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I’ve just read a detailed account of a person who recounted a memory of a fish shop in Tooting market in the 1950’s. As well as fish the lady owner (who was missing front teeth) sold eels. Some customers preferred that she cut them in to pieces, so there would be lots of still moving squiggly eel bits moving around. My friend and I would stand there gawking until she chased us away. I returned in the early ...see more
Anyone here who went to that hell hole please join And pm myself Cee J Harris or Marion Reid we are a group fighting for Justice for us all
I lived in Kronsbec Ave and started school at Berwivk Road in 1955 just before my 5th birthday. I recall my first teacher was Miss Anscombe and then Mrs McClaren. Then Mr Foxall and finaly a female whose name I cannot remember but who got me through my 11+ and set me up for life. Fond memories of the scout group in Heath Lane with fantastic leaders such as Norman Gilmour, Arthur Sherwood, ...see more
I have a book available entitled 'Mayhem at the Manor', describing daily life at school and living in Dartford in 1963 when we endured one of the worst winters on record. If anyone is interested in a copy, please contact me.
Now Andrew Goatley will sing the blessing: “Lord, receive us with thy blessings Once again assembled here. Pardon all, their faults confessing, Year by year, a richer store. Those returning, those returning make more faithful than before.” Now Miss Gardner would like you to call out your names, so that she can do the register. Bell, Brian Bradley, ...see more
My relatives came from Hatfield Broad Oak and Bush End . My grandfather was gamekeeper on the forest . I have pictures of him and his wife with 9 of their children . His first wife had 16 children . My grandmother ,his second wife had 4 children . My uncle Ben wrote his life’s story which begins in Bush End and HBO ,it makes interesting reading of times gone by . My father worked at a farm in Takely when he left ...see more
Peter Ward & Brian Moore lived close by - we were in Kings Own a teenage group run by the curate at the church. All genteel stuff no wicked behaviour. For me, a cycle ride from Winchmore Hill.
Mybfather was police at newby bridge police station in 1979.Iwent to leven xalley school. I was seven whad dog called shep i add photo's e
I was there from 1947 to 1953. Really enjoyed my time there. Remember particularly Sister Bridget and Miss Gudgeon.
I spent many happy holidays in Goodrinton. My first steady girlfriend came from Goodrington, her name was Sue Lethbridge. I understand she is married and moved to the USA. It would be nice to get in touch with her again just to say hello, so if there is anyone that can help me with my search I would be grateful. Many thanks. Mike Carter.
I lived on Glen Faba as a young girl, I remember Pete Cartwright , Albey Smith, Stan and others. We all use to go to Roydon Youth Club once a week until it closed. Such fond memories.
I worked at the Derwent hotel in 1973 & 1974. I came from Sheffield with a friend to work the season but ended up working 2 seasons. It was then owned by Mr Morel & the manager was Mr Sorrentino. It was a great hotel to work in - I met many friends but no longer in touch. Lived in house with some of the girls I worked with owned by mr Sorrentino. I have some fantastic memories & sad we lost touch when ...see more
I was born in Eastbourne, Upperton Road Nursing Home. I have fond memories of being taken by my Father to the Devonshire swimming baths. This would have been between 1964 to 1967 I would have been 5 or 6 years old. Through the large wooden entrance doors. Paid sixpence or a shilling then decended the many flights of stairs down. I remember there were two pools. The attendants wore white tops & long white ...see more
I have fond memories of this school, it was modern with great teachers back in the early 1960’s sadly my parents moved us to Surrey after I was only there for a year, I never enjoyed a school again as I did at Hoddesdon Secondary, if there’s anyone who was at this School in early 1960’s, it would be great to hear from you, my name is Andrew Flaxman, the only names of pupils in my class I remember at ...see more
Living Aboard Boats A Memory of Maldon. I moved aboard a small 2 1/2 ton yacht named Gulldreen in Dixon Kerlys yard along the Downs Maldon in the 1960's. This was while I was serving my apprenticeship at Hoffmanns in Chelmsford. I then bought the ex RNSA yacht 'Samuel Pepys' a famous racer which was written about by a previous owner Errol Bruce when she sat out a hurricane in the first Transatlantic Race. I lived aboard ...see more
