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I have wonderful memories of Talacre from 1968 when my mum and dad purchased their first caravan on Thompson's Field next to Brookside Amusements, until 2000 when my mum and dad finally sold their caravan. I was friends with Cynthia and Anita Marsden and both of their families and worked in the pool hall they had (...Read full memory)

Approx 2 years working at SS LIngfords in Newgate Street. The old fashioned type of shop where you were served. We roasted our own coffee beans every Monday morning. Cooked our own "boiled" ham every week. Part of my job was to bone the hams prior to cooking in our own large boiler.We bought whole sides of (...Read full memory)

This multi-view card shows: Top left: The 'new shops' at Woodsend, now demolished to make way for a new(er), smaller shopping development Top right: The old swimming baths, now demolished - new baths down Bowfell Road off to the right of the picture. Bottom right: Flixton House late 18th century(?) 'manor' house. (...Read full memory)

A view along Hayeswater Road from the roundabout sited halfway along the road. Even though I now live about 150m from the Moorside Road end of Hayeswater Road, it's difficult to tell in which direction we are looking - towards the Nags Head (Davyhulme Circle), or towards Moorside Road. I *think* we are looking towards (...Read full memory)

This is the view from Telfords Dean Bridge looking towards Stockbridge. The Water of Leith is just visible, having just flowed through Dean Village (on the 'other side of the picture', behind the photographer. There is a path from Dean Village to Stockbridge along the bank of the Water of Leith. When I lived here (~1976-2003). (...Read full memory)

I can't quite work out exactly where this is. I think its a little bit downstream from the other image of Dean Village, but the buildings on the left of the footbridge are not as I remember them - maybe they were demolished? I think the 'twin towers', in the distance are (or were) the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art?

I lived in a small flat in a converted tannery warehouse between 1976-2003- just off-shot at the left hand edge of the picture, All the old buildings are now renovated and converted to flats. A very desirable place to live. The church in the picture is actually at the far end of Telfords Dean Bridge which is not visible in (...Read full memory)

I lived in Brixham between 2003 and 2015, before moving back to God's Country. I occasionally swam in this pool, refreshed daily by the in-flow and out-flow of the tide. 'Twas the coldest pool I have ever used! Nice though, early in the morning when not over-crowded... It was under threat of closure by Torbay Council when I left in 2015 - thank you Torbay Council!

This picture shows both the Barton road bridge and the swing bridge carrying the Bridgewater Canal across the Manchester Ship Canal in the 'open' position. I used to visit this site as a child when there were still barges operating on the Bridgewater. It is a fascinating and unique example of (...Read full memory)

This is the Curzon cinema, with the old Swimming Baths at the left of the shot. I remember Saturday afternoon childrens matinees and also watching 'Zulu' at the Curzon when it was first released. The other local cinema was the 'Empress' in Urmston town centre - demolished to make way for a small shopping centre long (...Read full memory)

This is Park Hospital which was the site of the official inauguration of the NHS in 1948. Lurking in the hospital is a wall-plaque commemorating this historic event - I know this because I passed it while trying to find the Radiography Department a few weeks ago! The plaque does not have the (...Read full memory)

Picture #5. I spent my first years here(1941-1943) when it was owned by my mother's best friend Mimi Skidmore. My mother(Ceridwen Lesty) was an actress at the Farnham Playhouse.During the war they managed Thatchers as an officer's club for Americans. I used to have a picture of me on a tricycle in the backside of the house.

In the picture of three children in a boat at Shoeburyness. Looking at it I'm sure the little girl is me. If so I have an idea who the two boys are as well. Is there anyone that knows who they are. How I wish it was larger. Thank you for all the lovely photos

I loved at 375 Northolt Road from 1949 till 1970. I went to Wheldon Park junior school and Roxeth Manor boys school leaving the later in 1966. I played cricket for Roxeth and football for Roxonians. My grand parents bought the hose from new and it was in our family until 1977. I remember the old Express dairy opposite and (...Read full memory)

My name is Laura Evison. I stayed at Burningfold twice for about 5 months each time. I especially remember my second visit in 1958 when I was 11 yrs old. My Dad was in the British Foreign Service in Chicago, IL USA. Burningfold Hall Hotel was run by Mr. & Mrs. Lovell Williamson. I attended the Dunsfold Village (...Read full memory)

I use to go on the common and go into the cafe great cakes also had happy times at the lido with my mum also was there when we could go on the fountain until somebody died

I Rembrandt going to Saturday morning flicks I went to fircroft school 1950s my name was Christine Jenkins good old days

Me and my 3 sisters went here , late 70s early 80 can’t remember exactly, what I do remember was how we had to share baths and be checked for head lice , they wrote with black marker on our underwear , a colour and number , even while we was wearing them ,one of my sisters was next to me on the bottom bunk and her top bunk (...Read full memory)

I spent many happy years at Kingswood Caravan Site (now Tuxworth Holiday Park). My nanna & granddad (Henry "Sailor" & Nellie Toyne) started using the site in the 1960's until the 1990's, althrough my granddad died in 1988, my nanna continued until her mobility let her down. Facilities at (...Read full memory)

I too lived in joan road no7 from 1938 -1952 ,there were so many boys in our street, 9 in a row of 4 houses.! what great times they were.Phil Ridgewell.

