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It was the early 1960's and I was a curious teenager beginning a voyage of discovery into the exciting world of pop music, rock and roll, coffee bars and clubs. In fact the first teen club I ever attended was the Thursday Club held in a hall on The Green, Falconwood Parade. It was where I saw my very first live band, the exciting Jason Black and the Avengers, who had something of a cult ...see more

I have lived all my 60+ years in Burghfield Common and I have seen it totally transformed. I was born and brought up in Three Firs Way, and lived here until 1987 when I got married and moved to Hunters Hill. Growing up in Three Firs will always be special to me. I still have a photo that was taken from my parents bedroom of the street and my dads lorry. Even being early evening it was the only ...see more

I lived at the address which was the house on the corner of hogmoor Road and Station Road. The house was wood not tin as stated and was painted cream. Corrals coal were the owners and a coal yard was at the rear of the house,. . adjacent on hogmoor Road were sheds which were used for the garage of the 2 lorries of corrals. In the corner of the house was a cafe referred to as dirty mags. In about 1948 a tank of the 3dg,s ...see more

I have no memory of Coaley, however my family name Deighton crops up with John Edward Deighton. Just wondering if Deighton is a common name in the Coaley area. John Edward died in the early 1950s.He had several sons and a daughter, including My father Albert. How they got to Leeds and why is one of those family mysteries.

Brandon High School, Motherwell, Scotland. Reminiscences by Graham Kinnear May 2023. Living in Australia since 1980. I was so fascinated by fun and games and adventures, that primary school in Wishaw was just a daily distraction. When the 11 plus exams came along, I failed. Thank goodness that those overseeing education thought it a good thing to trial new ways ...see more

Share many of the same memories of the swimming pool and the jungle gym. Also remember what looked at the time like an enormous boarding the kindergarten with the alphabet on it and matching pictures. Remember every morning having to recite phonetically “a for apple and so on”. The cellar where the older children kept their coats was always known as the donjon, which made it seem very scary to us younger ...see more

I lived in Brandon Road in the house next door to the Majestic Cinema from about 1940 to 1946. The house in those days was called Dent Dale which was written on the glass panel above the door. I used to go to the school across the road, it has now become the Catholic School. My grandparents lived in West Terrace, no longer there, my Grandfather George Baker was an Overman in Esh Winning Pit. My Uncle Jack ...see more

I remember Selsdon well as my family lived at 68 Edgecoombe, the long road on the opposite side of the wood at Selsdon not to be confused with Selsdon Woods. We had two ways to get to Selsdon shops. Through the woods opposite our house and exiting at Ingham road the very steep descent into the bottom part of the road up into town. There was a house at the top of the road on the right that had a fine apple tree ...see more

It is interesting to hear from some one who lived so close to me when I was little. We lived up from the high mill in hope cottage. My father Robert Stroud worked at the really awful mill most of his life for almost nothing. Mr Stear and Mr Crack treated the men as slaves. I will never forget the smell of the tannery. How about you. Janet Cecilia Gulick (Stroud). I emigrated to the states when I was 21. Could not bare to see so much poverty in England.

I lived at 14 oak street Chapel of Ease. I can remember the two estates being built and the bridge in the photo is also the way I went to school at the west end primary school. The red phone box is still there I believe, in the photo the high meadow estate is where my butty lionel Haywood lived with his brother David who was a welsh international rugby player. Sometimes we couldn't get to school as the river used to flood ...see more

I would love to find someone to talk to about my youth when I lived in Gateshead 127 Morrison st I went to rose st school from 1940/1945 got my first job at huewoods teams valley trading estate till 1950 if I get a reply from anyone I would be over the moon .I hav e so much to talk about but I need a reply.Albert

My name is Victoria Garcia. At 15 years old, I arrived at the school in the middle of winter. Coming from an all summer weather year round, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, it was a shock how cold it was. I was greeted by sister Jerome and two girls and friends, boarders as well. Jacqueline Lemaitre and Beatrice Velez. Vally Escallón previous student, came all the way from London for a day visit. Then the ...see more

My parents lived in Andrews close no. 4 from 1959 until 2013. Peter and Brenda cook had many friends in the area. I was born 1962 and lived at home until 1982. I went to St. Joseph's primary then St. Philomenas followed by St Bernadettes in midfield way from 1973 to 1978. Many Happy years in the area. Many friends including Martin lockhart, Denise Lockart, Wendy and Gaye and mandy and Tony cascarino. The bull ...see more

