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Hi my mum & dad was house parents at Marsh house and another one I remember George Frith, my family was there from about 1969 to 1971 Roy & Joan was my parents name do you remember them ? Please

With my friends I joined the Life Boys. How big we thought we were (age 10) wearing a Sailors hat with a dark jersey, Lanyard and Brass badge. We graduated to the Boys Brigade which was more constructive and instilled some leadership qualities. Once a month we had Church Parade, marching around nearby streets, with Bugles playing, Kettle Drums and Banners fluttering. (1949-1954).

As a young child I moved to Camberley in the early stages of the war when my dad was called up and posted to the RAE in Farnbrough. We lived in Woodlands Road which was very different to the way it is today. Some of the houses had very large gardens that are now small estates. Across the road was a house full of (...Read full memory)

Wonderful school the only part of my schooling where I learnt and enjoyed it and had such lovely teachers Mr williams what a guy so dedicated. Loved him. And my teachers Mrs protector and Mrs chiltern pc Hayes.... I loved Mrs chilterns hair it was like silk curtain and all the kids got lost I it....wonderful days think of the people often

After leaving school in the late '70's, I went to Strode College in Street. During that time, I was offered a weekend job on Swain's Farm, on the outskirts of Shepton Mallet. I had been at school with his daughter, Lesley, who intended to become a vet. As my mum was separated, money was a (...Read full memory)

My mum Pauline Downing was born in 1931 and lived in Cavendish Road at the Tooting Bec Common end. At the beginning of ww2 she was evacuated to Cornwall whereas her older sister, Enid, went to Eastbourne. Does anyone have a family member who remembers her? Sadly she is no longer with us.

Hello Dr Kley was my mum's GP, delivered me at home in 1964. I think he also practised at Bootle Maternity Annexe when it was located on Balliol Road. He was German and my mum tells me he was a lovely man but it been so close to the end of the war he was treated with suspicion by a lot of people who refused to (...Read full memory)

I lived at Lambert Road Wolverhampton as a child, I am 78 in those days all children played out in the front street. There was no traffic and was considered safe!

Hello, I was a pupil at SWSJ during the 60's as shown above. It seems a few lifetimes ago now, in many ways that is for the good. Good group of friends, some well intentioned teachers, but on the whole I'm afraid to say I found the education I received there disappointing and in some cases brutal. I spent most of my later (...Read full memory)

Hi there. My name is Amaia López de Munain. I'm a spanish journalist based in Glasgow. I'm researching about Mairin (also known as Marion) Mitchell, she was born in 1895 in Ambleside. She was the daughter of Dr. Thomas Houghton Mitchell born in Limerick and Gertrude Emily Pease (Gertrude Mitchell). They had a son Edward PH (...Read full memory)

I arrived at the school in 1971 I was 9 years old such a long time ago I read through other people views and remember Mr Moore in the way he has been described and also Mr renton who was a very nice fellow along with the other staff mentioned being jewish at the time there were only 2 jews at the (...Read full memory)

i was born in granville road in 1944 had great memerys of all the friends I made would love some pictures A ,Martin

I was a cadet nurse at Orsett in the early 70's and then a pupil nurse for a short while as I left to have a baby. I have great memories of life in the Nurses home with all the other girls and of course the house warden good old Gerti. I also knew Malcolm Cuthbert and Mary Green, we were all in the same school, Hassenbrook. Mary (...Read full memory)

I have a photo of my granddad with a large group of men & one lady who is seated in the middle of the front row(appox 80 men) it has the year 1934. I have no idea why he was there, all of the men look healthy & well dressed ?

I lived on ark street lowerboughton till it was knock down but can't find any photo of the area

I did part of my nursing training at Highlands hospital in the late 50’s. I had lived in Winchmore Hill most of my childhood, certainly all through the war years, although I was sent to boarding school in Weybridge at 7 years of age so a lot of my time was spent away from home. I have happy memories of the end of war (...Read full memory)

I was born in Farnborough Hospital during February of 1940. My home for the next 7 years was at 9 Kennelworth Road, and then we moved to 263 Crescent Drive, where I spent the next thirteen years. My recollections of the war are very sketchy, but I will try to give some insight on how people, and (...Read full memory)

Just out out sight on the right was the post office, a wall paper shop and a sweet shop. Behind the photographer was a row of shops which included a barbers shop.