Does anyone have any information about Mary Walters (later Augustus) who died mid 1930s, her daughter, Gwenllian Walters, born 1894. My mother was her daughter. My mother was Ivy Scott...all from the Caerau. Gwenllian and her family lived at Dunraven Place, up the Monkey
In 1962, whilst in the RN, I was posted to a Joint-Service organisation at Erskine Barracks in Wilton. The Army said that they would provide temporary accommodation in Bulford for my wife and I. Knew it would not be the Barracks, I was amazed when, upon arriving at the Railway station in Salisbury to find that the GOC's driver was there to meet us and take us to Bulford. On arriving, we found that the ...see more
I attended Norway Lodge School in Menston in the early 1960s. It was so called because it was built exactly like a Norwegian chalet. The younger girls were taught by Little Miss Maunder and the older girls by Big Miss Maunder. The former was short and dumpy, the latter tall and lean. We all sat at big Victorian wooden desks with lids that opened, and had to climb up to the bench seat that was integral to the desk. ...see more
I was born in 1953, so I think it must have been 1958/59 when we had a holiday in Mundesley - but what may seem strange is we had an old scout ridge tent but it was put up at the back of a pub. Cannot recall what the pub was called. Remember my mum going to a shop and bought me a blue jeep with soldiers and that kept me happy all week - does this ring a bell with someone or am I totally bonkers.
I was a day pupil as a 7 year old in the Spring and Summer terms of 1953. I remember the headmaster, Mr. Arch. Mr. Randle and Mr. Griffin. There was a forth teacher, was that Mr. Peacock? I recall the Sunder march to the church in Boldre and the much freer ramble back after the service. Unfortunately my father changed jobs and I had to leave. I learnt more in 2 terms than I was to learn in the next 3 years in ...see more
Hello this is Melanie Jane Howick (married name Erickson). I attended Kingsley from 1958 - 1965. I married an American and have lived in Northern Minnesota, USA since 1982. I have been fortunate to visit my homeland every year and have stayed connected to my best friends Sara Ireland (Woolger) and Jane Brooks (nee Lyster). I have very happy memories of Kingsley and can remember all the teaching ...see more
My father asked me about Glenageary house, and where it would have been! Im thinking it was where Glenageary heights is now, i do remember playing around there before the houses were built. Id love to know if anyone could help me, and would they have any pictures.?
My Mum, Winnifred Welch was born in Hawarden 26th November 1938. Her Mum was also Winnifred and her Dad was Harold Welch. They had many other children. Maiden name was Lovelock. Does anyone have any information or know anything about them? Many thanks.
I remember perrin road infants and juniorschool. I started school After easter 1953. My first real memory is being taken around the streets of Wembley. Miss Law was the headmistress of the infants and our classrooms were cabins the playground. Miss Ling was my first teacher. When we went up into the Juniors, we went into the old part of the school which still had gas lighting the teacher turning out the lights with a ...see more
I have just been reading other people's memories of being incarcerated in Hornsea convalescent home, which as the name suggests is a place for a child who has been ill for some reason to be happy and relaxed away from pressures from parents or school. I was 9 years old, I had my appendix out a few weeks ago and was feeling very tired and I wouldn't eat anything. I kept falling over. My mother took me to the ...see more
The mobile library parked in the Square
As a 6 year old in 1954 we began holidaying in Par, staying with Mr and Mrs Batt at Par Green, next door to Brewers. For the next 10 years, often twice a year, we came back to stay with the Batts - a wonderful couple, so kind and loving, such wonderful food, three meals a day. Each day we would walk down to the beach, crossing the railway line. We soon discovered the lovely Booley beach, walking round on the cliff ...see more
I lived behind the Travellers Rest ,hett hills , my grandad George Armstrong owned the Garage at Tribley Cottages ,our neighbours were Mr & Mrs strong ,Linda strong ,and her 2 brothers . I used to play on the pub steps . We then moved to Shelley Gardens , pelton Fell ,my mam Betty Armstrong,dad Alan Armstrong,my sister Pamela,brother Alan,me Jacqui ,brother Tony and sister Debbie ,these were my happy times ! Went to pelton Roseberry infant ,junior and comprehensive school.
