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I have a photograph taken about 1950 of myself about 4 years old on a three wheeler bicycle with my parents next to the garage and opposite the gate hotel.I remember having my haircut at the shop at the bottom of pit Hill. Can't remember the grandad Daniel worked at the sewage works at the bottom of pit (...Read full memory)

I am very pleased to have found this site, I was on Friends Reunited but it closed. I was born in 19 Chester Street in 1947, went to Lawson infants school, Smeaton Street and Middlesbrough Tech. My sister, Pat, grew up there through the war. My Dad worked at Tees-Side Bridge and Mom was the cook at Lawson school. (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1946 at 66 Devonshire drive langwith to my parents Tom and my ra copestake.I lives there til I was 7years old with them and my brother David. My auntie and uncle Harry and Ethel Darrell lived on Hardwick street and my others Daniel and mable copestake on Hartington street. I remember going to the pictures (...Read full memory)

This Maltby Crossroads image (Queens corner) is probably more like 1967. In 65 that shop on the right was not built - it was waste ground the people walked over from Barbers Fish n chip shop (which would be behind this new shop extreme right) to the first shop on Grange lane, which would be Marshal's Grocery store (its now a (...Read full memory)

Hello does anyone remember the Hawkes family that lived at 219 Heathway Dagenham?

In answer to the above I’m 66 a week or so younger than Joe Jordan. My grandpa was John PEDEN my mother was his daughter Helen (Ella) my uncles and aunt were Alex, John and May we lived at 50main Street in Commy Paterson’s building my mothers uncle Jimmy (Buckle) KERR and aunt Lizzie lived upstairs Grace (...Read full memory)

Hi... I was a part time volunteer carer in about 1983. I remember John with his jet black hair... Penny who loved hair dye... Marilyn who ran the home moved on and ran an elderly care home she was great. I discovered peanut butter there and couldn't get enough on toast....they must have thought I never (...Read full memory)

I moved to Mitcham in the mid. 1940s with my family, my father James, my mother Margery and my sister Janice. We lived for a short while at 1 Robin Hood Lane and then 20 Holly Way. I remember the Monday pre-school club and later the Youth club at the Church of the Ascension in Greenwood Road. Janice and I attended the (...Read full memory)

This where I lived until I was 3 years old. I remember it clearly. Looking for old prints or photos.

My family came from the U.S. We lived at 4-A Simons Close for a year while my dad was on a fellowship at Oxford. Mr. Stimpson was my teacher. Nita Radcliff was my best friend. I had a crush on Nicholas Jefferson. some other friends... Nigel, Gillian Clapton... The fish-n-chips were fantastic we used to eat it in the "park (...Read full memory)

I ran a knitting yarn stall for nearly 30 years on Dewsbury market from 1968 and made many friends of my customers and stall holders.I well remember Stan Collier who ran the market café,Bill Wilby,curtain fabric,Jack Anderson general goods,Harry Arry glasswear,Tuppeny Anne,toys,and Ken Dean,pet supplies.In (...Read full memory)

I was stationed at Tidworth from 1960 till 1962 at Jellalabad Barracks with the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment. I was in the M T Section so travelled about Salisbury Plain. I can remember the Daily Express horse trials that were held for the two years that i was there, it always rained. Most of the national (...Read full memory)

My late mother, Margaret Connolly lived there from birth until 1945. I know from some snippets from her that she had not enjoyed a happy childhood but it's not until reading comments on this website quite how bad it must have been. My thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone who (...Read full memory)

My mum also worked at the swimming pool in the early sixties and I rented out the swimming costumes . I remember Ted and miss Tyrrell was the manageress

Does anybody remember the buses queueing up in Drumry Road and Abbotshall Avenue taking us kids to school. I went to Temple school in Anniesland

Marrion Madden, I was also born on West Ashton st, 1948, and remember the Off Licence on the corner. Wasn't the greengrocers opposite owned by Read, who had a daughter Marion who married Arthur Rylance and they had a grocer shop on the corner of My St, the next street ?

