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My family, surname Ligema, were friends of Jim Highmoor who ran the scout group at Newbiggin during the 1950s and 60s. Mr Highmoor kindly let us stay for our holidays in the Scout Hut which was situated below the old putting green at the west end of the bay. Anyone remember that? I think the hut was burned down (...Read full memory)

I attended The Bridge Infants and Junior School from 1947 and vividly remember that in the Infants playground on the banking at the rear, a crashed warplane, which I always assumed was a Spitfire. I realise it was likely to have been a German plane. Does anyone remember it sticking out of the soil of (...Read full memory)

My name is david powell i was born in a house in balham 1964 55 bedfordhill rd emigrated to new zealand 1971 been in nz since im 55 now and would love to return one day to see my home again my relitives owned a pet store and my father worked in a egg stall

I was born in 1947 in Hurlingham Road on the corner of Dolby Road. As kids we used to play in Dolby Road as there was only one car owner so not much traffic. Sometimes the car wouldn't start with the 'car handle' so we all used to push it. Every Sunday my Dad used to take me and my Brother to see my Gran who lived (...Read full memory)

We lived in South Shields and used to come to Allendale every year for our summer holidays. Can you imagine it now? A lot people from South Shields used to do the same. We always stayed at the Ashleigh Hotel and once stayed in the cottage in the "Italian Gardens" beside the hotel. I loved it there. There was a (...Read full memory)

My name is Don Chandler and I lived in Watton for quite a few years. Also I started a watercolour painting group in the Methodist Church in the High Street and wonder if there are any members still around, or if it is still going !

We lived in the prefabs in Blakelaw near Kenton Bar for nearly 20yrs. Sometimes all the kids in the neighbourhood used to walk to Ponteland for the day! Not be allowed these days.I went to Hilton School then Firfield girls school, the boys school was opposite. Some friends lived near the Ballon pub and we were sent to the (...Read full memory)

My Grandfather, Christopher Grigg, worked here.He was a water baliff,and laterly a gardener.He took me to work several times, and I once fell in the fish pond

I remember that once a year in the summer holidays they chose a different king of the island.They sat him on a regal high backed chair and crowned him by tossing a bottle of beer over his head.All that to take on the caretaker duties of the island.for one year.

Hello, Do you remember Gordon Hodges who worked in Charlton service station in the 60s, he was a very descent chap and very helpful. If you do please get in touch.

Is st Mary’s virgin church still there

My mum was then known as Angela Wright and was one of 8 children. Her mum was called Olive and they lived at 32 Thames Street in Weybridge. My mum went to St James Secondary Modern in 1958. Does anyone remember them? She would love to hear how her former school friends are. Some names she remembers are Carol (...Read full memory)

CATERHAM HILL - High Street and Chaldon Road I lived in 20 Chaldon Road and 5-7 High Street, Caterham Hill as a young child from about 9 years old. I went to the Infant school in Chaldon Road. On Friday mornings a Siren was used to attend school, I think an air raid siren. The Boys Brigade used to meet in the evenings in (...Read full memory)

This picture stirs memories, I stayed in two of the flats above the shops in the 70/80's, & also lived in a house in Merton Road, which is just around the corner from the library - now a betting shop. First, 229a - the 2 bay windows above the van belonged to the flat, which was above an old (...Read full memory)

My Father Jack Fitch was born 1939 Manor Park. He trained at East Ham boxing club and went on to become ABA Heavyweight champion twice in the early sixties. He also worked at the Royal Albert Docks ,I remember him taking me one day and being on the Quay side as the cranes were unloading the ships, dangerous for a kid of about (...Read full memory)

I used to live in Church Lane, opposite the ‘Nipp Inn’ cafe, having moved from Reeves Avenue (at 8 years of age in 1954), via Fryent Way (at the age of 12). I left Church Lane in 1971 and moved to Devon to get married. I have lived Australia since 1972. Brian Hoare. 23/05/2020

This is the church where I was christened in 1946. Kingsbury was my home town until l moved to Australia in 1972.

The little white building in the middle is the Lamb & Flag. I spent many a happy lunchtime & evening there in the '80's. It was a Marstons pub, run then by Don & Sheila Jones, an Irish couple who I think had been there since the early 1970's. It had a tiny front bar, a slightly larger rear one, & a (...Read full memory)

The photo of the Crown took me back to the late '70's/early '80's. I was a young Civil Servant, & the Crown, with it's real ale, was my offices favourite haunt at lunchtime on payday. As we worked flexitime, 2 hour lunches were not uncommon, or finishing work early on Friday. Wadworths 6X & a big, shared bowl of (...Read full memory)

I was 4 when this was taken and lived in Limes Road (the turning off to the right in this photo! Whenever I go back, everything seems so small!!

