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I am interested to here from anyone who lived in Seafield Road between 1956 and 1958.

My Great Grandmother, Henrietta Sheedy nee Gladdish used to live there. I believe Her daughter Ruth Married William Phillips and they are both buried In the Churchyard. We have visited your lovely Village. I would to pay it another visit. M Williams

Does anyone remember Violet McKinnell who was living and working in Margate in 1957/58. She was living at 26 Fort Crescent at the time and was a hotel chambermaid. I think this address was probably a hotel and I guess that she would have therefore "lived-in". Violet was originally from Belfast. (...Read full memory)

Hi I was born at Chester Nursing Home - 11 Stanley Place, Chester in April 1943. I am wondering what happened to the Nursing Home and if anyone can give me a some history and photograph of the building it was situated in, I left the UK in 1965 for Canada but each time I go home I visit Chester. As a child I loved going to the (...Read full memory)

I lived in Valentines Way Rush Green in 1940’s, as I remember it was a cu-de sac with fields opposite, with my parents , sister Shirley and brother John, I did not go to local school, was at St Mary’s RC in Hornchurch then Romford College so only friend was my next door neighbor Henen, I also remember a sweet shop in Rush Green, sweets on ration so only went on Saturday.

My father in law grew up in Cornwall in the 1920's he was Desmond Rowe and had a sister born 1923 called Cynthia Joan Rowe, his mother was Maud Mary Rowe and they lived in No 1 New Row in Treskillard, I have been researching the family now for 20 years and have lots of information but sadly no photo's, does anyone (...Read full memory)

my late father was a driver with green line buses in romford, and the greenline families association would send their children to california in england as we knew it for day trips on the railway that ran through the woods ,as well as the large vessel on the lake that took us round what to us then seemed a huge lake , as (...Read full memory)

The little shop was owned by my father Ernie Garnett. He worked long hours with just half day closing for a few hours on a Wednesday and then back for the Leicester Mercury to be delivered.

I am trying to learn if the evacuees from London (abt. 40-60 children) came to Felsted in 1939 and some stayed at The Hole Farm (previously recorded as Nunn's Farm) when it was two cottages (today one house). Did any stay at the Mill, which other house or Farm or did some children stay at The Glitch of Bacon Pub etc? I (...Read full memory)

I was born here in June 1963

I worked on the Croydon Advertiser from about 1959 to 1963 and met my wife Frances Dowsett, who was also a reporter there at the office in High Street. We used to lunch most days at Batty's Bar, upstairs in a pub on the corner of George Street opposite the Advertiser. We often ate in the evening if we had a late job at a (...Read full memory)

Worked on the 5th/6th floor of Central House for several years in the late 60s /early 70s for the Inland Revenue. The 7th floor was occupied by Commercial Union Insurance Company and the 3rd and 4th floors by Bradford Council. The building was largely glass and single glazed leading it to be far too hot (...Read full memory)

Mrs Minnie Wraight was my grandmotherf. When we were bombed out of our house in Deal in 1942, we stayed with her and my Grandfather, Walter Wraight, for a while then moved next door into the Old Bakery, where Teddy Weston was the baker. We stayed here until the end of the war when we were eventually able to return to our (...Read full memory)

I used to ride my cycle from Blacksmiths Lane in South Hornchurch to fish in Berwick Ponds in late 50's and early 60's. I have good memories of sitting on the bank on many a Sunday listening to "Round the Horn", "Billy Cotton's Band Show" and "Hancock's Half Hour" playing on my little battery transistor radio, (...Read full memory)

Was a patient for six weeks in summer of 1966. World cup celebration times (England won it that year) and sunshine though I was sad then. An amazing mix of patients; from young people (including me) to professional people, business and pilots. Met some very pleasant female patients there also. But never kept in contact, (...Read full memory)

Spent two holidays in Tenby around 1955/6 mornings spent on the beach. Afternoon spent exploring usually by bus. No car then. We came down from Cheshire on the train. The journey being part of the holiday. Stayed in board and lodging at Gibraltar Terrace. Think the landlady was Swiss. She made my sister and I a beautiful rabbit jelly (...Read full memory)

I went to Stanhope castle from 1975 to 1977. I do understand that there was a lot of physical abuse that happened. It happened to me too. I am trying to get to the truth about Stanhope castle. a lot has been covered up which I am trying to uncover. Doing this I am never going to give up I am fighting for the truth no (...Read full memory)

Hello all My mum Doreen Ashton (coleman) Came second in this compertion 1964 I was a 1 year old, and 1 of three girls at the time My mum was always glamerous and beautifull Does anyone recal these contests ? I am searching for perhaps in the local paper at the time, and pictures, Thank you Lesley

Does anyone remember the name of this hotel. I stayed there when I was doing a short course for a bank in 1967? Anyone remember staying there then. It had a very fancy name. I was a bit home sick as it was the first time I had gone away on my own from home for work. It was in the winter (...Read full memory)

hi, as a child I lived in the prefabs on Rye Hill Park, now flats. I remember the Rossi ice cream horse and cart that used to stop at the bottom of the hill and lemon ice was my favourite. The park was our playground and my brother fell in the stream on numerous occasions, much to my mum’s horror. We had a white westie (...Read full memory)