I went there in my 4th and 5th year my name is jeanette it has bittersweet memories the big dormitory the no pillow beds the nurses the cod liver oil the donkey called Neddy visiting every second Sunday the blue bell woods , rather river and the farm. A very snowed in winter the long hot summer of 59 the sick children (...Read full memory)

I met Beryl Baker is 1949 when we were patients at a convalescent home in Exmouth. I was 10 and Beryl would have been about the same age. During the month that we were there, we became firm friends. We corresponded for years afterwards but gradually lost contact. I know from her granddaughter that Beryl has passed away but (...Read full memory)

I trained to teach at Shenstone new College 1971-1975 (inc B.ED) I loved it. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers times with me at the college and find out what they are doing now

We left England when I was ten years old and migrated to Australia. I have lots of memories of my childhood there. The Mayorhold had a pub on nearly every corner and yet we hardly ever saw any drunks. We were close to The Old Jolly Smokers and I remember the smell of beer on a hot summer's night and the patrons (...Read full memory)

My mother, Hilda Jenkins, came all the way from south wales to take up the position of assistant to the cook at the age of fourteen. It was very hard work with only Wednesday afternoon off and even that had to be spent at scripture union. The best job of all,however, was to take the two gun dogs ,major and colonel,for their (...Read full memory)

That could be me scrambling down the sea wall onto the beach.......I spent my young years, into my early twenties, in our beach hut, on the beach and in the sea. I was born in Seabourne Nursing Home, just in from the cliff, a little further along (East) from where this photo was taken. Unfortunately there was no (...Read full memory)

My great grandfather Harry Sach was the village policeman. My father Colin Suckamore was born in the police house. My maternal grandparents Winnifred and Samuel Kingwell lived in Ridgwell Avenue with their children Dorothy, Kathleen, Muriel and John. I remember visiting Peggy’s sweet shop, Pigs the general store and the butchers. I live in London now but often return.

I was born morley maternity home 1937. Went to victoria road infants school then Cross hall school Headmaster was Mr wolfenden my teacher Mr Groves.Imovwd away ln 1948.

I attended Biscovey School in the 1950s. Larry Martin, Marlene Sutton were in my class. Miss Ellis, Mr Keating and I used to remember our headmasters name...I can see him as plain as day. ...Harold was his first name I think. My name was Eve Cooke. Does anyone out there remember......?

My nan lived in Brougham Street and her mother lived next door. I remember playing alleys in the gutter, split the kipper, taking a jam jar in exchange for a ride on the roundabout, the Sally army marching along the streets, the corner shop selling Uncle Joe's mint balls, taking an old medicine bottle of water and a pickled onion butty to the park, playing on the bomb sites and Dr Pugh.

Talking last night of childhood holidays, my thoughts always go back to Tyn Y Morfa. Travelled by train from Chester General to Talacre station in the late 40's and it seemed a long way away, later in my youth cycled there from the Wirral. Thought I'd google and there it is, a wonderful copy of a postcard. Can you make out a tiny (...Read full memory)

just trying to see if shes remembered she was from the west midlands and lived here a long time x

Just missed your Dad i started at Kango's March 1965 till August 1970 good days

I think the woman in the picture was Betty Perks.

Seeing the picture from Sandhurst Halt brings back good memories of my youth in the 60's. The shop in the centre was the newsagents where we would exchange R. Whites and Coronal bottles found on the building sites for sweets and fags! The small garage just past the newsagents was Thompsons, he sold air rifle pellets. (...Read full memory)

I used to go to one of the schools in Feltham. My surname was POPPE. I do remember my mum used to have a friend name. Mrs King she had a daughter Patsy King. My mum was Polish and there was FIVE children in total. Please can anyone help me to learn about my past. Liz

In the 60's the tower was derelict but us children could get across the very unsafe wooden bridge across the moat and explore the inside. Very dangerous with rotten floors and deep drops!

I remember a shop called Young Styles.... near the iron bridge. Was the ‘in’ place to be seen in the mid 80s.... two tone skirts, y cardigans, tonics, stay press, ‘arringtons. Loved spending my paper round money in there!