Shirley Platts & Val Carradus nee Molloy, sisters. It was 1956 when Shirley was 7 and I was 3 and a half when we moved to Ferryhill from Metal Bridge but we regularly visited our Aunt, Uncle and Granda who lived in Metal Bridge until the 1960’s. Our Mam was Irene Manns and Dad was an Irishman (...Read full memory)

So lovely to find this beautiful photograph and the memories from others. I went to Crouch End High School in Shepherds Hill in the early 1970's. I also have treasured memories of Queens Wood and Alexandra Palace. The view from the school was really something. I lived in Hornsey at that time so have many memories from the (...Read full memory)

My Fathers family of fishermen lived in Cawsand for generations and during my childhood in the early 1950's I used to stay with my Auntie Rose (Hammett) in the family chalet on Whitsand Bay. Mum & Dad staying with family in Cawsand. My Aunt would be watching through a telescope for the fishing boats to return and (...Read full memory)

I started life at the North Middlesex Hospital in January 1940. The 2nd World War causing damage all over. I lived with my Mum and Dad at St Mary's Gardens in Lower Edmonton. During the Battle of Britain, our house was completely destroyed by a German bomb raid. We were rehoused at 57 Chiswick Road, very (...Read full memory)

I lived at 4 Bungalow ,Christchurch Road which was a prefab Next to the prefab was an old victorian house occupied by the Knights Youth Club I belonged to the cubs at Christ Church A crowd of us used to go to Saturday morning pictures at the Regal cinema. I went to school at New park Road and then went to (...Read full memory)

Taken a little before our family moved to Aspley Guise, where we lived for roughly 2 years. Taken from opposite where we lived on the grounds of The Holt (through the gateway on the right), where my mother worked as housekeeper and my father as handyman.

Fantastic memories of the Monday Club started & by the famous impresario Micky Most where we would dance whilst top bands of the day where on stage, literally only a few feet away. I remember watching Eric Burden & the Animals doing full rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” - incredible!

I remember this being built in front of the Wembley Pool in early 1960’s bringing Ten Pin Bowling to London. We used to meet up on Friday’s evenings after watching Ready Steady Go (which was transmitted from the ATV Studios close by in Wembley) and the forerunner to Top of the Pops. There was a cocktail bar (very posh, we thought) above & overlooking the bowling through glass screens.

So many memories of Ice Shows, Circus, athletics meetings & ice hockey in the 1950’s & 60’s

There was a big house behind the trees on the right and there used to be an old lady who lived there. She used an old fashioned bath chair. On the right are some police houses and I remember so of those old motorcycle based vans being parked there too.

Hi, my name is Maryanne, myself and my brother Christopher spent most of our childhood in Belmont road, during the sixties, and early seventies we stayed with my Grandmother who lived at no. 2 Belmont rd, Olive Woods was my grandmother, she worked as a baker in the bakery for years and also cleaned the Drs surgery in the evening. (...Read full memory)

On the 2nd of September 1969, I walked through the main entrance of Bruntwood Hall for the first time, and was immediately in awe of its grandeur. My introduction to this, my new place of work, was inspiring, with so many beautiful architectural features - to say nothing about the myriad rooms to (...Read full memory)

I used to go to school with his daughter Rita Creed at Hillside School in Winchester in the late 1940s, and had to walk her each school day to Winchester Station. She lived in Archers Road Eastleigh. Thanks Peter Kitching.