I am a Ugandan, trained at Walton Hospital School of Nursing from Nov.1966 to 1969. I enjoyed loved training and working at Walton hospital. The nurses hostel was very good - we had a pantry /kichen on the ground floor which was always full of loaves of fresh bread & milk & cookers if you didn't want to go the dining room which was in the hospital. I loved working on male wards than female wards ...see more

Worked as a Saturday girl in 1970s and then in summer holidays as a Student. So sad to see that famous building with the naked man Statue so part of our heritage now derelict and deserted. Lived near Victoria Park Waterloo bordering on Crosby and Merchant Taylor's Boys school . Went to Seafield Grammar School so nostalgic to see the postcards. Would love to see some old photos of a bustling Lewis Store ,Blacklers and old George Henry Lees store (John Lewis branch)

I was a "Calder girl" from 1951 or 52 to 1959. I didn't like it much at the time, but now of course, I have many, many memories. I know so many of the hymns in the English hymn book because we had to learn them for punishments. Not surprisingly I was never made a prefect! I was happiest walking past the golf course to go the farm to ride. I remember the half terms when parents could visit and B&G always had a play to ...see more

Born in Wembley, I arrived in the New Town of Beaconsfield in 1957 aged 5. With my younger sister and my parents. I left home at 17 but returned occasionally until 1981 when my parents moved to Scotland. I lived in Gregories Road at No.52. Enjoying climbing a huge Horse Chestnut to read my books, listen to my little pocket sized transistor radio, and then climbing down to watch steam trains from the ...see more

I attended the Luton technical College during the years 1952/55 and elected to take the "engineering" route not really giving much thought as to where I might eventually apply my newly acquired skills. To assist with our journey we were encouraged to write to local companies to view their manufacturing facilities in order that we may learn a little of the outside world before venturing into this unknow territory. I scanned ...see more

My brothers and I watched the Queen Elizabeth's Coronation with a neighbour; the screen was so small they added a special magnifying glass. Even in black and white I thought it was wonderful. It was a cold day so felt chilly as being a teenager I wanted to show off my summer dress. In the evening I joined local youngsters by the bonfire on Ashtead Common. One lad lived in one side of a pair of nearby old wooden ...see more

The biggest reason I remember the 1953 Coronation was because it was the first time I had ever seen a television. I was only very young in 1953 but I was privileged to be able to watch Queen Elizabeth's Coronation live on a television. The tv was not my Mum & Dad's tv, they could not afford one in 1953, few people could, but belonged to a "wealthy" Aunt & Uncle who lived close by. My first ...see more

I don't suppose that many of my friends will have watched the last Coronation on TV, partly because it was 70 years ago, but mainly because very few people had a television. My father, Frank, had a Radio and Television business in Glasgow (C.F.Lines, 460 Paisley Road West) and borrowed a TV from the shop ( ECKO I guess as that's what they sold). He had trained in Radio Telephony in the Army and was ...see more

I was five years old in 1953 and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was the first vivid memory I have of my childhood. We lived at Midway, Cold Ash Hill, the major road through the village. Dressed as a pirate with silver buckles on my shoes, an eye patch and a wooden cutlass painted silver, with my childhood friend, Keith Stroud, we joined the throng of people making their way up the hill to the recreation ground. ...see more

When I was a teenager back in the late 1950's I loved travelling by trollybus to explore Woolwich. At the time I lived at home in Welling but Woolwich always had much more of interest to offer. There was the endless fascination of the river Thames and the paddleboat ferry that crossed over to Silvertown and the Tate and Lyle factory. There were the markets, the live eel shop, the Tramshed and the Army ...see more

I went to St Benedict school before going to Oldknow Secondry Modern School. Small Heath Birming. I went to school with Christine Truman, Valerie Hunt, Judith Bradley, Ryan Twins and the Mslekabich twins. I would love to get in contact with any of these guys. It has been over 50 years.