Can anyone tell me where Blake's Point is? I think it's near to Lydbrook but not too sure. Any help identifying this would be great. Many thanks

My Mum worked at this Hotel as a barmaid for many years, and behind the pub was a hall used by Henry Fermer school of which i was a pupil. When KIng George V1 died i found out from my Mum in 1951. I attended the above school until 1955 when i went to the Crowborough county secondary school, my favourite subject (...Read full memory)

I was also at Port Regis for a time from around 1949/50 when I was around 5. Not a happy place for me and some of the memories still haunt til this day.

Hi , can anyone help. My great grandparents Kate and William James Collins lived at 1 The Hollies, approx. date 1930,s the cottage is still standing on the A41, just on the corner before you turn into Wetherby way. I have only one picture of my Grandmother standing with members of our (...Read full memory)

It was a very nice post office modern in style a large post office with a sorting post office at the back i used to walk past the post office to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon. To Ton boys junior school. the building on the far right was the Windsor Hotel so called Hotel which it was not the bus used to (...Read full memory)

Anyone recall a family called the pyes? My dad Terry SHEARAN who sadly passed away 4 years from alzheimers. Often spoke of them.. With their really short hair but with tufts at the front.. My grandad wa s willy.. My dad had 5 brothers and lived caerau Rd..y other grandad was Tommy mac.. Hope some one remembers.. I think my grandad Tommy lived with Annie halfyard..

Our family lived in Mark Street until about 1953 when we moved to Whitby Gardens, Holy Cross. Attended St Aidans school, Willington Quay left in the summer 1955. Worked down the Rising Sun until June 1959, the enlisted in the Army for six year. During my military service I gain experience in Admin, Finance, etc. (...Read full memory)

I lived in Caishowe Road in 1948.My Grandparentslived in Edulf road and I used to visit them every school day on my way home. The 'village' as it was known then had a Cafe called Hanson s..Does anyone remember?They had the best icecream. It was a family run business. My father used to work at Keystones near the shop. We lived in Borehamwood for 19 years.

My mother owned a dress shop in twickenham...and as I grew up I remember the swimming pool...which we broke into at night...about 1970...remember Pete Townsend wanting to rent our garage....and The Crown ballet school which was owned by the mother of Bonny for Eel Pie island...unfortunately I was too (...Read full memory)

My wife & I now own Fairy Glen, for the last 6 years. We found a picture of a 1st world war soldier by the dress of him & wondered if anyone knows who he might be ?.

Anybody remember Pesci the fish and chip shop near car path. You could either sit down and eat or take away.

I remember John Peach and the Turner boys, Michael and Mickey, from Chetnole. Stella Gould and Alan Garrett. A boy called Dale Vine who died from childhood leukaemia sadly and his brother Darren. Also Paul Benton who later died about 1977 from a horrible motorcycle accident in Yetminster.

My family on both my mother and father's side at one time came from Whitchurch. My gran and great granny were born there. My great granny never left the town in all of her 92 years,she died in 1948 after having 11 children. Looking at these photos i know that the must be relations in them as back in the early 1900 we were related to (...Read full memory)

The YMCA had a British Boys for British Farms (BBBF) Training Centre in Burscough at Williamson House from 1941 - 47. I would like to know where it was and to find people who were in or had connections with BBBF. My email address is:

I have very fond memories of DJing at the Bue Lagoon Battlesbridge on Sunday nights for many years. Great friends from Wickford and our hosts Joe & Doreen Dod! Through the 60s Ricky Racoon

It seems my family have routes in Draycott and there are several graves in the cemetery with the Barber name on them.My grandfathers cousin Frederick Barber joined the army and was killed in action on the 27th of May1918.My son and I were able to be in France at his grave on the 100th anniversary of his (...Read full memory)

We lived at 66 lancaster road Family of 5 Went to davis lane school Headmaster was called mr knowels! I remember he died while i was still at the school and replaced by mr windsor Loved playing in the fields, in the morning just before school started! Happy memories, was sad when they tore down half of lancaster, including my (...Read full memory)

My GGGGreat Grand Father had the big red house at the end of the main road beside the bridge and this was a pub called the red lion. He had it until his death in 1825. His name was James Fynn and his wife Martha. She died soon after and left five children.

The shop in the middle left of this picture is number 11 Farncombe Street, a drapers shop and the birthplace of John George (Jack) Phillips. His actions as the chief wireless operator on the Titanic helped save many lives. A blue plaque was placed on the building which now occupies the position where this shop was in 2017.

The footbridge over to Eel Pie Island did not open until 9th February 1957, when folk were invited to a "Grand Gala Opening Night - A Three Band Session" at Eel Pie Island Jazz Club. They were treated to Cy Laurie, Bill Brinskill's Jazzmen and The Alpha Jazzmen Many thanks for the information - we will update our database to read c1960. Ed.

