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i have memories of ramsey modern school I sang in the choir had a great teacher mrs brougham I also remember mrs lavender and mr tolby especially the bike rides and the roller scateing ring my best friend was janet walker we lost touch when we both moved house Inow live in Windsor have a husband two children and 5 grandchildren still remember my time at ramsey.denise nee belcher

This memory was shared with my lovely Grandmother Cath Grant during my visit from NZ. "My husband Mick Grant and I, Cath Grant, moved here from Wimbledon in 1961. I had a son called Alan and was expecting my daughter Vanessa in the Summer. I had never heard of Frimley or Camberley so it was all new and (...Read full memory)

I am going back in history ,now, but reading the various comments brings back many fond memories. I was born in the top house on Milton Road and the view from our front window was identical to the first published, with the exception of the top part of the road, which started with Guest's Butchers, followed by Higgs Fish shop (in (...Read full memory)

Hi I also used to go the court. Dave Mcg was great. I used to go on a Saturday night until I left UK for Germany and used to teach on a Saturday morning

I must say that my memories of Rope Hill while CGC Arch was Headmaster are not particularly happy ones. I remember him as a sadistic, flatulent fellow who was fond of the cane. Perhaps I was too much of a troublemaker. Some of the people I remember..... Staff: Edwards, older, stout, taught Latin, easily distracted and (...Read full memory)

Lovely reading memories of Mitcham! Born in 1950 lived in 33 Westmoreland Square, Pollard's Hill , vivid memories of Ted's pale blue tuckshop and my mum sending me to buy 6 fags and a packet of tea! Playing on the swings next to our block; hide & seek on warm summer evenings, the smell of newly-mown grass takes me back (...Read full memory)

Lived at Harris Avevue in the 50s,near the Packers and PC Dack?

I remember being a boarder at Cedar House with Mrs Hutton as headmistress , Fitzy as matron Miss Houlihan a teacher . Anyone have any memories? Fiona Blyth

I don't know why but I loved the Grange , Mr & Mrs Miller were the heads , Miss Kipling the dancing teacher , Miss Coates & her black Labrador & the grey horse Friday. Sports Day was a grand event always remember it being a sunny day! When I was 11, I went to St.Alban's High School & hated it . If there are (...Read full memory)

I used to walk my dogs here with the children some year's ago, still occasionally visit on a warm day or in the snow as it looks beautiful! My dog fell in once and we had to drive home with a smelly black lab in the car or was it a one of the children! I have photographed and painted this castle too many times in the past but it still has a unique appeal.

My Aunt and Uncle used to take me to Peter Pans Pool when I stayed with them in the summer holiday. One day on the round a bout thing you pushed and then jumped on, a girl eating a banana ice lolly threw up and we all caught a bit !! Since then I cannot eat or smell anything banana flavoured with out reliving that day. A mere 60 years ago.

My mum Olive Mary Broomfield known as Mary, was born at Brookside West Brook Street. Blewbury. It was originally The Old Wool Shop and was run by my grandmother Minnie Alice Broomfield [ nee Brogden ] . My grandfather was Charles Broomfield but always known as Ben.

I grew up in Moreland Avenue, ( no 5 ) in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. (I was born there in 1948) and have some wonderful memories of that period. I attended West Hill primary and junior schools and then Dartford Secondary Modern school. When I left school I did an apprenticeship and continued working at Robins Motor & General Engineers along Dartford Road. Many happy memories. Cyril Boxer.

I was born at 23, St George's Place, Blackhill in 1951. My name was Valerie Wyporski and I had a brother, Leslie who went to Tin Mill School. My dad was Polish and was a painter for the coal board. He was known as 'Fred'. My mum's name was Pam and she worked at Shotley Bridge Hospital. Our next door neighbours were (...Read full memory)


Totally UNRECOGNIZABLE not like the old days at hendon.