I have just seen the photo of Prestatyn Open Air Swimming Pool; and Katy McMichael's wonderful memories of times spent there in 1958. They so very much remind me of my very similar memories of the Pool. In the summer my friends and I had season tickets for the Pool - we just loved it so (...Read full memory)

I didn't know this site existed. I am delighted that it does. I was at this school until it closed when I moved to Wallington Independent High School. I was one of the naughty boys, but turned out all right in the end and had a great working life. Now retired I have an action packed time with masses of fun. I have had a few (...Read full memory)

Martin’s Bank is on the extreme right of this photo, there was a path between the bank and the railway line that led up to the market. To the left of the bank was a record shop, I still have a record bought there for me when I was young. Further along from that there were a couple of wooden houses. And then there was Market Road.

I remember my father buying a Christmas tree here, in the green grocers around 1964 when I was very young. Also used to buy a portion of chips from the chip shop on the way home from school.

Yes there was a swimming pool and I remember how cold it was !! I attended Kingsbury County Grammar School (as it was then) from 1956 -1961 Susan Edwards

I was a pupil at Rothwell Secondary School from 1955 to 1959 are there any ex pupils here? David Illingworth.

My grandmother used to live at the storey arms and ran the transport cafe which it was then and lorry drivers would sleep over in 1 of the many bedrooms while travelling on thier journey, Such an exciting enourmous place for a very young girl to enjoy, We would go tabogining down the (...Read full memory)

I played in this group in the early 60s around Hornchurch and further afield. I think I remember a group at that time called the DCs. They were well respected.

I live in East Hill estate from 1964 for nine years until my mum moved out of London to a poxy place called Huntingdon in Cambridge used to live on Yarmouth house. Remember seeing a man coming round silly toffee apples went to Eltham in school for a little while also remember bonfire night for the Fire Brigade to come along put the fire horrible people spoiling it for the children

An Idyllic Childhood - a Memory of Stretton under Fosse. I enjoyed reading your piece Jane, I remember you so well. I lived at Newbold Revel, Stretton-Under-Fosse from 1953 - 1977, together with my siblings - Christopher, Angela and Nicholas O'Sullivan. We lived in a cottage in the grounds of St. Paul's (...Read full memory)

I went t to Leonard's school from 1960-1966, and was in Upper A classes. I was house captain of Williams in my last year. It seems to have changed house name as well school name after 1971. Head master was Mr Wilkins,( used crutches) sports teachers Cheshire ., Walters and Mahoney My class was the science lab. Now live on (...Read full memory)

My name is don barton, I worked and lived in ilford.I worked in Ron’s music shop pioneer market . With joe dormer Bob bell allan sword. And was the best time ever .if only I could turn back the clock.80 yrs old in June.

I lived in East Ham from the time i was born til i was 30 then moved to Essex. Does anyone remember the sweet shop on the way to Burgess Manor. Think it was in the road down the side of The White Horse pub. or may be not. I was at one time friendly with the daughter Stephenie Cradock. Pretty sure she spelt her name with an E not (...Read full memory)

My father was born here in 1900 at 4 terrace road, he worked in treorchy till 1921 , then walked to London and joined United dairies, met my mother and married in 1931, We had a lot of holidays in the village in the 50s and 60s My father died in 1965 Have very happy memories of bont as it is called locally Doug edwards

I enjoyed reading your piece Jane, I remember you so well. I lived at Newbold Revel, Stretton-Under-Fosse from 1953 - 1977, together with my siblings - Christopher, Angela and Nicholas O'Sullivan. We lived in a cottage in the grounds of St. Paul's Teacher Training College. Our father was in charge of the (...Read full memory)

I lived in Downderry until I was 27. I was friends with Helen Blake whose family ran the PO when we were children, sadly after the loss of her mother we lost touch. I would love to contact her again. My family (Hill) were potato merchants and owned the Eddystone Country Club. Apparently my great uncle Fred Mitchell was (...Read full memory)

My name is Rodger Palmer & I was at Colditz Northbrook school around the mid 60's.The housemaster was Gator nicknamed alligator, haha. My job while there was on the gardens. My number at the school was 76. There are two people that I can recall by name at present & they are Vernon Wilkes & Larry Loughlan. If (...Read full memory)

Hi, I'm looking into the history of my family. My Nan and Grandad had a fish and chip shop in Greenford in the 50's, their names are Lillian and Charles Larter. Does anyone remember them or their shop?

