Nan and Pop actually lived in a caravan on Mr and Mrs Taylor’s site early 60’s to the early 70’s. I recall my brother and I, visiting during the summer holidays and playing with Mr Taylor’s son, who at that time would have been around 14. My brother would have been 11, (...Read full memory)

Anyone remember the junction of Tanner St. and Church Street in Barking, .... on the corner was the Britannia pub? My nan, (Alice Snell) was born in the ironmonger's shop next door to the pub and her father ran the shop ... but was it in Tanner or Church Street?

i was born in the infirmary in 1944 and lived in Claremont Walk by Bold Square i remember the tanks as they were disturbing the tarmac on the way from the station to the rodee

I used to live in The Meadway, and went to St Johns infants School-a few memories of playing on 'the boxes' at play/lunchtime. These were actually old beer crates, and long before health and safety spoiled everything, we would pile them high into a spaceship, or a submarine, and play 'Voyage to the (...Read full memory)

I so remember the 7777 club & the owner Clem Williams ....Clem would book my show several times through the year & I considered him a friend I used to love the rides in his old Rolls Royce ...I often wondered what happened to the club & Clem ...I moved up North and then lived abroad a few years later & lost touch. Steve Eagles