I used to hate snowball fights in Elthorne Park. Why? Because often pieces of broken glass were put inside the snow balls. So 1950,s.

I lived at the police house on Tenbury Road from mid sixties until late seventies. My dad was the local policeman. I spent many happy hours playing down the woods off Knapp Lane . The woods were known as The Rough or Gorstley Rough. Always had the most amazing delicious stew on a Saturday cooked by Mrs Nellie Breakwell on her (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1953 and lived on Dickinson terrace ,my gran and grandad owned a grocery shop at the top of station lne there were three shops ours was the middle one.One of the other shops was a fish and chip shop. The time we lived on Dickinson Terrace i remember the neighbours at one side there was Mrs Attak at the (...Read full memory)

I was in Cannons house between 1954 to 1961 and remember the name of one other house; Ravensbury. Does anyone remember the names of the other two houses?

In the early twilight of my Seventies, I remember attending Stevens Road - Becontree Secondary Modern School from about 1955 to 1959. Mr Pask was Headmaster, I remember School Assembly with Hymns and Prayers. Flogging with Canes, bats and “T” Squares, though I rarely was the subject myself. There I gained my (...Read full memory)

i went to highfield secondary school in 1960 and most of the teachers mentioned were still there then including mr edwards headmaster i remember doing all the things you stated including going down star fields on pieces of cardboard falling off before we went into the canal also camping in the T qaory eating cold baked beans as (...Read full memory)

i used to live at 12 towson way Northolt , had many friends that lived in bournmead ave ;my next door neighbours where carol and lynn gage ....opposite me the westons ,,went to Arundel school good friends with bob cork ,ernie holder the pettifers ;;,,now live in spain good memories ray Thomas

I was actually born in Hyde in 1939 but moved to Bredbury in 1940 where Dad worked at Exors of James Mills until his retirement in the sixties. We lived at 5, Newlyn Drive off Bents Lane and I lived there until my marriage in 1966 when wife Julia and I bought a new build bungalow on Powick Drive, Bredbury Green. Think we (...Read full memory)

When i was a little girl my mother and i would go on holiday to Cheddar and stay with her brother Wiliam Smith and his wife Eliza. Their adult chlidren were William George , Doreen, lenard and Albert Dibble Smith.

In 1954 my family moved to Rayne from east London. My Dad was manager of Rayne Foundry between (about) 1954 to 1962. In 1956 I attended Rayne school where I got to know some lovely people including a girl called Nina Dawson who lived nearby. Apparently I didn't do very well at that school so my mother sent me to Manor Street school (...Read full memory)

When i was a litttle girl my mother and i use to visit a lady with conections to the Clarence Hotel . I think i called her auntie Daisy she had two grandchildren Harry and Ann . Can anyone help?

I have many pictures of the family from the early 20th century - I would love to share them with any current family members should they come across this, or if anyone has contacts.

I attended the Infants/Junior school at New Oscott by the Princess Alice Orphanage before going to Boldmere High School 1953 /1957. On leaving school I joined the railway at Sutton Park Station home of the sorting office for overseas forces mail , when the mail office finished I was lucky enough to get a job (...Read full memory)

I have a vague memory, probably from the early sixties, of arriving at this home on a very grey, sad day. I don’t know to this day why we went there but the trauma of being with a group of let’s say disadvantaged boys was not our family’s finest hour. I seem to remember sleeping on a makeshift bed in the office (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1950 and we lived with my mothers parents at 53 Burns Ave. Their name was Clark, ours Lyon. I think neighbours were Knights. I went to North Road infants, then Dormers Wells juniors as by then we had moved into the prefab estate, 2 Fleming Road. I can remember neighbours by the names of Shephard, who I (...Read full memory)

