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Not a memory butI have salvaged (in Sussex) an old photo of : "21st birthday of Ginnie Graham (Mrs Myers) August 19th 1903" Also written on the back is "Mrs Graham Kirby Thore" 28 members of the family, including lots of little boys, in front of a substantial white house. I would love to reunite the photo with their descendents. Chris Slater

Hi Sylvia don't know if you get this message its me Lorraine

I lived at number 42 Elmsleigh Road from 1947 until about 1963.My pals and I played in the street in safety as there were few cars. We played "tin can tommy" and "cannon" otherwise we were on Wandsworth Common climbing trees or up at the "dogs pond". I remember well the frying pan and the bombed houses in the (...Read full memory)

Would love to talk more about my experience at this place with you lady’s a little further ... how can we all chat safely ? Remember Saturday night movie night ?

There was a pet shop/iron mongers there as well as the wool shop and sweet shop

I played here from 1970 onwards. Behind the building were the public loos - the gent's smelt of wet and disinfectant. To the left of the building, and to the left of the entrance off Avenue Road was a hump, about 4 feet high with a double skin brick wall along the front. I was told it used to be a public air (...Read full memory)

My sister and I were talking about the awful memories of this place which in my own case would have been early 1960s. Hellish! , physical and emotional abuse. Eat the food to the point of vomiting. Nothing to be left on a plate. Don’t dare talk. Slapping by certain staff members. Humiliation, I (...Read full memory)

Having spent many happy holidays in hemsby my friend Avril and I decided to sign up for a season in Seacroft, we were just 18 and up for what was then an adventure away from home. It was a very happy time we made many friends with both other waitresses and campers. I was sorry not to go back the following year maybe life would (...Read full memory)

hallo , my name is cliff bowley. my family moved to Stanmore in 1950 to a very large house called "Belmont Lodge " on the corner of Denis Lane and London Road junction. Does anybody remember it? It was knock down for development, (what a shame) It was not very visible to the road because it had very large trees and bushes (...Read full memory)

Born in Hardwick Hall Sedgefield During the war. '42. Brought up in old West before Owton Manor est etc. Remember walking the streets during war with mum after air raid sirens etc. And standing in Queues with our ration coupons for food etc. With the cold creeping up my ankle bones and legs. That and the Bombs are my only (...Read full memory)

My Dad Len King worked in Fords Factory before WWII. He played football for the factory too and this game led to his job. He then left to go to war and played football in the army. I live in Australia and can't do very much research about this so if someone can help with this era I loved to hear. Anything at all to add to my Dad's story would be great.

Fantastic memories of Heswall Hospital and the guy's I was lucky enough to meet and hangout with. Bill Ryan

I read all the comments about this hospital that once was my heart goes out to you all .I'm researching about this place the lay out etc etc the staircase and the window at the top if the stairs is still here.also sometimes you can feel the sadness .but it is an amazing building .

Me my 2 brothers and my sister were at monksbarn in the 60,s I remember the sweet cupboard and the large staircase where we kept our shoes and coats. Also the school I have some good memories of that place and the people

My name is Brian Newman and I was born in Barking in 1942. My old man was a grocer and his shop was Newman Stores in Ripple Road by the Harrow, or as we called it, the "arrer". There was a long row of shops either side of Ripple Road. I could name every one, but it will take too long. I will just mention Artheys the bakers, Bill (...Read full memory)

I was born at number 2 Bracebridge in 1941. From childhood memories I think it was a canal side cottage.My mother was evacuated there from Coventry to avoid the bombing for a short stay.I think I must have arived early as I don't think the intention of my mother to give birth then. The cottage was occupied by my Grandmothers (...Read full memory)

I was based here in 1972, as a very young RN Radio Engineer. Antony’s memory sparke a few of my own. Long nights in the transmission hall monitoring an old B&W TV to make sure we weren’t interfering with Coronation Street! Changing over antennas for the broadcast antennas (Health and (...Read full memory)

As a child living in Blackhall my lasting memory is playing on the beach with my sister Margaret. Moira Hughes

I grew up in Wembley, late 60’s to early 80’s. used to hang around the high road a lot . Who remembers a trendy shop called Screws ,it had like a coffee/cafeteria downstairs anc a record booth that you could listen to before you bought an album or record. Also hanging around The Square and going to the Village Inn , The Captains Table and happy just happy times

Every school holiday from 1959 onwards, my brothers Tony, Brian, and later my sister Karen and I stayed with my grandmother Sarah Stones & Harold Stones. Gran owned the Stones greengrocers shop in High Street (number 65) next to Cunliffes chip shop and the bakers the other side. I loved staying (...Read full memory)

My family and I have lived at 48 Streatham Common North for the last 30 years. Next door to me at lived an elderly an spinster who often regaled me with stories. She particularly loved to talk about her Army Major father who seeing the houses being built on Streatham Common North in 1920 requested that (...Read full memory)

I was born in Hayes & lived on a council estate ,Kier Hardie Way. I had a happy childhood, lots of fields over the 'Greenway'& Kingshill Avenue. Went back in about 1985 & it was a bit shabby, then in 2000 & it all looked very nice. The green belt is still there. There were a mixture of social backgrounds (...Read full memory)

I remember walking along the High Street in the 1950’s, the highlight was walking past Kennards towards Crown Hill to the Burtons shop and smelling the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. For the life of me, I can’t remember it’s name - can anybody help?