So many memories of this place, too many to include here! Going to the "big" school was quite daunting, however I soon was to become so inspired by what I saw there. The first days were spent being fearful of the Head Mr. Creevy (aka Creepy), who walked around the school with a sawn-off cane up his (...Read full memory)

It's great to see this picture. This parade was on the walking route to and from school, from where we lived on the new estate at Southbourne Grove to the Evangelical church hall (pre school), Hockley Primary School, then the new Plumberow primary school, then finally onto Greensward Secondary. I recall Sutherlands (...Read full memory)

Me and Mrs Perry, Stan and Joyce were my beloved grandparents. You probably had different memories of them to me as I was a spoilt only child of Kathryn Perry, and my auntie Karen Perry. I lost my grandfather aged 4 and my Grandmother at aged 19. And I know they both could find the tiniest scerick of flesh on (...Read full memory)


Whenever I look at old pictures of this junction, I think of a very modern-looking 1960s shop which had its address as its name: 'No. 1 Putney Hill'. Its (future) location is on the left of the picture ahead of the bus. I saw it every day when I got off the 37 to walk up Putney Hill to my school. I remember it as being a (...Read full memory)

My time at Buckland: 1965 - 68 was the best time of my life. I have lived since then - many adventures, but Buckland was the start of it all. If only my first real boyfriend/partner would read this... I have tried so hard to track him down. We are both now in our seventies, but I would so love to get in touch again, (...Read full memory)

Michael kenny security dog handler worked at schweppes factory in the 1960s to the 1970s with his german shepherd security dog saba providing a good service with many years spent working there alongside his Dog SABA At the schweppes factory WEST HENDON.

My parents went to the Glen Affric Hotel for their annual holidays from the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s. I joined them on some occasions. They loved all three Glens especially Strath Farrah, spending all day there, birdwatching and enjoying the peace and quiet. They particularly enjoyed the locally caught fresh salmon. So sad to see the photos of the Hotel now.

I remember watching two or three boys try to walk across the frozen lake at Osterley house when the ice gave way and they all disappeared.Not sure if the survived,i was 11 or 12 at the time.

The small hospital was The Forest. When expecting my first child in 1965 I used to go there for regular check ups as I was booked into a hospital some distance away for the birth. MIss Foxton was the Health Visitor. In later years, the hospital was turned into a care facility for the elderly and my mother spent some (...Read full memory)

My name is Robin Tingle and I was at Hurn Court School till 1959. The early set up was quite different, as Mr E R Morris was headmaster and the Principal was Mr P G Tyler, his son taught English. There was also a Mr Cottrell, who had a house built in the grounds and was the finance behind the School. As far as pupils at (...Read full memory)

Hi, does anyone reading this have memories of park lane school from the early 1970s? I was there around 73-75. We lived in Parkinson's lane . I'd love to hear from anyone

When I went to Holy Trinity School in the 1950.s the school class was49 children 1 teacher. when we had a different subject we just changed books. one of the highlights of school was going to ferry hut where we had a drawing lesson drawing the church opersite in Widnes.which was in Lancashire in them days and then on (...Read full memory)

I was approximately 4 when I moved to Egham, after my Dad left the RN. We moved in to a flat above my Grandparents bakery. This was next door to a Butchers which was next to a florist, which was on a corner. Later we moved to Park Road a little semi that needed lots of things doing, kitchen rather than a scullery and a (...Read full memory)

My memories of Splott are in 1972. When I stayed in Llannelli street for a while. I was from South London. What stood out to me the most was how friendly the girls were that I made friends with. Very welcoming. I had to return to London and returned to Llannelli street in 1973 with my baby girl. And once again everyone was so (...Read full memory)

We lived right next to the Edith Brough Home. The entrance was next to the bus stop where I used to wait in all weathers to travel into Newcastle. i think I remember the names Doreen and Bobby Futers and I remember a red haired girl called Gertrude Woodhall. The children seemed happy and I have a vague memory of going there once and being in a huge kitchen!