I attended Hounslow Heath Infants and then HH Primary School in the fifties. Mr Such was our headmaster and I remember Mr Gilbert as my class teacher who also ran the school soccer team, of which I was a member. I also played for Heston & Isleworth and Middlesex as a junior whilst attending HHPS. I was a football tragic! I don't (...Read full memory)

My memory and the memory of my 2 sisters was horrendous, it was like consentration camp. They would force you to eat dinners you did not like and if you didn't eat it you would be made to sit all night on the floor no covers nothing. My mother would send clothing and food parcels and we would never get them. There is a (...Read full memory)

My Great Grandmother had two brothers who lived in Newington or Walworth, South London. This would be the area between Camberwell and Kennington to the South and The Elephant and Castle and The Borough, Southwark to the North. They were born around 1843, and lived (...Read full memory)

Hi, my name was Christine Sanderson and I lived in Rydal Ave from1963. Before that on Pembertons Bank. My dad Jack Sanderson, was passionate about the village, and wrote 10 local history books about Easington Lane. He also had dozens of photographs. There is now a display of photographs in ELCAP, ( old Welfare) in the Brickgarth. Well worth a visit.

I lived in Gardenia road as a child and my father used to go here on a Thursday night as they had some sort of gun club. a relic from the war I think. They also always had a fish stall on a Sunday Lunch time . Winkles and shrimps. I also had a Saturday job in the snack bar in the pool one Summer I couldn’t have been very old, I (...Read full memory)

My Great Grandmother had two brothers who lived in Newington or Walworth, South London. This would be the area between Camberwell and Kennington to the South and The Elephant and Castle and The Borough, Southwark to the North.

I had a part-time job at this Petrol Station in 1969 when I secured a job in Canada and left England, never to permanently return. I was working full-time in Portsmouth Dockyard at the time, but this station provided much needed spare cash. My first car was an Austin A35 (1956 vintage I think) and this station provided me (...Read full memory)

Every year dad would take me and my 4 sisters and 3 brothers to merebrook caravan park for the whole duration of the 6 week summer holidays. We absolutely loved it. We made loads of friends down there. Can anyone remember us. Wally and Chris (mum and dad) Annette julie mandy Dianne Ingrid (me and my sisters) Martin (...Read full memory)

I started school at Black Lake in 1951 just as I turned 5.. Cannot see how the school I remember fitted on the piece of land that is a garden and small road now. Thirty years later went to work at A.P. Factory across the road from the school as a cook..

I was born here at 2 Ermine St which was a Police house. My father was PC to the community to 1966 when he was transferred to Grantchester to serve as village Bobby. Dolly Landen was the duty delivery nurse on 27.11.59 the date of my birth. I attended the local Sunday school.. a tiny hut. I also attended the local junior school under Mrs Sadler. Fond beginnings fond memories.

I use to be there in 1964. My name is Jacqueline beckett then . I remember a girl next to me name ugen and a boy name michael.he was quite tall. And a small boy name lesley he had red hair .he was my mate as well .anymore out there please contact I'd love to chat with

Does anyone remember the Arndale market when it first opened and the first several years?if you went in the market entrance opposite where peackocks is now,turn immediate right and walk straight on,on your right there was a stall which sold hair products,the man that owned it was tall and had a deep voice,there was a stall which (...Read full memory)

Started school in Daviot primary aged nearly six in 1958. Only there a short time. My brother who was six years older was also there. My amity lived in an old house a few miles away and my mum took me to school on a bicycle. Dad worked as a baker delivering from a van. Can't (...Read full memory)

Hi I have just read the article "memories of St. Peter's and Broadstairs" by Ronald Taylor, written in 2012. His memories of his childhood in St Peter's could have been mine, I remember everything he mentions including my brothers making go karts to go down Joss Bay hill. I, like his family still live here but (...Read full memory)

I am struggling to find much about this highly-respected doctor who lent his name to Deri Park - once home to Rainham Town football club. I know that in the 1950's he had a surgery in Rainham (Wennington Road?) and another in Blacksmiths Lane, South Hornchurch and that he was a school governor at Whybridge School. I was told (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the petrol station being built on the corner of Mill Road where it joins Purfleet Road around 1969/1970. An Esso station now I think, but then it was ABCO - (with a big orange and black triangular logo) I worked for Alan Pond Group at the time. The company was a pioneer in introducing self-service petrol (...Read full memory)

I remember the Button in Luton,I think it was just menswear but it was expensive posh clothing and they were tailors also I think.My dad got a suit in there and we went to the counter to pay.The shop assistant wrote a receipt on carbon paper,my dad paid him the money he gave my dad one copy of the receipt and the other copy (...Read full memory)

I attended this school from about 1952 through 1956 completing my 11 Plus before moving on to Cowplain Boys School. We lived in Potwell, where my father was Chauffeur Gardener for the Dr. Eden family in (the amazing to me) Potwell House. We lived in a rather primitive tithe cottage that has since been (...Read full memory)