When I was a young lad I could choose between 2 cinema's and had many outdoor activities to choose from, unlike today children seem more interested in their phones and computers. It is very sad to see the town going down hill, the local post office closed down recently which was one place where you met your friends on pension (...Read full memory)

I lived in Townsend Rd went to Beaconfield Rd Scool from 1949 from 5 years & then to Dormers Wells until I was 15 when we the mov d to Ealing. Remember the park the Odeon cinema which we went to after school, attended the dance school on the high st from age 3, the shops on the high st especially Sainsbury's used to go (...Read full memory)

I Was born in No 39 Townsend Rd until 1956 went to a private school by Southall Park then Beaconsfield Rd Primary School then on to Dormers Wells Secondary School. Remember at the top of the road was an ice cream shop used to take a basin on a Sunday for them to fill for a Sunday teatime treat. Sunday walks along the canal, the (...Read full memory)

Am doing some research on my dad and have discovered that he was lodging in Darwen Lancashire in 1939,working as assistant manager at Hollins Brush Company.Does anyone remember this factory?

I grew up with my family in the prefabs in Moss Ave. these were days when you could leave your door unlocked and everyone knew one another. As children we played in the street , there were few cars around we played from morning till dusk remembering some of the Mothers coming out to join in a game of jumping ropes, peever or (...Read full memory)

I visited my Grandpa who lived at Greta-Lea Cottage in Main St, with my Mother , I remember getting off the bus at the swing park , usually having a wee go on a swing first, then walking along the road .I remember how the stars seemed to twinkle more brightly in Longriggend , and she pointed out and named some of them to me (...Read full memory)

I remember my carefree days at Lyon Park. Mr Osbourne was a lovely teacher and was patient and kind although I was less happy with Miss Batchelor. I found these two school photos and wondered if they might jog some memories. I remember Juliana Rogers who was half German and had a sister Christina. (...Read full memory)

My father Frank Hardwick was the youngest son of Thomas Hardwick,fishmonger and poulterer of King St ,Saffron Walden. As a boy he used to tell me of delivering by pony and trap to Audley End Mansion.

I attended Church Street primary school from 1952. The building on the left with two large wooden doors was Mathews builders joiners shop. In the summer we would watch the joiners making windows,doors and stairs. I did eventually become a joiner . Victor Kendall.

The Morris Traveler car belonged to my father Bill Kendall who was a painter and decorator in Wetherby at the time the photo was taken. He undertook a lot of work for the proprietor of Bogley’s shop and I myself used to earn pocket money by tidying up the yard at the rear on a Saturday morning. Victor Kendall.

My Auntie and Uncle lived in a wing of Allonby Reading Room; it was called Melville House. Their surname was Hill and their Christian names were May and Joseph. I spent many summer holidays in the 50s and early 60s with them and enjoyed the time with them; riding horses, spending time on the beach and going to the Lake (...Read full memory)

I still remember the uproar in Fleet when this church was demolished, and subsequently replaced with a Woolworths! There was a strong feeling that Fleet was on the downward path to hell - although the rot didn't really set in until many years later, when the former Quaker inspired ban on public houses on Fleet Road was finally relaxed.

I lived right next to Dartford heath but used to cycle to Craçwford sometime s we had a few day trips on Timpsons coaches ,I worked at j c bceadles until the factory closed. Very sad times.

Hi, I lived at ravenswood children's home from 1972 till 1981 when I turned 16

I have memories of Miss Holden at Henbury Church School. She was lovely. After that it was a move to The Manor school, where the infamous Mr Freke would use a ruler over our young knuckles if we broke some rule. My final school in the area was Henbury Court Junior and Miss Weeks was the teacher. She was quite strict, but fair, (...Read full memory)

Hi, This isn't a memory as such, more a question. I'm writing up a brief history of my early years and as part of my time was (with some friends) spent going to gymnastics classes at a school in Broomwood Rd. but for the life of me, I can't find out what the school was called back in the mid to late 50's. It is still there, (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Four ways Cafe? I lived there with my mum and dad from 1957 to 1964