Hi yes I remember my time at the hospital well,I worked in the play therapy from 1971 to 1976. I loved working at the hospital and have many happy memories. I worked as a night nurse for two years and lived in the nurses home. What fun we had in there,managed to upset Mrs glacier as (...Read full memory)

Hi, my name is William (Bill) Cork. I was at Tylney Hall in the middle 1950's. Does anyone remember me? On Guy Fawkes night we used to have a bonfire. One year, a boy in our dormitory ran away and told four of us not to tell. However, he was picked up and when asked if he had told anyone, he named us. We were (...Read full memory)

It was so good going through all the photos. I worked in Coram Court from 1968 until 1970 and I loved every minute of it. The photos brought back a lot of happy memories.

I was here in 1957 recovering from pneumonia. I was sent through the motor panels where my dad worked. I was seriously home sick as my dad didn't have a car so I only saw them once the whole time I was there.wendy benn

I lived at Welling and went to Little Danson School and Hook Lane School. When I was 11 years old in 1942 I went to Westwood Girls Secondary School until 1945. I was then 14 and could have gone to work, but I took the entrance exam for the ‘Tec and spent two happy years there. I left at 16 (...Read full memory)

I am trying to research my Grandfather's family history with a struggle but i do know on his marriage certificate he worked at Nant Farm. His name was JAMES OSCOUGH JONES, unable to find his birth record so possible adopted. He married my Grandmother Mary Lewis who at the time was working at Shop Newydd. If anyone (...Read full memory)

Help We are looking for anyone who might now of my mum she was there from the year 1955 to 1961. Please CONTACT myself Michaela elphick on facebook or email myself

This is the Royal Oak pub in Pirbright. Many thanks for this information - we will update our records. Ed.

My great Grandfather John Johnston was the licensed victualler around 1896. I believe the pub changed its name to the Eagle and Child and is now a restaurant. Anyone have any connections to this family he had two daughters Elizabeth and Raine. He then moved to Julian Street. I believe he is buried at St Leonards Corve (...Read full memory)

does any one remember the sweet shop at brixton hill , my uncle jim ralph had it lived there with his wife gladys and 3 sons, year about 1950

We lived in Warwick Road Ealing W5 from the very early 1960s. I remember a real French onion seller doing his rounds on a bicycle and blind first world war veterans selling matches outside W H Smith. Also the final years of real smog when taxis wouldn't take you anywhere from the cab rank on Haven Green. The drinking (...Read full memory)

Seeing the photo of the 'Northwood Hills Hotel' and the tall 'office' building beyond, took me back to recall 'The Cleopatra Restaurant' that was in the building, next to the hotel, in the mid-60s. Apart from working in the toy shop (...Read full memory)

I worked in Sainsbury and pearks then that changed to maypole then liptons.can anyone remember the name of the store that sold tv and radio fridges and such,it was the fhw end.double was run by a guy named Mick..was chatting with a friend but just can't remember it's name.thank you.

My grandmother was in service at Cholderton House for several years from about 1929 to 1931, but left when she was 20 to get married. Her name was Ida Gladys Lever and she was from the village of Chilmark . According to my mother, she was very happy during her time at Cholderton House, and always said how nice her (...Read full memory)

I'm now of the age 79years, i't must have meant a lot to me, a 2week break at Wrens Warren. It must have been about 1951/53 when I was there with my school, Sir Hugh Middleton, they were all wooden dormatories, a small stream running in the dip across which we used to jump on our cross country run. When I (...Read full memory)

Does anybody know which road it would have been? Up to age 3 I lived at Coal Aston between 1957 and 1960. I have a vague memory of my Mum pushing me in the pram and myself walking on this steep road.....

I remember attending Burnt Oak Secondary Modern Boys School in the early 1960’s. My class was T1. Any memories?

I remember going there on many occasions in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Catching the bus from Hessle Road (we lived in Bean Street) and this was a great day out for kids “in the country” The method we used of getting to the quarry was to go under a low, dingy and usually muddy tunnel/bridge actually under the railway line. (...Read full memory)

My sisters were both married here. As kids we would hurl fencepost sticks to get the conkers to fall from the horse chestnut trees every September - not always mindful of the cars passing by.........

This was ‘Denny Stone’ menswear store - Mr Stone lived in Petworth Rd. He had a son - Roger - who had a souped-up Austin A35 which was allegedly capable of 100mph, which he demonstrated while giving me a lift to Milford to my girlfriend’s house. My knees were knocking when I got out......

I moved to Harold hill in 58 from shoreditch to Montgomery crescent then to 49 gooshays drive and my sisters Pat,Brenda and Sandra my brother Paul came in 63.I moved to Australia in 1978 with my wife Jacqueline and now live in Perth. WA I have good memories of the hill Mead school and harrowfields .Had (...Read full memory)