The Red Lion Brentford, the best pub in the whole of the UK have spent lots oh hours there listening to lots of bands playing Country and Western music, but best of all I met my wife there on the 11th March 1968 have been Married 50 years on October 26th this year 2018 Its a pity we can't revisit on the day I understand it is now a Mcdonalds

I was a student nurse there from September 1962 until September 1964. I have such happy memories as well as sad ones of my days there. Sister Smith or Slosher Smith as my set called her was indeed a strict person to work under. She reduced me to tears many a time when I would disappear to the sluice and scrub the red rubber draw (...Read full memory)

hi every one , we lived at 26 somerset rd in the 60s when the house was brand new up untill 1975 when we moved over seas i went to stansfiled rd school and i have very fond memories , i have now moved back as i love failsworth it will always be home after living all over the world some 48 years later i now live on paddock lane ,, (...Read full memory)

Does anybody remember Edenhurst Preparatory School in Crowther Road? It was a private infants and primary school and I, Paul Evans, was there from the age of about 5 to 8 years. This was back in the early 1950s. It was a big old villa with huge rooms (or so they seemed to me back then). On one side the (...Read full memory)

I also was born there in April 1943. I have memories of my father telling me of him walking along a canal bank so he could visit my mother, when he was on leave! Would like to know exactly where it was siituated, so I could visit the area. Always tell my family I was born on Ilkey moors!

My mother was the senior assistant matron at the pastures as it used to be called and we actually lived at the hospital at the lodge. I was born and lived there until I got married but still spent many hour at the hospital lodge house as my parents lived there until they retired my dad left me both movie and (...Read full memory)

Hi, do you by any chance remember Nicholas ROWE? His parents were Roy and Vivianne. He went to school there and would be about 70 now I think. I am trying to trace him for my mother as they were old family friends, but they moved often. Sadly Roy died young in his 50s and Vivianne and Nicholas moved to Bristol. Any knowledge of the family?

This is not The White horse caravan park that is The Quality Stores in Mill Lane and The Black Horse Caravan pk

My parents moved from Essington to Cheslyn Hay in 1960. We briefly lived in one of the cottages in Hollybush before moving to Low Street. I remember Harry Bates selling fruit & veg from his horse & cart and people shovelling up manure left by the horse for their veg plots or roses. In those days Low Street was (...Read full memory)

my mother viola myrtle renton former mother lived in matching green born today 1925. her mother abbey alice and father Stanley. my mother passed 8 years ago. she always loved the song the green green grass of home. this song played at her funeral . the song always brought back memories of such happy days playing in the (...Read full memory)

I was born in Luton in 1981 I know that's not that long ago but it holds alot of memories for me I grew up in stopsley Luton Bedfordshire in 112 Littlefield rd.i had a good childhood but my dad left us when I was 7yrs old and then when I was about 11yrs old we left luton.i now live in Kent I have a wonderful partner and two (...Read full memory)

I agree with a lot of what you are saying, Who are you though please? I will keep it in confidence?

I was born at the Duchess of Connaught Nursing Home in Bagshot in 1943 and my Mother remembered my Father paying a quick visit and being told off for hanging his Army coat on the door!

I remember that the eastern part of the park was turned into allotments during the war. And a water-filled ditch was created for testing tanks' abilities to cross muddy/hilly terrain. And after the war there were often sheep dog trials and other events to attend (I lived in Lovers Walk opposite the park). I'd love to see any photos of the Park at any time

The R.A.C scout directing traffic around the pepperpot is my Great Grandfather Arthur Bradshaw who lived in kings rd Farncombe.

used to love La Trobe's...remember the smell and wooden display cabinets. Wondering if there's a photo of Cullen's bakery in Bell Street or The Old Wheel. The former used to make lovely meringue ducks! Julia Baxter

My family (Fullers) were methodist ministers, and in 1926/7 my grandparents went on a camping trip alongside the River Lark ? with the Ripper family, ( HT Ripper) I have discovered about 30 negatives of this event showing my grandparents and also the Ripper Family, so, I am trying to find any descendants (...Read full memory)

I am looking for anyone who remembers Violet and Sarah(Sally) McKinnel from 1956. Violet and Sarah(Sally) were sisters and aged about 17 and 19 respectively in 1956. (I do know, that sadly, they have now both passed away). They were the daughters of James and Sarah McKinnell and originally (...Read full memory)

My father, Harry Day, was gardener at the house when the Case family lived there. As a small child I remember the huge Christmas Tree in the palatial hall. The beautiful cedar tree in the middle of the lawn and the old potting shed.