I lived in Waddingham Place, off Enfield Avenue, with parents, from 1963, (aged 8), until about 1978. Joined RN in 1973 for 5 years. Me and my best mate Andy, from Humberston, also RN, after one Saturday night on the town in Grimsby, (1976 I think), decided to climb the tallest of the masts at the (...Read full memory)

I lived in litherland upto to 1987 then moved to gresford north wales, still have a sister and brother over there, now have 3 adult kids and four welsh grandkids, over here , have some happy memories of litherland.

I lived at No 8 Wolsey Crescent in the very early development of the estate up to the age of eight before my parents moved to Morden. Even at that age I can remember on many occasions hearing the drone of bombers overhead and watching a flying bomb (doodle bug) fly over our house where it landed a few streets away. I (...Read full memory)

My first memories of Motherwell was living down the Daisy Park at 18 Braidhurst Street and watching the new housing scene being built opposite my house ,the old mill used provide a perfect brae for our bogies which consisted an old set of pram wheels I spent hours scooching down it at break neck speed no helmets or knee (...Read full memory)

I have just spent a day in Filey, my first visit since I was on holiday there with my parents in the mid 50’s. I have a vivid memory of us walking along the Brigg and having a Horlick in the cafe at the end of the Brigg. Does anyone know when the cafe closed and is there any of the building still visible.

Another time we had a 'new bug' . Her initiation dare was to go down the front stairwell. This was something pupils were NEVER allowed to do. We had to use the tiny, narrow, middle staircase. Anyway, the girls in my dorm dared her to go down and into the 6th form common room...well after lights-out. She was too (...Read full memory)

I lived at The Beechings, Holton (1959-65) and went to Mrs Gerard's class at Wheatley Primary School which was next to the old canteen -the main school was just up the hill by the church. Mr Evans was headteacher-a short, Welshman. My brother's Patrick and Michael also attended before we all went to Magdalen College (...Read full memory)

I went to school with Brian, David Davage,the Howells twins,Derek Morris,Robert Jones, and many more. I lived by the Tredegar arms off Hill street. I delivered milk to forge street around 1967-1968. I worked in Hy-Mac, and went to the Renco club. Happy days. My name is Alan Price also born in 1952.

hated Fornethy residential school.The women told us it was haunted and when we were put to bed they pulled the covers over our heads and were told to stay that way until morning . I could not sleep as the wee ones were always crying for their parents . When we were going for our showers we had to (...Read full memory)

I remember taking a short cut thru the church cemertary to get to sandy lane ..I never was afriad at night, I ran mostly tho lol..Anybody elses shortcut??

I stayed there in 1972-73 and then went to Sandy Lane childrens home while going to Northgate High school..Was anybody around then that we share stories :)

I attended Orange Hill between 1963 and recall... Patricia Leary. My first year was at the school in Burnt Oak..I lived at the Spur Road estate and took the train from Edgware to Burnt Oak, then later walked to the school when it moved to Stanmore. My memories of Miss Wood was her manner of putting (...Read full memory)

we moved to Montgomery ave in 1949 I remember when long rd estate was being built, we used to follow the Barber Green machine around because of the brilliant finiish of the tarmac roads.they were ideal for our roller skates. anyway to cut a long story short we were skating down hill and all the lads crouched down (I (...Read full memory)

Yes, I DID run away from school. I boarded, I hated it, I was unhappy, I wet the bed so was bullied and punished instead of being helped. It was a showery April morning. I donned my own clothes with my school summer coat and hat and just walked! I walked and I walked, hiding in bus shelters when it rained then setting off again (...Read full memory)

Was student from 1943-1950. Canon Molony was the headmaster. Wartime. Poor food, dark at night and cold! But we survived. Michel Clark (535).