We used to stay at an Aunt's caravan just beyond the amusement park. One day - I think I would have been about 3 - I fell head first into the boating pond - luckily my cousin was there to haul me out - I remember being covered head-to-toe in mud. Later, I first learnt to drive on beach road (I was well under the normal legal age - but it was a private road! ) Not easy learning to drive on sand!!!
I spent many summer holidays at St. Osyth - 2 of my aunt's had caravans on Beach Road and then my own parents also got a caravan. This photo takes me right back!
My mum lived here she was only 3-4 and remembers the huts really well and then was moved to Baskerville road in sonning common she had 3 Brothers and 2 sisters her dad used to work on the buses
I do not have that many clear memories from my stay there, I have a defence mechanism of blotting things out from my mind. I do not know exactly when I was there some time between 1974 - 1977. The only name I remember from that time was the Major. Here are some of the less traumatic things I remember which someone may also remember and will be able to narrow down the date. Trip out on HMS Apollo, when we ...see more
I came to live in Northwood Hills in 1946, aged 16 months. I attended Pinner Road Primary School and then on to Potter Street where I was a prefect in my final year. I had my tonsils out, aged 6 in the lovely old Cottage Hospital, affectionately known as the Little Hospital. I remember saving my pocket money up to buy records from the minutely small record shop next to the Bluebird Cafe. The Rex cinema had ...see more
I was born in 1965 and lived in Rosewood Way, Farnham Common. My father tells me that the family cat would wait on this corner each evening for my father to return from work, spotting his car - the cat would bound home to greet him. Even in the 60's my father would complain about the traffic through Farnham Common. Some of my first words on this junction, when getting a lift to play-school, were "buddy ...see more
Like others on the site I have very happy memories of living in Watchfield (1956 to 1966).My father was the Hall Manager of Kitchener Hall (RMCS) and we lived in army quarters in Hill Road. The houses were two bedroomed but so designed that they could be made into three bedrooms by including one of the bedrooms from next door which we did. I spent many happy hours at the small play area just ...see more
Hollinwood Sec Modern School, incline Road was a fabulous school in many ways: I started there circa 1955 from Freehold Juniors. The headmaster was Archer Tate a well known baritone singer in the N.W. He was a friendly, very pleasant man. The school had great success on the sports field … I played netball and Bill Dearden (later a pro footballer) was football captain. I was head girl in my last year there. ...see more
I was born in Dovercourt hospital 24th December 1959. I lived above the Home and Colonial shop in the high street where my lovely Dad Mr. Roe was manager. My lovely mum Margaret often used to work there when my sister's Bren and Chris and my brother Brian were at school. These were the best years of my life. We had to move up to London for my Dad to take over a shop in Caledonian Road in 1969. What a ...see more
Leaving Southampton Road School in 1954, I started working on the outskirts of Titchfield for Sanders & Sons in their tomato glass houses, which was a good working start for me. Well, after 18 months I asked for a pay rise, and was offered an extra 5 shilling a week, Hmm, well I suppose back in the 50s that extra money wasn't too bad. But alas my mates were ...see more
In the 1960s, I was a choirboy at St. Peter's Church. The church was next to our school, with a pub across the road. Local gossip held that the vicar was an alcoholic. When adults said, "I've got an appointment with the vicar", it meant that they were going for a drink. Personally, I never saw him drink anything except communion wine on Sundays.
I lived in West Molesey, as a schoolboy in the 1960s. Around 1967, Lulu attended a party at the house of one of my friends. She lost an earring at the party, and went back the next morning to find it. I happened to be there at the time. My schoolmate and I grubbed around on the living room floor and he found the missing jewel. Lulu was about the same height as us boys, but she radiated charm and energy that filled the room.