I went to Les Wildes on a Tuesday with a friend in the sixties.We walked there from South Ealing.Our favourite dancing partners were Patrick Daley and Alan Carpenter. Good memories from there. Sandra Plummer

I was born on this caravan site in 1945. The Second World War had just finished and the barbed wire for coastal defences was still coiled on the sand dunes. My father was a Tank Driver in the Royal Sussex Regiment stationed at Walcott in case of a German invasion. My mother actually lived on the Caravan Site. I would love to receive any information about the site or area around it. Ron

I am wondering if anyone remembers this shop at 113 Beulah Road, right opposite the school? I am trying to find some pictures of the outside of the shop as obviously now it has been replaced with flats. The reason I ask? From 1968 to 1977 it used to be my home and the shop run (...Read full memory)

I was a pupil at Tongue School in the 50,s If I remember rightly the headmaster was Mr Farrington. Has anyone else have any memories to share. I lived on Oldham Rd. We had a Haberdashers. My maiden mame was Whatmough.

Hello all, My name is Emily and I am currently writing up the memoirs of my grandmother, who would have been known as Cynthia Davies or Miss Davies at the time. She says she was a teacher for the first years, and taught a class of forty girls at the annexe in Balham, where the infants were in 1960-61. She also (...Read full memory)

My Mum's family are Delieu, Albert, Fred, George, Eileen, Alice. I remember the fruit stall, when I walked past to go to the Poly, I was always thrown a piece of fruit to take. My Dad's family used to run Karl's Cafe, Wellington Street, where my mum used to work and met my dad theee

Can anyone remember the name of the church next to Boarshaw Primary School where we went to YPH.

Vaig viure a Aston Cantlow durant 4 mesos des del desembre de 1968 a casa dels meus amics David & Jo Edkins. Sóc de Barcelona i volia millorar el meu anglès. L'estiu del 2018 vaig visitar i dinar a The King's Head però vaig enyorar el del 1968 com també la meva época de juventut. Vaig anar-hi amb la Jo però mai més he (...Read full memory)

Today I found through old telegrams that my mother and father had their wartime wedding reception at the Cadena Cafe in Worcester I was so pleased to see this photo.My Mum was working at the munitions factory in Blackpole and my Dad was building aeroplane shelters that was in Octiber 1942.

This is the Offington Corner roundabout where the A27 and A24 diverge. I cycled round it every school-day for eight years.

I was born in Catley Lanehead in 1955 and lived in the back of the shop at the top of Smallshaw Road with my mum and dad. My nan Agnes lived across the road from the Chapel further down and not long after we moved a few doors down from her next to The Black Dog pub. I remember open doors in the street and freely going in to (...Read full memory)

I moved to Groombridge with my family in 1960, My dad worked as a railwayman. We lived in the Station House. I don,t really remember the early years because I was only 18 months old when we moved into the village. I had three Sisters and 5 Brothers me being the second youngest. My earliest memories are (...Read full memory)

I was born above Beston's Stationers' shop, Station Road in 1953. The shop is on the left hand side close to the crossing gate and the bus stop was outside. I attended St Augustine's C of E Primary School from 1957 to about 1960 when we moved to New Haw where I attended the old Primary School, long (...Read full memory)

I sang in the Choir of All Saints when I was a Treble from about 1964 to 1967/8. Mrs Marjory Bird was Choir Mistress and her husband Ken sung Bass in the Choir. Mr Fisher was the organist and during my time at All Saints the Vicar was Father Norman Kelly who came from Northern (...Read full memory)

My mother lived in Beaufort street 1913 - 1915, Mother passed away 1997 and at some time had written these memory s. Her next door neighbours were the Keys family related to Bishop Heddle who had a drapers shop in Southchurch Road (peculiar peoples bishop) She remembered being taken to a protest when the people (...Read full memory)

I remember my Mum and I staying here in the early 60s. Every evening the caravanners from West Sands would come over to the ballroom at the White Horse to be entertained by Mick Urry and his orchestra

I was born in Great Bridge in the 1950’s in Slater Street, I went to Fisher Street School until I was eleven. I remember Irene Edwards sweet shop and Teddy Grays on the the canal bridge just before the market. I loved Teddy Grays herbal tablets..My mom used to be the ice cream lady at the Palace cinema its (...Read full memory)

I lived at 3 Dilston Drive with mother Margaret, father Taylor and brothers Jeff and Taylor. Anyone out there?