The three cricketers are myself, (from Skelton), Fred Yates (seated, Nunthorpe) & John Wilsdon (Battersby), none of whom attended the Friends' School! We were classmates of the Headmaster's middle son, Nigel Reader & used to make free with the facilities during the holidays. Bicycle polo, cricket, fishing, rafting & (...Read full memory)

In 1977 I finished a Teacher Training Course at Redland College in Bristol. I was in need of a temporary job and was to find one in Avonmouth Docks where BOCM Silcocks (who had produced animal feed from grain and molasses since the 1930's) had an urgent need to demolish the whole site to avoid paying rates (...Read full memory)

Lived on coach rd in the 60s remember my grandparents living in cottages think they may have also been on coach rd was 6 years old when we moved but love looking at the old photos.

St. Neot's changed my life! Beginning an apprenticeship at a long gone Huntingdon firm I was obliged to attend the then new St. Neot's Technical College one day a week. The head was the late Louie Mountford. We 'part time' students didn't get our lunch at the tech so either brought a packed lunch or went into town, in (...Read full memory)

My mother Gladys Robertson was a matron at St Peter's Court when Rev. Charles Hobley presided and his son McDonald Hobley attended. Unfortunately I have very little other details other than a school group photograph. Would anyone have any details of the school, photographs etc that may include anything related to my (...Read full memory)

I rember the third day of April 1961 , when I got married to Janet Walker she was the cobblers Daughter in Emley , a lovely girl and still is after 57yrs the next day we woke up to 1ft of snow. We bought our first house there , a cottage at broomhall £ 300 not bad as prices are now . We had some happy years in Emley till we (...Read full memory)

I was looking for pictures of Lewisham hospital about 1942, that was the year I got taken there, it get bombed not all of it. as this is the 70th year of NHS there must be one some where. We lived at Eliot Park the top of Lewisham Hill going up on to the Blackheath.

My Mother was Gertrude Kathlene Pegden and was the cousin of Bib Pegden..My grandfather was William Pegden was killed on the Somme in the first would war in 1916. I remember my mother telling me about the Pegdens and how they had a railway around their garden. Also they were keen traction engine collectors.

I try to visit Cwm Penmachno every June, sometimes my visit is a little late. My Grandad Hugh, was born in Beniarth (spelling?). I know his father (William Humphrey Evans) worked on Bertie’s farm and as far as I’m aware, my great Aunt Flo was actually born on the farm. They had other siblings too though I’m not sure of (...Read full memory)

Hi I lived in chadsmoor more moss street have great memories went to burns street school and then belt road girl's school and Blake lived there from 1967to1973 loved every minute remember teachers at Blake Mrs Richards games teacher Mrs Jones religious education and miss Wayne dance I remember school backed out infield (...Read full memory)

This is a photo of Hogarth close. I grew up in a house in Bower Way just to the left of the picture. I can remember them building these houses on the grounds of a house which included a chicken run at the bottom of our garden. I particularly remember that the builder had two young sons and they both drove to the site in their identical red Sunbeam Tiger sports cars.

Hello my name is Teresa Ling and my sister's name Maria we used to go to St Patrick's Hayling Island Hants I remember the school from age 5 and a half. I was there until it closed down in 1972. I must say I did like the school I remember lots of girls names like Sharon Westbury, Angela Hosten, Linda Hancock, (...Read full memory)

Hello! to all people who have lived in Edgware around about the forties or fifties even later. I know it will sound strange but my time is running out as I have passed 80, just a shot in the dark, but perhaps out there is someone who may or can remember me or my family, we used to live in Highview Gardens, then later on (...Read full memory)

My Father spent his Childhood at numerous Children's homes in Manchester Broome House and Lynwood. His name was Stuart McDonald and his Brother was Martin McDonald. I think Martin may have been moved to Mobberly as my father mentioned he was sent to an approved (...Read full memory)

I was born in Burgess Hill in 1947 and lived there until 1971. I lived in St. Wilfrid's Road and went to Junction Road Primary School. Our headmaster was John Freestone, who was quite a well known singer, and a very kind and gentle man. Once I was sent out of 'Music and Movement' for hiding under a table, and when he (...Read full memory)