Lived in barnardos Woodford bridge from 13 years old till I was 15.december 1962 I moved into brittania and Mrs Rowland were the house masters.very happy times in there and like somelse mentioned the easter egg was massive.was christened in the garden city church and went to St barnabus secondary school.used to remember going up to the centralised kitchen to bring back trays of sausages and bacon
The house on the left of the photo is Windyridge, 15 Maes y Dre. My grandparents lived there from new (about 1927) until my grandmother died in 1997. My father was born there in 1930. The Institute was endowed to the village by my great great uncle, Richard Hughes. He was a shipowner in Liverpool who had been born in the village, where his parents kept the Gronant Inn. It has recently been sold and ...see more
I searched for Grenville Hotel, Bude and found this site. I was reading my grandmother’s travel diary. She visited the hotel in June of 1951 and reported: “Very nice hotel, good dinner — staff friendly — coffee in the lounge on house — head waiter told us in the dining-room that coffee was being served in the lounge — very nice gesture. ...see more
Hi, I was at Shenstone (Maths and Science, 1962-5, the same group as Gerry) and will forever be grateful for the excellent training we received. My name was Gerry Martin (now a more formal Geraldine Hammonds) and my lasting memory is of Miss Wood informing the whole college that it was unprofessional to be seen walking down the road eating fish and chips. I never could, but now that I am retired it is ...see more
I became a Bermondsey boy after moving from a prefab where I was born in the big snow in 1947. We lived at 14 Caulfield Road, Peckham, just around the corner from Jordans Dairy in Lugard Road s.e.15. (The last dairy farm in London). I attended John Donne school, Woods Road from age 5 to 11. I remember Peter Matthews who lived in Burchell Road and Janet and Jennifer Ransome who lived in the same street. They were ...see more
Can anyone local to Bexhill on sea remember a boarding school or children's home on Cantaloupe road late fifties/sixties please forgive the spelling any information would be helpful Thanks in advance
Does anyone remember a rag and bone man with a black horse and cart used to sell horse manure to the local houses in the area would have been in the fifties and sixties used to have a yard local not sure if it was on St George's way?
My first time visiting this site and a message from "Simon" prompted me to add a message. I too remember with fond memories the old Parish Church Infants School. I remember my first day to Facing the church was a pathway on the left leading to the school. I walked with my mum down the flagstone path (some were inscribed gravestones which I tried to skip over). The school gate had a brick archway to it leading into the ...see more
I was there for about six weeks in 1964, but I don't think it was a Hospital, I was four years old, I don't know why I was there, I just have a very uneasy feeling just looking at the photograph. I don't think it was a very nice place.
Hello, this will seem an odd memory’s as it isn’t a memory of my own. For years I have been aware that my mum together with parents and siblings lived at a house called TUAN Salisbury rd, Amesbury. I would so like to find it and imagine the family shopping in the village etc. my grandfather had something to do with war preparation, perhaps in surveyors dept.? My mum joined the VAD .at some point. They moved after some ...see more
When living in Bere Alston there were trains still running to Gunnislake over this beautiful viaduct. Made of concrete blocks which were made on site. It took four years to build and was opened in 1908. A wagon lift made of iron hauled wagons containing mineral ore from the quay below. On a Sunday the trains were few and finished running early so I was able to walk the route from Bere Alston to Calstock. Can still ...see more
Mine is not a memory but a request for more information about the above property that was situated in Station Road almost opposite St Mary's. The name can still be read faintly but when I first moved to Twyford in 1983, I believe it was a merchants selling animal feed and other things to do with domestic animals but I cannot recall the name. It was possible to walk through the shop from Station Road to Waltham Road. Since then a variety of different shops have used the premises. Can anyone help?
Hi there just joined this site I was at etton pasture school from about 1984 to 1987. I've been trying trying to find an old friend I was there with at the time. A guy called Richard Ward. Not seen him in years. If you're out there Richard get in touch. I used to go by the name Kenny Stephenson, until I changed it years ago. I knew other people there. Karl Searle, Kerstien Atkinson, Andrew Westoby.