I was born in Aston terrace 1954 I have 3 sisters 2 brothers I went to Swallownest junior school I remember Miss Shimeld was scared of her she was so strict, moved when I was 8 to Aston spring wood school a brand new school, loved it here.then when I was 11 went to Aston high school,left at 15 also remember a men’s working club on Worksop Road opposite the old cinema we used to go on yearly coach trips to the ...see more

The pub over the road did a singalong every Saturday night ending in a very long finale of "Hit the Road Jack - Don't you come back no more, no more ,no more, no more", and so on. I don't know about the pub but I doubt if anybody actually misses the buildings. It was a slum.There was the stink from the neighbouring factory too but that was only on an occasional day, not often, but when it was there it was nauseating. ...see more

I would like to get in touch with Joan Judd nee Foreman who used to live in Fircopse Road She had a sister Dillas and her father's name was will. Please get in touch. Barry Webb 02392 612814

I remember sitting on this wall taking car numbers and having an ice cream from the booth situated in the area to the side of the pub. Also the fish and chip shop. The ice-cream booth blew away in a storm and was never seen again. There were steps up to the side area where the gap in the wall is. There were also steps up to the area round the corner in the right where New Lane begins. I was born in Green Hammerton and I still live here.

I was born in 1948 in the house then called 'Melita' a thatched house divided into three, it is the house at the very top of the holloway up on the bank, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas lived one side, Mr. and Mrs. Bezant the other, my parents were Ben and Betty Legg. I am Brian, my brother Sid passed away in Australia a year ago aged 76. As kids we caddied at the golf course for 2/6d for 9 holes (12 and a half pence in todays ...see more

I have a large sepia photo hanging in the hallway of my grandparents and some of their children walking on the banks of the river in 1922. My mother is 8 yrs old. At the time they lived in Tredegar. How can I send a copy of the picture as an attachment?

I lived in 14 west street from birth 1962. to 3 years , My great Aunt Jane Penny (Davies) lived there for years looking after a lady. When she died, the house was left to My aunt Jane. My mum and brother and me, moved just up the road, but cannot remember the house number. But I know the wall of the house we used to live in, is still there with a path running up the side of it. My fond memories was the carnivals ...see more

I remember playing golf in St Chads park, it had a 18 hole, well kept course. There was a paddling pool, were I sometimes sailed my model boat. I also remember the Council run playleader scheme, were you could borrow sports equipment, stilts etc. All you had to do was sign your name and bring the equipment back when you'd finished with it. All this was in the late 50s/early 60s. I lived on Marks Gate and ...see more

I lived at 49 Kings Road South Harrow from the age four, my parents name was Lambourne. I attended Roxeth Manor School with my elder sister and younger brother, spent 20 years in Kings Road when in 1968 got married. My father was a Milkman in Northlot, at the weekend and school holiday l helped him and really enjoyed from when we had horse drawn cart then battery. My Mum worked at the local variety at ...see more

In 1991 my husband and I married in Oakhanger Church. The whole of the month of June had been absolutely horrendous with rain and we didn’t hold out much hope for the day of our wedding. That day was the only bright sunny day of the month. We had Mrs Dance playing the organ in church and Canon Cole conducted the marriage service. What makes the day especially precious and memorable was that to ...see more

On this corner, where there’s now a pair of detached bungalows built, there used to be in the 1960s/70s a purple/red tin building which was called The Penny Cafe. Further down Hogmoor Road was a coach firm run by Mr Brown. He operated the school buses around the villages to take children to Mill Chase, Bordon Junior School in Budds Lane and Bordon Infants School in ...see more

As a child in the 60s/70s I would often travel with my parents in the car from Oakhanger towards Bordon to help my parents tend their allotment at Cranes. We would often pass an elderly couple who had set up their tent on the grass verge near the NATO site turning and the first corner of the S bend on the road from Bordon near Oakhanger Farm. In those days we called them ...see more

My great, great grandparents Edward and Mary Anne Williams were the managers of the above hotel when it opened. I would love any images of the hotel? Gill Campbell

HI my dad was at St.Marys i think between 1945 and 1952 when he was then "shipped" to Freemantle Australia. Just wondered if anyone remembers him. He then ended up at Bindoon Western Australia

I used to live around the corner at 108 Aycliffe Rd above the grocery store that my dad used to manage. I have great memories of playing in the the little playground and splashing about in the brook, and later buying bits for my bike and model kits from Denmar, which was on the opposite side of Leeming Rd from the picture.

My great grandfather John Miles was head coachman to the Duke of Devonshire and he lived with his large family in Ault Hucknall with wife Julia Miles (ne Gillmore) they had 11 children (one was my grandfather) and while John was away taking the Duke to London Julia sometimes stayed with all the children in Hardwicke Inn. The National Trust. I believe some of the family are buried in the village cemetry.