We went at least couple of times to Mountfield Caravan Park back in the early/mid 60s. I remember the distinctive and exciting smells in the site shop. We used to walk down to Colwell Bay with a picnic and spend the day on the beach. When the orange Townsend car ferry went out we would wait for the wash to (...Read full memory)

Mum and I moved into Westbourne Rd in 1943 and I went to Feltham Hill School until I was 9 in 1946. I have picture of the Sports Day there in 1946 showing many children and parents. If anyone would like to have a copy to recognise themselves or friends get in touch: Clive Mayhead

This was the first holiday of being away from my home in Hatfield Heath. We all went to church on Sunday, & I think this holiday was subsidised by the church to give local children a holiday which they wouldnt otherwise have. This was in 1960s. I was about 6years old?

Hi my grandparents lived in the house where the girl is standing maybe my mother I can't tell there was a terrible fire that took out a lot of those houses and the ones behind my grandparents lost almost all they're belongings and had to livein small area behind webbers shop for quite some time till orchard gardens were built (...Read full memory)

I lived in Mill Road during the war years until I was about 18 years old. We used to walk to Purfleet Primary School every day which was quite a stretch. I seem to remember that the infant teacher was a Miss Pond who I believe later became Mrs Paige. I remember Mr Springham was a head master at one time. We used to go (...Read full memory)

Hi David Rowe ,only just found this site ,so apologies. Re W&C French, you may have remembered my father and my grandfather working at Frenchies. My dad Ron Dent ,drove cranes and brought the first 20 ton mobile Coles crane to W&C ,he also drove the old Fodens ,which only went so fast ,so they used to throw them (...Read full memory)

Many of my relatives worked here in this mill. I am also trying to trace a photo of Albion Street, with the Brewer's Arms pub, which was at the rear of the White Hart.

I went to Tring Park (Arts Ed back then) from 1985 to 1991 - many memories of the beautiful mansion

Daniel Evans was my Taid and Thomas John Evans my father. Don Thurlow knew them both well. Many happy times spent at Tan y Marial farm. My name isMyra Prys- Owen.

I was born in Cowes, so many lovely photos! I left for Canada in 1957, Vancouver Island. Sidney, BC, reminds me of a Canadian Cowes. I know all the locations that you display. Things changed a bit over the years, but on a visit I bought a lovely sweat shirt at Atkeys Chandlers, and stayed at the Solent Inn. I saw the (...Read full memory)

Hugh was born and bred in Glenboig; he was the son of John and Mary (Starrs). In 1941 he joined the army and on 1 May 1945, seven days before VE day he was killed in action inPotrau, Northern Germany, in what was probably the last infantry battle of WW2. He left a wife, Hazel, and three very young daughters including (...Read full memory)

I went to Kingsley between 1956 and 1966 teachers I remember were ,Miss Edwards ,Miss Fowler , Miss Sparks , Miss Davies ,Miss Knight, MissStradling, Mrs Hayle, Miss Willett ,Miss Wise. Mrs Nicholson. I remember the house gardens (down the left hand side of the “ playground” where the climbing bars were)we all had to help in , (...Read full memory)

This scene shows the road I lived in for 25 yrs from birth in 1947 at The Old George ,the lady in photo stands outside my Uncles builders yard “ A R Fear” Good times

I lived with my brother philip at 112. For 10yrs. 1953 to 1963. Lesley barley was my best friend. We played in the bombed out houses. Very happy memories. Jenny Dodd

Hello Christine, I have only just seen your memory and I couldn't believe it. I remember playing with you at my house on Rykneld Street. We had a lot of fun in the village like you say, especially down by the canal. I also remember you taking me into the village police station to show me the jail I was fascinated with that. I (...Read full memory)

See -

So many memories of Rayleigh! We moved to Upway in 1953, no. 18, one of the first of the new bungalows, which my dad designed himself. I remember neighbours - The Wyatt family next door, and the Snodes up the hill (who later moved to Bull Lane). There was a corner shop where we would get our 2/- Neapolitan ice (...Read full memory)

I lived in Junction Road, Romford from 1946 until 1954. We lived in the last house but one next to the Railway and Railway Bridge. There was a long drive leading to the bridge which was slightly uphill or downhill whichever way you were travelling. Together with my brothers and sister we used to speed down the drive on (...Read full memory)

My parents ran the youth hostel at 26 east cliff until it moved to London road

I was a pupil at West Bank Primary School in Widnes. I was in the infants in 1954. I loved this school. I can't remember the name of the HeadMistress at the time but John Wilcox took over when I moved up to the juniors. My maiden name is Maegan Edwards. My dad ran the Angel pub. Some of the pupils in my class (...Read full memory)

Hello, Do you remember Gordon Hodges who worked in Charlton service station in the 60s, he was a very descent chap and very helpful. If you do please get in touch.

We bought our house from Fred and Mabel Crossley in September 1970 for the princely sum of £4700 ! ( My father thought I was aiming a bit too high). I never forgot Fred as he told me that he had been offered £9000 but he took to me and my future wife . I remember meeting Jane briefly as I would come to “The (...Read full memory)

This photo is of Epsom Road before it meets the High Street. Thank you for the correction - it has been passed to our Archivist. Ed.