Hi I lived at 44 Millbank Road prob 53till 60/61 when we were rehoused as building was condemned ... our house was downstairs next to a close and I think immediately opposite was another tenement building , but smarter than our, to the right was factory . My maiden name was macmillan , dob 18.06.52.I am the (...Read full memory)

I remember the Slatter twins who were in my class at St Marks (Robert and John). The Davis shop in the road. Watching my mother buy bacon and seeing it sliced as Mr or Mrs Davis turned the handle on the machine. As you went in the door there was a big fridge on the right and rows of sweet bottles on the left. The (...Read full memory)

Can anyone remember the old Whitstable fish bar in Oxford Street I managed it in 1973. During the power cuts we were the only chippy in Whitstable to be open during the cuts as we had a natural flu the owner was bill I cannot remember his sir name but we ran lights from a car that was parked on the (...Read full memory)

There was a junction where the roundabout is now. Dunnings yard was opposite. Where the new houses/fairground is now and it had loads of big sheds and barns. They used to make coffins there and they would all be standing up outside like soldiers when we first lived here. There was always a building crane up there too. Love the pictures.

Anyone remember splendid Rep Terry Howard?. My husband who sadly passed 2017. Llyn.

I was born in woodgate street nine Ellms lane Battersea in November 1936, all the people older than me who were around at that time must have passed away. In our house lived my grandparents, my mum and dad, brother jock, sister Georgeana, sister Rosemary, sister Ellen, sister Olive, sister Joyce, and me David. There was a (...Read full memory)

I moved to Seaview in 1983 from Kent, the magical feeling Seaview had and the few minutes walk from our house to Seagrove Bay was wonderful. I worked for the Flamingo Park for a short time and then at the Seaview Hotel where I was the Receptionist. I didn't know how lucky I was as we later moved back to the mainland, (...Read full memory)

Certainly remember the battery factory with its large shutter door that was open in hot weather, on the dirt road cut through from the church to the entrance to the playing fields.

I attended Stella Maris from 1955 to 1965, my peers at the time being Susan Burns, Sharon Crook, Susan Flaherty (best friend), Ann Caulfield, Rosaleen Steadman: Anne Lindley, Pat Langley, Catherine Mansell are other names I remember. Best memories? Fish and chips school lunch on Fridays, tennis on the courts at the park, english (...Read full memory)

We were married here in 1994.

Is that Yewbarrow Lodge (the original one) in the background? Hit by incendiary bombs in 1941, and burnt badly. We used to play in the remains as children - Sadly SLDC didn't rebuild as per Colonel Porritt's wishes, and now although serving a great purpose as a nursing home, is a ghastly eyesore.

Showing the original Crown Hotel, and obviously pre the clock tower.

My Grandfather owned the K-shoes shop in Main Street - Albert Myers. I was born in 1970, and this is pretty much how main street looked while I was growing up, except the style of the cars!

After being de-requisitioned and restored at the end of WW2, the Overstrand Hotel was a massive building standing only yards from the cliff edge, it opened, then closed, then re-opened with a new bar called “Bubbles Bar” to cater for the modern post war holiday makers, who frankly never came. Around the late 1940's there were (...Read full memory)

In 1949 the Royal Links which had hosted Royals and the glitterati of the day was the first to fall to the contagious bout of fires which mysteriously began to sweep the area. Imagine that wonderful central staircase (with no fire doors of course) what a chimney that must have made. At some time during the night (it’s (...Read full memory)

Moulds was the first job my sister had. She started around 1958/9 ad during the school holidays she was easy hit hit for sixpence so I could go to the Cresent cinema where I could let my friend in via the exit door just outside the men's toilets. We left Leatherhead in 1960 emigrating to Australia. I have (...Read full memory)

I was born there on August 23rd 1949. My parents and elder sisters lived in Grand Avenue Hassocks, about a mile away. Robert Harris.