I was born in one of these houses, my parents moved into the house in 1959,. It had been damaged by a bomb in October 1941. We would walk down to Little Roke Road to get rolls from the bakers every Saturday morning and there was a green we’d play on but not ball games as it was too sloped. We moved to Valley Road in around 1972

I was a student at Byculla from 1952 to 1968 and was very happy there. They gave me a home, an excellent education and a circle of friends. Byculla

In the mid 1960's i worked as a mechanic at Contim Motors on Shaftsbury circus. During the lunch break, i walked up the hill and had my lunch in the cafe, (since demolished) , that was next door to the police station. The cafe was run by a Mrs. Smith and her daughter, Tina does anyone recall the cafe's name ?

I can’t believe the messages people are leaving on here I had a lovely time there and we definitely were a big family I was there 1973 1976 and have nothing but very happy memories x

i was evaccuated to dulverton during ww2.Is there anyone still alive who was also at pixton park with Lady Herbert. Mel

I have heard a story that there used to be a cellar that was reached from inside the house and I was wondering if anyone who stayed or worked there remembered it and if so where was it. Thank you

i lived in peabody bldgs.Abbey orchsrd st. S.w.1 with my mum from 1952 until 1960 we hen I married and moved to Page st.Then moved to Kent in 1968.Whilst living in Page st.I worked at AVOs. Mel M

I lived with my aunt and uncle in crosman house? New park rd in 1950.Went to new park rd. School.Had a friend called Bobby Marshall.Left to go and live with my dad after 11plus. Mel Marsh.

I lived withmy dad and step mom in binfield rd.sometime in the 1940s.I went to Larkhall Lane school.There was a cinema across the rd.from the tube station I remember seeing Tommy Trunder in a film about the fire service.Then I went to live with my mum.Mel

I lived in st.julians farm rd. In 1951.Went toHitherfield rd. School.Had a friend whose dad owned the butchers Maddiesons I think it was called.Moved away sometime in 1952 to live with .my mother. Mel

Our family moved to Friars Road in the summer of 66, from a damp house in Boothen Green, which looked over toward the Michelin Factory. I was 5 years old. My father Graham was a former art student at Burslem College of Art under the painter, poet and playwrite Arthur Berry, and by the 70’s became a tv engineer. Mother (...Read full memory)

I attended MBHS from 1957 to 1964, first at the Albert Rd Old School and later at the new Prisick(sic) site on Marton Rd. I started in form 3A in the 3rd floor of the clock tower, where morning roll call went: Appleton, Barley, Brown, Clare, Conquest,...and so on. Our form master was new too, Lenard Temple(?). Our Upper (...Read full memory)

Remember this being built (original buildings 1604) - chased Mark Wallington across the freshly laid concrete (he was a cheeky beggar) and as we ‘splodged’ through the wet concrete, with the workmen shouting after us, l yelled “Keep going ..!!”. He went on to captain Leicester City whilst l (in the RAF) was merely (...Read full memory)

My father, Keith Ramsay, worked at May & Baker all his working life as a Pharmaceutical Engineer and I remember, as a young child, my dad talking about the making of the children's cough mixture Tixylix and also Anthisan. Dad used to talk about the Plants he designed to make these medicines and as a young child I always thought (...Read full memory)

Hi Would love to find a photo or address for Gatsbys Clothes Shop, Swanley Village. Our Grandmother worked there in 1939. Thank you

I moved to Wait End Road, Waterlooville in 1960, attending Stakes Hill Road juniors and then 1963 moved to Cowplain Girls till 1967 when I moved to Singapore. I am still friends with Alyson Dash, staying with her when I come to the UK. I remember neighbours Ruth Shillimore and Glenys two doors up. In my (...Read full memory)

My grandparents lived in Puddletown from the 1940's to the 1970's. They lived and worked at the Myrtles for Peter Ricardo who was well known in the village.