My Gran lived in Westbury at 33 Chalford we never met her my Father who was born in the house transferred from the Royal Marine to the NZ Army after the war and never went back. We knew her as Another Gran and still refer to her as that to day. I treasure every thing i can find on where she came from, Her name was Ellen Bartlett (...Read full memory)

I'm christophers sister Valerie dunn was baggott.we loved living in Hampton wick .it was fun having dinner in the restaurant -we could order anything we wanted..i nearly allways had sausage beans and chips.we use to play in bushy park and meet mates there. before we lived in the restaurant we lived down park (...Read full memory)

This photo shows all the shops I visited as a child. I particularly remember Moon's the grocer's, where I could buy broken biscuits at a knock down price and Place's bakers, where we bought chocolate eclairs for a special treat on my birthday, Christmas Eve!

I am trying to trace my Italian ancestor Michele Jovino. He lived in Rays Road, Edmonton with his wife Lilian who he married in 1915 in Edmonton. I know he was an ice cream vendor who had his own ice cream cart that he worked with around Edmonton. If anybody knows someone who knew him and has any stories or pictures of him (...Read full memory)

During the 2nd world war, probably around 1944, I was on holiday with my parents and maternal grandmother staying in a cottage opposite the green. We often saw Italian PoWs cycling by to do local farm work. One rather blustery night we went to a make-shift cinema show across the river and the film included Will Hay. It was either (...Read full memory)

my mother berlina ellison was born at 26 shankhouse row cramlington in 1908 to josept & mary ellison my great grandparents, there were 11 family members living there at the time, has anyone have any memories of family. regards peter foster.

Hi I was there 1953/54 and had good memories can relate with William regarding long walks/singing those old songs, we too were out in all weathers.I went there with food hangups but I was soon cured of them. have many good memories.

hi diane i too lived around duchess street & began my working life at 87 duchess st the butchers & greengrocers owned by geof n kath garlick around 1974ish i also remember we would go digging for antique bottles at the back of the shop,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HAPPY DAYS

My father, Tom Wesley Upjohn (1921-1995) also remembered going across the road to the farm for a jug of milk and sometimes eggs . He died more than 20 years ago but a few months ago I heard he may have fathered a boy before he married my mother. He and his family lived in John street. He became a submariner in the second (...Read full memory)

I am the grand daughter of Harry and Mair Owen (Butcher) Huw Owen is my dad

I was there 1957 to 1961 Mrs Gray and daughter Mrs Wayman ran it,wonderful teachers,Mrs.Brittain/English /Miss Leathead/maths.played sports in the Oval.pupils Chris Smith,brother Colin,William Watson,John and Maggie Thompson still see William occasionally,tipped our caps to pupils parents outside the school gates. Harold (...Read full memory)

Opposite Boston Manor station is an office block. Before this was built it was waste land called by us kids BOSTON BUMPS. We had bikes with cow horn handle bars and painted the frames black and white and called ourselves the ZEBRAS. We used to meet there and do all sorts of extreme riding over the track we had worn in the (...Read full memory)

I was born at 138 castle hill avenue in 1954 and moved into 153 castle hill avenue shortly after my next door neighbours were called the burgess family the father drove a ford trader tipper lorry and my family was very friendly with them do any body remember the big fire in the workman's canteen opposite the phone box

I started school at Salfords when I was 5. Which was1963.