I recall classes being abandoned in the afternoons when I first attended Cippenham J.S. (Mrs Jones class?) due to the practice by the RAF flypast culminating at Farnborough for Q.E.II. A huge display of aeroplanes ancient and modern culminating with the delta winded bomber, now known as the Avro Vulcan A wonderful memory of bright summer afternoons

I was born in 1950 at Orsett Hospital, a few minutes before my twin sister and on my mothers birthday no less. We lived at 28 St James Avenue East until 1968. The house was in fact that of my maternal grand parents and my parents bought it from them. We had a big garden with fields at the back and at the end of the road. Big Tree and Little Tree were the favorites for climbing. No 'elf and safety then. At ...see more

i was a bus conductor from 1969 untill 1976 i first lived in selby walk and from 1971 in arundel walk i was married to tina and we had two chrildren a girl kim who died at 7months and a boy trevor who we lost when he was four months old a year later

I was friends with Derrick for years but have lost touch. I am sure Cathy his sister was in my Class at the Warren. He may have had a younger sister but not sure. Any news of any of the Miles family or better yet contact details, would make me so happy. Derrick used to talk of moving abroad to work: maybe he did. I am David Charles ex 70 West Road. Please help if you can.

My name is Dawn shields, I live in Harpenden Hertfordshire, I'm now 59 years old, I went to cony boro in 1974, at the time were Jeremy livingstone. Doc, Mark Catford, Susan Ellis, Maria Baker, Paul ferris, Rebecca, maryanne, and a few more, love to here from you or any one that knew me then, Carol wood. Janet, fergy, Isabelle Sent from Dawn King ( shields)

As a little girl (1960s)our family would travel to Kincardin, Lake Huron every summer. My Aunt and Uncle Ken Brown owned a cottage there. I was so sad to hear of the nuclear plant that went in and plowed away the cottages. So many beautiful memories were made there. From fishing to swimming everyday in the lake. It sure was a memory that my 6 siblings shared. If anyone remembers the store where we would get our water before the road to the cottage would love pictures.

My family moved to Lancing when I was six months old, living first in Orchard Avenue and then Tower Road, which had a bad reputation - totally undeserved! I liked the fact that there were always children to play with, but the house was incredibly cold in winter. We lived opposite the hideous water tower (demolished in 1970), and as Tower Road ended at Cokeham Lane, we could safely play in the street, ...see more

This is for anyone who was in the children's home in hutton poplars . My name rosie I was in serota house I remember the house parents were pat an bill an dsughter called Evelyn I remember Alan shiella devon lex michael Paul there were so many more we would all sit at the tables together for dinner there's so many memories my sister was named jean if anyone remembers us or all the memmories we would love to hear from u

I live in the house where I was born in Walderslade. I have a huge collection of memories as, being 64 things that linger in the memory are triggered by living in the place you grew up. Kit Hill Avenue was originally cut through the woods from Chestnut Avenue by Mr Reeves, long since gone. He cut the path through to get to his plot which I estimate he probably did around 1920. I am trying to find out! The road ...see more

I landed up in Stubbington after Boxgrove School in Guildford closed ( truly Dickensian!) I was terrified of Arthur Moore, he was just awful, I never had a clue about latin and he really enjoyed the fact that I was a waste of time in that department, chalk spit and dandruff flying in all directions. I went to a reunion at the RAC club in London about 10 years ago with a long time friend Robert Dalgliesh, the ...see more

I went to The Little School which was by the crossroads in Hartford. Part of The Grange School. Housed the kindergarten and the 1s. I was there 1964 - 1966. My teachers hers included Mrs Wood, Miss Hatton. The playground seemed huge n included a boggy area. Sports Day was held on the flat grass each year. Then I moved up to The Big School...and the new school hall was built by the side around 1969? I ...see more

This was my grandparents home for many years and I visited it many times with my dad. My recollections of it were firstly, the size of the house! In it's heyday, it was considered posh and my grandparents employed a maid. The house had bells to press in most of the rooms to summon the maid. There was one in the bathroom and I was terrified of pressing it in case a bogie man jumped out at me !! There was also a ...see more

In 1956/7 I lived with my parents on a farm opposite West End pond. The farmer was a strange lady (in a little boy’s mind) called Mrs Marzetty. I remember she dressed like a man. Her daughter was called Nancy. Mother and daughter bred Dalmatian dogs. My parents bought two puppies. The farm was small with only one cow. I clearly remember being given fresh warm milk from the cow, an experience which put me ...see more

I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Standon. I went to the old school in Standon High Street. We walked across the road to have dinner in the village hall. We had the luxury of a swimming pool - outdoor changing rooms. We had drinking water fountains in the playground, fantastic after running around the different parts of the playground. Spent all summer holidays down the ford - one part of the river Rib in one of the ...see more

I have been collecting old photos of Ashby St Ledgers since 1997. All these photos can be seen on Instagram under Historic_Ashby_St_ Ledgers. Please enjoy this collection.