Must have visited this store. We spent many wonderful holidays in the early 50's staying in the caravan belonging to one of the friends of my parents.

I lived here with my mum and dad, James (Jim) and Marjorie Smedley from 1963 to 1974. Before that we lived at Tower Mills, Southwold Road, Wrentham where mum and dad had a millimg business I went to the Primary School and later the Lowestoft Grammar School. The building looks a lot different now with the exposed brickwork. I didn't realise the building was Grade 2 listed!

The Sandeman Family moved to Four Elms in 1950. We moved from Bexley Kent. Winnie and Richard were my parents my brother Mark had just been born in September. We moved to Wendy's bungalow, just on the corner next to the post office. john Allman's butchers shop was opposite guarded by a lime tree, traditional (...Read full memory)

I remember as a child being taken by my Uncle Aubrey from Greathouse farm in Southwater to the Cattle Market in the Bishopric, which I believe was paved with wood cobbles, to protect the cattle’s hooves. Can anyone confirm if I’m right about this, or is it’s figment of my imagination. I was born in 1939, but I can’t remember (...Read full memory)

I remember me and my brothers were all dropped off at the Cinema in South Harrow on a Saturday morning. It used to be early, so we could go in the sweet shop to get all our sweets. You could get four sweets for a penny. We used to be given sixpence each somgotmquite a few sweets. Our parents used to do the food (...Read full memory)

I remember going to the Tudor Cafe during the War Years in 1940+.I was about 10/11 years old at the time. It always served excellent food even with food being rationed. Toasted tea cakes was one of my favourites! I lived in the nearby village of Newton where my family ran the Ye Swan Inn for a number of years.

This house "the Firs" was owned by Mrs Edwards. My dad was stationed at Wethersfield Raf base and my mum is originally From Lincolnshire. We filled this house up with love and people. Every weekend there were people staying over from on Base...and we had some of the happiest moments of our lives. I went to the (...Read full memory)

In the mid 50`s, I delivered groceries on a trade bike to places in Glen Faba, from Noyes shop, in Rye Road, squatters had moved into many places and were customers. They kept Alsatian dogs to keep anyone in authority away, they also scared me stiff, so much so, I asked my father to drive me there. He was (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1950 in Brampton Grove on Barn Hill and spent a lot of time playing in Barn Hill park especially around the pond. We used to toboggan down the hill in the snow and I remember breaking my front tooth on the rail of the toboggan. I have had a crown ever since! I was a real tom boy and loved climbing trees there.

anybody remember forest road west with metal staircase to our bedsits ? No doubt all pulled down now but big high houses for us to live in while studying. CKStudents

I lived at the very top of Ladyhouse Lane, in a farm cottage with two staircases, two large rooms and two bedrooms, one of which you had to pass through the other. No bathroom in those days just a tin bath in front of the fire. I played cricket on the playing fields at the bottom of the road, and also at Armitage (...Read full memory)

I lived in West Road next to the Park from 1948. i was born in the house. Spent half my life in that park, often running away from Parky ( the Park Keeper) The last Parky I remember was Ken. He had two Alsations ex Police dogs and watching them perform had to be seen

I remember the old MillHouse but as I grew up is was deralict. I remember rumaging around the site before it was built on. Happy days

How on earth did I remember this morning (3rd May 2020]that I was there for a celebratory tea. V.E 1945? I checked whether there had ever been an establishment named Boomerang and to my surprise found this photograph. My mother, now 102 has no memory of it. I even remembered my dress, a pale primrose cotton printed with tiny (...Read full memory)

I went to Standon School between 1959 to 1965 they were very happy days, Mr Butler was the Headmaster at the time I remember him playing cricket in the play ground with the boys some dinner breaks. I also remember going on school journeys in 1964 and 1965 to Norfolk and Somerset, Mrs Cowan was one (...Read full memory)

remember it well I worked part time on week ends and holidays when I was at school for alan I washed out the tins that the ice crème was put into I also worked at his café at the lidio swimming pool in droitwich making and selling candy floss alan used to drink in the Worcestershire vaults also called the tap my mother may (...Read full memory)

My name is Alan James I went to bosworth junior and infant school about 1957_1962then quarles secondary school for boys if anyone thinks they may know me please get in touch with me

My father Sid Ford used to take the Muirhead swimming club. He did it for years during the 1950's. My father was the Assistant Suprintendent of Beckenham Swimming Baths and worked there for forty six years until he retired in the 1970's.

My father was the Docter there in the 40s we lived in one of the farm cottages (Hollywood cottage ) I went to Denne road primary school, We moved on to mitford, then to kent