I began working as a waiter at hotel in 1967.I was 20 years old I did seasonanal work until 1970. Great times, happy memories

My grandmother lived in 24 sun street Elizabeth Amos her father was called Alfred John but that was in 1911 we could be related. Hope you had a good birthday back here in Birkenhead x

O attended the convent school from 1954 until 1961. I can remember all the sister's already mentioned. I was also very scared of many of the nuns who when you are only 4 years old were very frightening. Sister Diptner I recall was lovely sister Gertrude was very old and a bit senile. Sister Aiden I recall was younger. (...Read full memory)

I last visited Rothesay in 2002. Some of my ancestors hail from there: McArthur families records from 1785. More recently-John was the postal delivery man (horseback) circa 1880, his son, John was the farrier for 50 years in Rothesay, I saw his yard there when I visited. A grandson is /was the postal delivery man in 2002. My (...Read full memory)

any rockers from the early sixties, used to gather in market place. Barry Castle, Pete Dawson,Dave Fisher,Jack Hirst,Eric McManus,Kevin McMahon,Tony Wench,Trevor Garnett,Haydn Johnson.Michael O'Neill ?

My nana grandad burtenshaw lived opp lumley rd school . I went to school there margaret . Then went to grammar school . Would love to no if anyone remembers me . One of my teacher Mr Stewart I think his name . Was in the 50s I live in Australia am 71 . We're great childhood memories

I remember walking down to a park, and there was a live bear in a cage, can anyone else remember this. in the park were swings and sea saws.

Wow when I saw their was the a photo of the family's famous store, the store that my dad told me was the equivalent to the first large department store like Debenhams I was amazed, I only wish their were more! My great Great Grandfather James Oakley was the owner to the store and lived near by with this his wife and children. On (...Read full memory)

I am asking PLEASE. If you are one of the members of staff reading this who reported the abuse just before castle school was closed down. I have knowledge for the true reason why Stanhope castle school closed. New intake of staff were shocked to see the level of abuse that was happening and (...Read full memory)

I was brought up on Cleaver St. Remember what a lovely shopping area Duke Bar was. .Mrs Tattersalls. Spencers Bakery .Dewhurst Butchers. Wilkinsons Dainty shop. Redmonds Grocers Mrs Bells and Rennie cloggers on Hebrew Road..Every Thing you needed on your doorstep.Brilliant.

I was born at the mothers hospital too in 1961. Iv lived in Tottenham all my life, mum came from manor road off chalgrove road, dad come from Braemar Road(Kent rd to be precise just off there). Dad came out the RAF in 1948/9 and met mum at the Tottenham Royal. They married in 1953 at St. Pauls Church, Park Lane. As I said above, (...Read full memory)

I remember my Grand-dad taking me to the park in my push chair when I was about 3 years old. I used to sit and watch him play bowls with his friends. We might then go and feed the ducks in the pond before returning home.

I was in the same class as Christine Fox and remember that the Infants headmistress was Miss Wilcox.The other teachers we had were Mrs Turner, Miss(Sally) Harper, Mr Wrench, and Miss(Audrey) Willisford. I was browsing through some old photos and looked on my tablet for info about Bradley Street School and was (...Read full memory)

The butchers across from Cuffs used to have sawdust and a very distinct smell, nevr smelt since

I was born in Feltham army quarters D Block in 1945. My father was a professional soldier Charles Murr M.B.E. (Charlie) who was coming to the end of a 30 year career in the army. He was the Regimental Sargent Major, Warrent Officer First Class. Apparently he was nicknamed 'Smiler' as he never smiled on duty. My (...Read full memory)

After reading the other accounts of Chopwell I decided to add my own, I hope I have got the names and dates right as I am doing this from memory, apologies if I get some of it wrong. All my mother’s side of the family were from the Chopwell area, my dad’s side of the family came from Newcastle. At the time that I was (...Read full memory)

Hi, I attended Delamere Forest, a Jewish special needs school,from 1956 until 1961. My name back then was David Reeve and; I will always be gratefull for the love,tenderness and caring that the nurses and teachers showed me. I never experienced abuse that other children reported just unconditional love nor do I (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Cator Street. I lived there with my mum, dad and brother until I was eight. I’m looking for my friend Linda Sycamore. We went to school every morning together. My surname was White then. I would love to catch up with her. She lived in the same road a few doors down on the opposite side to me. She had a sister.