I have very fond memories of Ivanhoe Aston. My Aunt & Uncle Tom & Florence Boanson moved there from Sunderland in 1939 along with their 2 sons George & Tom. To my knowledge they were the first tenants of 3 Ashbys Villas. Uncle Tom worked at Ashby’s Lime Kiln which was half way up the hill. George was in the RAF but was killed in June 1944. People I remember from then were Mr Vaux ...see more

Christmas and birthdays were an under-whelming time of year in our household. However, Eastertime, coincided with the arrival of Stanley Thurston's fair (and a big dollop of rain). l lived opposite Manor Rd Park (or reck) from 1956-64, and along with the lead up to bonfire night, this was the highlight of the year for this little black duck, and probably some of my local pals too!! We'd spend the free daylight hours playing ...see more

I holidayed at The Chalet, Hunmanby Gap every year for around 15 years from 1966 onwards. I believe it was owned by someone in my distant family (Auntie Mary?) who also lived on Gap Road. I absolutely loved our family holidays there and would love to hear from anyone else who holidayed at The chalet. I slept in the bunk bed room with my Nanna, who had the top bunk and I had the bottom. Although tiny, it ...see more

I remember the fire that destroyed this lovely hotel. Prior to that I was working at the Hunters Inn Hotel and Blackmoor Gate was my local. They had 4 great Danes which towered above the bar. Two were lost in the fire, also a young lady who was the sister of a school friend from Combe Martin. Her surname was Norman.

It was good to see people's memories of Heston, as I spent much of my childhood there. My father was manager of a branch of grocers called Platts Stores Ltd, Norwood Green, although we were on the corner of Fern Lane Heston and Crosslands Avenue which came under Norwood Green. There were 3 shops in our parade, Platts, a newsagents cum sweetshop and Stowells wine shop, where my best friend Sylvia Merton lived. I ...see more

From 1975 we lived in one of the council maisonettes, Baden Powell House, which are still opposite the parade of shops in Lower Belvedere. I remember it was such a great place to grow up, knowing all the neighbours by name and being able to safely play out on our own on the estate until evening. A care taker lived in one of the flats next to the co-op and kept the estate clean and tidy and was always on hand to do odd ...see more

My Aunt Joyce (born 1931) used to live on Churston Drive. She told me this morning about how she was walking to school with a friend one morning during the war when a German plane machine-gunned them in the street. They both lay down, as they had been taught. They weren't frightened, as it was so unreal. They each picked up a bullet to show to their school friends - to prove ...see more

This is a lovely historic photograph showing the backs of the houses in Herbert Avenue in Pontymister. The Avenue was built roughly between 1922 and 1932. Herbert Avenue is now to be found under postcodes NP11 6JS AND NP11 6JT. It was originally just that - an Avenue - but around 1960's the road was opened up at the top end to link Herbert Avenue to the newly built Channel View.

I grew up in number 19 Shanklin Rd with my sister Margaret and my parents, my name was Jennifer Shave. We went to school in Cotswold Road until we were 11, the head mistress was Mrs Bickerstaff (nee Beal) and there were only 3 classrooms. Sports day was held on the downs and then later on the school field. I remember, all of the children used to play out in the street together, as there were very few ...see more

Due to the fact that my mother was in Oxford, to escape the bombing in London while she was pregnant, during the second world war, she gave birth to me in Chippinghurst Manor on 15th July 1942. ROBERT NEIL CRAWFORD.

I was at Willian Penn until 1966. I lived on Northern Road so not far to walk to school, and at that time walking to junior school alone was considered perfectly safe - Mum saw me across the road and off I went. I remember Mr Brookes and am still friends with his daughter. Mrs Morrison was only there in my last year I think - although it was a long time ago! After William Penn I went to Slough High School. A huge ...see more

Added 27 February 2023
Tosh and I and easy pickings Hi everyone, It's me again with the continuation of my wee story. I was taken by surprise how many people liked and responded to the story about Burnside Rd and my wee pal Thomas (Tosh) McGarry and it has gave me the inspiration to write more of the same. I am proud to say that I can guarantee this we story is ...see more