My paternal gt.grandfather was living in tents in 1841 census.Has anyone in Rotherwick any info. of a Leno Marks or family.I think they were travellers.Regards Mel.

I left the School in the Summer of 1957 - does anyone remember Rosemary and Colin? We went to see the Opera 'Madam Butterfly' in London. Carol Storey

I was there 1955 to 1997, apart from trips to Locking, and a final posting to the Shetlands, but RAF Sopley was brilliant. I was a radar mechanic/fitter on the Radar Office consoles in the bunker. When I first went in 1955 it had not been open very long, still had the old Type7 in the field, some Type 13s height finder and 14 for (...Read full memory)

The 164a bus used to go behind the war memorial on its return journey to Tattenham corner, and if you were sitting upstairs you could view the lovely house and garden behind the brick wall. On the way to Morden on the outward journey and on the opposite side corner stood a grocers shop and the bus always had to mount (...Read full memory)

For some time back in the late '70's/early '80's I used to ride my motorbike from Worcs to visit my then girlfriend, Judith, at Sawtry. She had got a post as a teacher at the nearby school. Used to love the ride on a sunny, summer Friday afternoon, along the A & B roads. As a small village can be nosey, we rarely visited (...Read full memory)

My great aunt had some fine laburnum chairs made from wood chosen by one of her relations who was a forester based at Rossie Priory about 1800. His name was Thom (or Thoms). Does anyone one know anything about this man?

I left Boston when I was 2 or 3 back in 1945/46 but have been back several times mainly to visit St. Nicholas Church Fishtoft Road where, my mother Doreen Denis Deakin was married to Charles Eric Dann, I was baptized and my Gransfather, the late Dock and Harbour Master, Capt. Charles A. Deakin is buried with his wife Lillie (...Read full memory)

HI I am trying to track down a lady who had a baby here in 1953. The mothers name was Margaret Cook. I'm afraid I don't have much else to go on. She had a little girl in June 1953. The little girl was adopted in 1956 but I'm unsure whether she was with Margaret for this period or in foster care. The little girl was called Janet. I am looking on behalf of Janet's daughter, Many thanks Donna

Mr Wolfe owned the butchers shop in Huntingdon. I learnt years later that he spoke up for a member of our family when needed otherwise our lives may have been very different. He was such a generous man, I was about 8 when I would shop for my great Auntie and Mr Wolfe would give me some chocolate squares from a large bar (...Read full memory)

My Great Grandfather Thomas McAusland from Edinburgh, a printer compositor, came to live in Boston Street, Hyde around 1900 and stayed for about 5 years before returning to Edinburgh. Does anyone know if the houses in Boston Street date back to 1900 or has the street been rebuilt. Also would there have been printing works in (...Read full memory)

in 1961, I started full-time employment as a trainee motor fitter at 584 garage on kingsbury circle (15 years old, I had left claremont secondary school the previous week) among the workshop staff were Frank unremembered surname), - the first mechanic i worked with, Ken Darvill, Sid Curtis Steve Jones, Percy (...Read full memory)

I remember the Portman. Very polite helpful staff. Used to pop over from Heathrow to open up bonds with very good interest. It all seems like a dream now!

Hi, My name is Tony Johnson. I went to the C of E school in the 1950s. ! lived in Thompson Avenue, my dad drove Ribble buses, before he moved to working for Suttons of St Helens- on long distance lorries. Two more names for you. Mr Tinsley, who taught us football and cricket, and my class teacher, Mrs Ellis, if I remember (...Read full memory)

I have read through all of the memories and no one has mentioned the dairy where for 6d you could buy a lovely ice-cream, not like the sickly ice-cream you buy today. The butchers shop was on the end then the grocers which became a supermarket and between that and the large wool shop was the dairy. I think it was (...Read full memory)