Hi. My name is Iris Elliott (nee ) Poole. I was born in Hill Street Pontnewydd in 1930 to Daisy and Tom Poole. I had a brother Mervin. Everyone knew my father Tom who was quite a character. He was a very big man and worked in the Tin Works at Pontypool then Avondale Works Pontnewydd. My mother worked at Mrs Smiths in (...Read full memory)

does anyone remember may and dave mules they lived at 24 elmdene from aorund 1965 to 1978

This is the plane I had my first flight in during the 1950s. My father had done some work for the owner/pilot , so as a reward we had a flight along the coast, I remember the pilot always used to dive bomb a large dune near where Caister Holiday Camp is .

Please forgive me if I use this to inquire about local & school friends. Its a long time since I left and trust someone will know what happend to these chums and if any are still living. Derek Pickering. Bruce Gillespie, Barry Beresford, Marion Sillet, Alex Whitehead and John Huntingdon. All leads will be much appreciated

`Hi is there anyone who remembers may and dave mules they lived at number 24 elmdene from 1960 to 1977?

does anyone remember the donkey at knollmead school? ingalbert he use to get out and bite us kids in the playground

I went to Fairchild school around 1953 and left in 1956. I remember Mr Hedges, Mr Fuller, Mr Morgan. Friends were Carol Strickland, Angela Stevens (married Les Jarvis) Julie Cook. I wonder we're they all are now. I went to Pitmans evening classes in Croydon when I started work for Commercial Union Ins. After a short (...Read full memory)

Hi, I've recently discovered this while doing research on a book I am writing and was interested to hear how many people from Selsdon remember their childhood and, in most cases, enjoyed the village as I knew it as a good place to grow up. I was born in 1948 and lived at 21 ( later changed to 41 ) Ingham Road from then until (...Read full memory)

well sorry to say i dont come from Wantage but my mum did so ive had the pleasure of coming to see for myself what Wantage is like but i must say i could move here my mum was at Garston lane school way back in the 30s and also saint Marys my oldest sister was born in the cottage hospital in 1947 my mum was a Harris / Rolls (...Read full memory)

I love this photo of London Road Reigate. There was a sweet shop just after Yorke road on the left - leading on to a chemists. I'd love to see a photo of them. Maybe folk didn't realise it was the shops that would be of interest.rather than the road. Is there a photo anywhere of the old swimming baths which was along from the town hall? kind regards Julia Baxter

I bought my first record in the record shop on Middle Street, around 1964. My father was the Blacksmith and had the Blacksmith's Shop in Consett, near Templetown and used to shoe Shire Horses and other horses there. I remember being lifted up onto the back of a huge Shire Horse when I was about five. I have loved Heavy (...Read full memory)

I pent 4 months at the gables maldon from september to the aprox 28th december 1949 .is there any one still alive who was staying there at the same time, and do you rememder the twin boys age aprox. 5years old.

Hi all, my name is Angela Longstaff I was born and bred at Oakenshaw in 1955 I lived at New Row with my family, Brother, David and two sisters Janet and Veronica and my parents were Polly and Gus. I remember with fondness my school years and teachers Miss Grey, Miss Wragg, and headmaster Mr Collins. The welfare Hall was (...Read full memory)

I was born there in 1957 and lived there until 1975. Rhodes had those lovely handmade sweets. There was a Delicatessen next door..always had a lovely smell of roasting coffee - and fabulous wheels of Brie.. The reindeer pub always seemed like a modern pub out of place. At the top of Hallowell road was the Snooker club. (...Read full memory)

Many a Saturday afternoon spent there with my best friend Pam Shrubsole (now Adams) and after 58 years, she still my friend.

i remember my grandad in the late 60s early 70s paddling across the footbridge by knollmead because the hogsmill river had flooded .to get the the maldan manor pub his name was marcus mules

I grew up in Mitcham in the sixties. Went toSt Mark & Cranmer Green. Loved the library & swimming baths , Ravensbury park, the fair on Mitcham common. Happy days, fond memories. Walking along Figgs Marsh to see my Nana. Saturday morning pictures @ Granada Tooting. Magic!!