How many Christmases can you recall, Can you go right back to when you were small, Can you remember a blanket of Snow, That covered the ground, or don't you know. Can you remember when Teens were once Tots, And Hopscotch was played on Black and White Spots, Can you remember the School bell being rung, Can you go right back to when you were young. Can you remember Bluebells in Spring, Buttercup, ...see more
Back in Burghfield around 1962, I clearly remember one day during the School Summer Holiday seeing a Huge Red and Green Steamroller coming towards me with a whole host of Road Tar making Machinery and about 10 men following on behind. The men 100 feet away were using extra long handled Forks to rough up what was then just compact dirt, and Tamp down all of the Potholes and ...see more
I moved to Britwell Estate with my parents from Battersea in about 1958. I attended Lynch Hill Primary School from 1959 to 1965 (approx). Our teachers were Mrs May, Mrs Peirce, Mr Cutler, Mr Rolfe, Mr Treglowan. The Head was Mr Edmunds. He led assemblies in the Hall, which had curtains at the back and led to the Dining Room. This was split into Infants and Juniors. When in the Infant School, I was once asked ...see more
I was trying to remember Hounslow around 1980. I used to live on Avonwick Road and found this site. I was trying to remember which supermarket was on the High Street. I remember Mr Dixon's delicatessen, there was also a fishmonger near Hounslow East underground station.
In 1952 I lived from a baby, below the record shop in Pier Road. When standing looking down towards the river, it was on the right hand side. The access was via a track that ran parallel to Pier Road, behind the shops. We had sleeper steps down to a back yard. Our toilet was outside and a small shed for bits and pieces. My Dad Jack built an aviary in the yard too. He worked at Slade Green. We had a small front room and ...see more
Searching for wildlife to keep as pets was a major diversion for a small group of boys in my class at Brampton Road Primary School during the 1950's. Anything that moved on the ground or swam around in ponds and streams was fair game: frogs, toads, newts, grass snakes, stag-beetles, and of course, sticklebacks. Our hunting grounds were local gardens, the wild areas of Danson Park and Lesnes and Bostall ...see more
I remember being with my family at Craigendoran station to get on the Jeannie Deans steamer. My father worked at that station and waved as we left the pier. Good times. It is always good to remember the past but I don't think it was all great. There were more shops, that is something that has changed and also something that needs addressing. We were not a town full of tourist shops but there was a variety of other ...see more
My grand parents, Jack and Betty Orchard, actually managed the Waggon and Horses from the early 1950s to the 1980s having moved to Beckhampton from Bulkington near Devizes. My parents, Ken and June Vickers, also spent the early years of their marriage living at the pub which at the time had a self-contained flat at one end. I believe this is now a dining room or games room. My father also ran the village ...see more
Hello, My great grandfather owned the watercress beds, does anyone have any information or images at all? Thank you Jenna
I understand that we all can’t like the same thing, but Rookesbury Park was a wonderful school for me, I was so happy there. I was a little bugger. I knew the school better than any of the teachers. I ran wild. I knew all the grounds and the farm next door. I just have the most wonderful memories, and I had so many friends. I was 8 when I went there ‘73 and it taught me lots. I don’t remember any bullying, the only bad thing I remember was being made to drink milk, and I hate milk 😂
The miniature village was the work of Chris Joyce. His grandsons Christopher, Keith and Adrian were school friends of mine, and his daughter-in-law, Edith, a close friend of my mum.
Miss Webster (Head Teacher) taught us how to appreciate Classical music. We sometimes listened to Grieg before assembly, I loved this. I remember being Anitra in a show called The Dance Of The Trolls. We made all the outfits in our sewing class. Mr Holland’s class entered a garden competition and at some point we were all entered into a fine art competition. Mr. Holland’s predecessor Mr Warjen wasn’t very nice to most of ...see more
It was an all-ladies' college when I attended. Many friendships were made. Memories of teaching practices at schools in Crew and surrounds. First year students had to go out in "digs" and were able to live in the Hall of Residence during the second year. The second Hall of Residence was built during the year 1956. Every Wednesday evening was formal dinner and we had turns in ...see more
I remember Wrens Warren camp vividly as I was one of many sent there during W.W. 2. It was a happy period in my life as a young boy in the 1940's. I and my friends spent many hours exploring the surrounding woods, making a dam in the stream below the camp and swimming in the pool we had made. Making bows and arrows, spears, and vaulting poles out of young Chestnut trees. Making musical whistles. Sledding ...see more
I worked at the danilo cinema for 9 years showing films also working with Brian gwillidm , vick low ,Ken woolly
2 roomed little private school which was the worst ever experienced. Owned/run/head mistress by an ex-nun MISS MELADY who was absolutely vile and cruel. Luckily she taught the older class whilst another teacher class I was in. My father was away at sea for basically 2 years, I was 4 1/2 (1965) and had to attend the school as it was the nearest, I think the Navy paid the fees. Be interesting to hear of anyone else who was there.