Every now and then I reminisce and take a trip down memory lane, of my childhood days growing up in Newarthill on Burnside Rd. I remember Tosh McGarry and I going to Father Gillan's jumble sale and buying an old fox fur stole. We slit it down the middle with our penknives and had a length each that we tied around our head and became the Davy Crocket twins. Penknife in hands and our fathers wood axes ...see more

Went to Pyrgo then Priory have a photo from about 1958 in front of the hall with my class, faces I recognised are Charlie Ferrett, Steven Mildren, Michael James, Keith Stevens, Barry Hill and Linda Javis. Then went to Harrowfields 1960 to 1964 class mates John Kilmartin, Charlie Ferrett, Keith Martin, Raymond Callaghan, Raymond Parfitt, Steven Mildren and Christopher Peel these are just a few I remember. ...see more

Added 25 February 2023
I spent most of my childhood in Newmarket, playing in the wood and on Bunting Hill shown in the photo with the old Quarry. Every year the hill would be set fire, the fire being lit at the top to burn slowly down, this was to encourage new grass to grow to feed goats that grazed there in the summer months.

I grew up in the Derby Arms pub in Widnes as my parents Rose and Austin Gilmore ran it for many years. I am hoping to write a history of the pub and their time there. I would love to hear any stories you may have of you or a family member or friend being a customer there, maybe winning the Singer of the Week competition, or seeing any photos you may have of the pub. Christine Malone nee Gilmore

Not so much a memory, more of a mystery! Sorting through some old papers, I came across a driving license issued in April 1952 by Kent Council to my dad. The address was given as 'Greetings', Benenden, Kent. The mystery is that I was born in January 1952 when we lived on a farm near Fradley, Staffordshire. Dad was a pig breeder and in late1953 was working for Lord Amherst at Foulden in Norfolk, so must have only been in ...see more

I still see the journey from my home in Morecambe to start my senior school years. First the bus from my home on Regent Road to the Midland Hotel. Then, across to the station for the train to Green Ayre station. From there a walk past Wareing and Gillow furniture store where I had planned to buy when I grew up! Mostly I would pass by grisly Dr Ruxtons then uphill to school where I did my GCEs before moving to the new Our Lady’s High School across Skerton bridge.

Added 23 February 2023
I spent 3 months living at Brindle Lodge when I was in preliminary training school as a young student nurse. We were driven to Sharon Green Hospital nurse training school every weekday. The bedrooms were like dormitories with 4-5 student nurses sleeping there.

Added 22 February 2023
Was born in Waterhouses 76 years ago at North Terrace, enjoyed the freedom of playing out in the street and fields . my father worked down the mine like all the other men and boys, my mother stayed home and cooked and cleaned. Pit houses were always sparkling clean - the hearth was black leaded and front steps scrubbed - a miners Wife had pride. I loved my little school. I can remember walking ...see more

I started off in Roe Green Village, all through the War years, I did National Service in Singapore from 1952 to 1954, married my childhood sweetheart Jean Wilson in 1955 she was head girl at Claremont Secondary School in Kenton in the late forties. We left Kingsbury in 1974 and moved to Hertfordshire. I am surprised not more mentioned of Roe Green Village in the memories as it celebrated its ...see more

I was surprised to find no memories recorded for Auchinairn, even though it is a small place, so the following is a start. When I was about the age of 10 in the mid 1950's my mother told me about her sweetheart who was killed during world war 2. His name was Donald at least that is how he was known. He was a sailor, a radio operator, on board HMS Hecla which was sunk on ...see more

I went to Geneva House School until about 1961. I remember Miss Wynbush and ms Payne and I think the English teacher was called Mrs or Miss Pugh. My best friend was Lois Trerise, we also used to hang out with Anita March and Chris Turner. It was a happy time. I lived in Kingsbury and it was only because my bestie had gone there that my Mum thought it would be nice if I went there too. Good memories.

My Husband can remember going to a Sweet Shop in Devizes that was owned by his Aunt & Uncle. He says it was in the High Street Devizes. He can remember stepping up into it. We can find no trace of it. His Aunt & Uncle were Doris and Allen Jeffery. 1950/60's Can anyone remember this shop. Verity Jeffery

I have been compiling my family tree for about 20 years and recently found Christopher Crakeplace, who built Crakeplace Hall, as the son of my 10xgreat grandfather, Oswald and wife Isabella, nee Williamson. Unfortunately I do not have much information about the family, although I have Oswald's father as Oswald, and his father as John, 1450-1515, married to Mary Ann Faulkner.