I used to catch the train every week to visit my grandmother in Countesthoe. From where I lived in Six Acres it was about a mile walk to the station. The station was often staffed by Paddy a cheerful Irish man. If not him a lady would be on duty. A lady also normally worked the signal box. Most services were steam but in (...Read full memory)

My mother her mother and my great grandma lived through war time while my grandfather fought in France ww2 everybody knew each other and there was a great sense of community people would help each other and look after Thier nieghbours and life back then humbled everyone who had it hard but appreciated every day old (...Read full memory)

My memories are of the quillets children's home and all the people I met there 1976 to 1980 also I went to mill lane comprehensive at those times the mods and rockers and punk rockers were all the rage kids drove round on lamberretas and racing bikes we used to go to the village hall disco on a Friday in great (...Read full memory)

My family lived in Ellesmere port since 1892 or even earlier I know this as when I was young my great great grandma was still alive . Don't know if anyone remembers auther AVE I used to live at no 28 it was an old Victorian cobbled streets and bit by bit houses were becoming deralict ashame because it was a nice (...Read full memory)

I went to WCGS for boys from 1959 - 66. I never really appreciated the school until just before I left for Reading University - made possible by some brilliant teachers particularly Frank Mitchell and Michael Gainsbury despite my suffering glandular fever for much of my final Autumn term. I was more keen on all sport than (...Read full memory)

Hi there I am very happy to hear back from people. I will do my best to ask my dad if he recalls your father working waldecs . My dad only worked there a couple of year. But I know my grand parents did employ black people. I will do my best honey. Take care Maxine

Well I am overwhelmed that you remember my family and Waldecs. I was not expecting to hear from anyone as I know so much has changed. Yes I remember the fish and chip shop well George's and his lovely family. I only have found memories of growing up as a child in north Wembley. Very sad to leave when I around 11 years old. I am (...Read full memory)

I came down to Bognor with my family for a three week holiday every summer in the late 50s early 60s, first from Redhill and then from Godalming, Surrey It was mostly on the train, and the last time we came it was in our new car in 1964, before we forsook the Sussex coast for North Devon. We always stayed in (...Read full memory)

Hi would love to find or see a photograph of Zena Lewis who lived at the Blacksmiths forge in Spurstow. She died when she was 26 From David Mollart

Am new to this,but does anyone remeber the the farm in norris avenue.The Paltermans.i am looking for Bob (robert) Palterman,would love any news of him.They moved from norris avenue to a house on London road? opposite St Crispins shcool.Would love to hear from you.I now live in

My best friend lived in the Highgate pub on Benfieldside road across from the miners arms does anyone else remember the pub and have any photos?also what year was it demolished? We had such fun in that pub x great memories x

Hi - I have just discovered this site and was interested by memories of Selsdon - particularly from Jaqueline Cook remembering Littleheath Woods! I spent the first eighteen years of my life living in Ingham Road -the other side of the primary school from Foxearth Road - from 1948 - 1966 before I left for university. My parents (...Read full memory)

Any one remember the penny drinks shop on the Hanworth Road near to the traffic lights at the junction of Bell Road and Hanworth Road. opposite Silvesters.

In August 1956 I went to Bretby Hall as a Cadet nurse, in 1957 I became a student nurse but sadly had to leave in January 1958 because i developed Dermatitis .We spent so much time cleaning the wards, the trollies ,the sluice, ,we did not wear rubber gloves in those days just kept washing our hands,I am (...Read full memory)

Who remembers me from St Lukes school in the 60's ? Stephen Buck

Lydia Hall There were some lovely buildings that have been lost to demolition , the elegant Georgian Pear Tree House that was the Doctors home...the "Dutch" house on the green....and does anyone remember the Windmill that was left to rot.....further afield was the Elizabethan Belhus House with a parkland designed by (...Read full memory)

I went from Arden Park Primary School to Bredbury Secondary Boys School just before it became a Comprehensive. Left 1972. I remember Andrew Smith, Steven Smith, Paul Finch, Alan Gresty, Craig Fairbrother, Barry Greenhalgh and many others with great memories. What happened to Julie Pugh? I also went to The Life (...Read full memory)

I lived at 92 west st with my grandparents Nellie and moses board.and my brother Adrian,My name is Andrew Jenkins. I Was born in 1947 and grew up in the 1950s I have a lot of memories of going up the mountain,up the the swimming pool in summer.the lads Brian Evans,Lionel Jones.Peter Griffiths,Laurence Brobyn,and the schooldays. And we walked everywere,such good days.

So happy I have just found this site. The photographs brought back so many happy memories of my childhood. We lived in the prefabs in Larkspur Road, number 24. I was 2 years old in 1946 when we moved there, and we moved away when I was 14, to London, We had such fun, freedom to run and play in the many (...Read full memory)

I lived in the huts in Thames road in the 50 s does any one remember the 3 tar baby's their names Tony Emery, Linda Emery and Frank Spall they got stuck in a tar pit opposite the huts . Also remember going on school bus to Westbury school and infants.