I knew all the best sweet shops on Lavendar Hill Rd. Easily the best was Browns Sweet shop where Stormont Rd met Lavendar Hill. It had every sweet you could think of and seemed to be open 7 days a week until 9pm. I think the owner Brown's wife with another woman took it in turns to run the shifts so they could stay open. He was as regular as clockwork, they never ever closed right during the war, and outbreaks of ...see more
Monday 7th July 1958, aged 8, moved to Britwell, Slough from Merstham in surrey with my brother Martin, Mum & Dad (Joan & Ron). Transport was a problem - we didn’t have any. There was only room for three of us in the removal lorry. Dad drew the short straw, so had to make his own way on public transport. Luckily, working for London Transport, he had a bus pass. It was a hot and sunny day, and on arrival we ...see more
I lived in Smallfield during the war years, firstly in Broadbridge Cottages surrounded by barrage balloons and then New Road. My best friend was Sandra Steel, remember all the children in the road had chickenpox at the same time. We lived next to Mrs Terry (Eunice), we visited quite a lot after we moved back to London. Remember the garage at the end of the road and I think there was a Chapel. I don't suppose I would recognise it now.
I was an nneb nursery nurse at Harecombe Manor between 1964/65. Mrs. Toubia was the Matron and Miss Helps the assistant Matron. The older children were split into family groups of between 5 to 8 children. I was very sad to see the building has gone as it was beautiful. My bedroom was in the front at the top. It belonged in those days to the London borough of Southwark.
My name is Ian and have grown up in and still live in Bolton-le-Sands, living half way down Orchard Avenue for some 15 years now. I am looking for photographs on the old cobblers shop, adjoining barn and old haberdashery shop as I am currently trying to restore them back to looking how they should have been for all these years. As I cannot find any on here I would be grateful if anybody has some if they could share them with me or with this website?
My name is Drew Ramsay and my father retired from Calcutta India back home to Dundee in 1963 when I was 13 years old. He leased Tombuie Cottage for 5 years as a holiday home which came complete with a little over 1000 acres of mixed ground, a rod on the Tay and the use of a boat on the wee loch about a mile or so above the cottage on the Amulree track. I say track because the road from Kenmore ...see more
Hi, just trying to find out more information on my family - mother was Edna Barnett, who was the youngest child of Fred and Catherine (Cass) Barnett who lived on Trealaw Road. Mum was the youngest of 9 surviving children with her eldest sibling (and only boy) George being 22 years older than her. Many stories of her growing up in Trealaw, with her father, brother and many brothers-in-law working at the mines, mainly ...see more
Not sure if it is an error, but 'Brinnds Corner' is spelt 'B-R-I-N-D-S C-O-R-N-E-R' after the butchers shop, (now an off-licence), on the corner of Peppard Road/Wood Lane and Brinds Close which was at the rear of the premises. I used to live in Sonning Common from the late 1970's to mid 1990's with my late mother and sister in Widmore Lane, in one of the semi-detached houses, ...see more
I lived in Kimberly Road by the Willoughby Lane gas works from about 1952 and recall the late Queens 1953 coronation when our road was full of tables and chairs for the street party. Raynham Road school was more like a university with teachers such as Mr Rhubens, Mr Bond, Mr Parry and Mr De-winter. Mr Evans had been our Headmaster. I remember Terry Breed, John Knott, David Cook, Lenny Head, Rita ...see more
Hello! My Grandfather James Jamieson born 1905 grew up in Tighnabruaich and their family owned/worked in a bakery at some point in 1900-1930? There were quite a few of them so my Grandfather set out for Glasgow at age 18 and made his way to Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada where he and my grandma Cathy Morrison married and had 6 children and a huge clan of grandchildren LOL. I am making my ...see more