It's a shame that there are no memories of South Hornchurch yet - so let me be the first. I lived in Blacksmiths Lane from birth in 1947 until I married in 1973, but retained close links as I was also the local "Man from the Pru" (Insurance Agent) for a few years. I went to Whybridge School and then (...Read full memory)

In about 1964 I belonged to Marley Motorcycle Club which l think was based at Marley school in Dagenham. The club used an old barn at Stubbers in Ockendon to "hang out". We had a basic kitchen, a few old sofas and parked the motorbikes right outside. We had some great times, barbeques and rides out to be track marshalls (...Read full memory)

I lived at the Carrow at the same time as Don Colley. I think his wife was Pam and daughters Catherine and Cassie. My little girl was Colleen. It was a wonderful place to live. We were so thrilled because after living in a small terrace house in Banbury with no central heat, the central heating system at the (...Read full memory)

My name is Richard Chivers and I was born in 1961 at Sycamore Close off Park Avenue Bushey, my first school was Highwood junior my teacher was Mrs Brickhill, funny how you can remember someone's name over 50 years ago. My mates I used to play with where my neighbour Andy Mills, last known to be living in New Zealand, and (...Read full memory)

1942-1945 I , Nancy Callachan was sent there by Dr Cuthbert DUNDEE because I had asthma and Bronchitis and lived in the slums of Likybank Road Dundee.My father Gorge Hendry Callachan was in France Ww11 and .my mother Annie Burnett stayed home with my 4 brothers in a 2 room tenement house iLilybank (...Read full memory)

My father bought Gills garage in 1961 from the Berry family and we lived there until 1975 when it was bought by Bobby Howes and my dad retired.I have any very happy memories of living in and have to say I loved every minute.godmanchester was a very close knit community then and everyone knew everyone else. It really is a delight to see photographs from those days.

My father nick nichol of carefree travel cheshunt used to organise film shows at wolsey hall every year.he showed cine films of hotels and resorts he visited to help people choose their next holiday destination. And he gave out tasters of Spanish sangria.

We used to deliver sidecars and boats made at paddy ravens to pride and Clark stockwell London.

Trying to find my father's family. Reg as living here 1936. Family name KIRK. William j.

I lived in Saxbys Garden Cottage in 1963 and worked in what was then called Gordon House - a Care Home. My friend Jo and I were there for 6 months only. It was while I was working there that I found out Gordon House was once called Gainsford House and when I last drove to the village I saw it is once again holding its (...Read full memory)

Born in plantation street , went to the infants school and then wellington school and bedwellty grammar. Moved to nursery crescent and then to garden city . Loved those days just hanging out with friends , camping ,playing footie , couple of those friends passed away now but (...Read full memory)

I moved to St Andrews Avenue from a prefab in Harold Wood with my parents and my baby sister when I was 9. I went to Dunningford school which was really handy as our house backed on to the pathway that led to the school so I could nip over the fence if I was late. I remember Mr Morgan as one of the teachers (...Read full memory)

I remember many families that stayed in Orchard Terrace Mr and Mrs Swan - I am married to Doreen their Grand Daughter Me and Mrs Horne, Lilly, Maureen and Sandy Mr and Mrs Mewhorter Mr and Mrs Sloan Mr and Mrs Quinn Mr and Mrs Barclay I had a brilliant time growing up in te area around Kilbagie. My parents were Mr and Mrs Halbert No8, No9 and No7

What was the name of the hardware store in Clare road back in th 60s?

The May and Baker factory, close to the railway station at Dagenham East was once one of the largest factories in the area. The company was best known for developing the drug quinine to combat malaria, often simply referred to as M&B tablets. It manufactured and distributed all sorts of chemicals, agrochemicals (...Read full memory)

I attended Ayr Academy when it was a primary school but left at the end of P.4 when that department closed. But I returned in 1963 after passing the eleven plus, much to my primary school teacher's surprise. So many memories of school. Wandering around between classes in the first year following the pretty senior girls. We all had a (...Read full memory)

I was born in Brook Street in the end of terrace house next to Rooksby's, the butchers shop at the junction of Horsa Road, and lived there until I was married at the age of 21. My aunt (Elizabeth) Cis Luck and uncle Percival lived next door. Cis was my fathers sister. Our house was opposite the (...Read full memory)

I worked in SNOB for 7 years full time and a couple part time . Loved it , have a few photographs, and still in contact with 3 of the girls ( well we are in our 60s now 😬 . Great memories , loved all the clothes, spent most of my wages on just clothes in those days 🎀 .My name was Jenni Hitchcock then (...Read full memory)

The shoe shop only closed in 2016 so it was a feature of the Gt Whyte for more than 50 years.

Great picture, however it's of Lascelles Park not Upton Park. Many thanks for the information - our Archivist has now updated our database, Ed.

When I was a kid, in the early 50's I lived in Tilehurst, and an excursion on our bikes was to ride to Sulham Woods, look for rabbits, adders and pick bluebells. The best part was to go down to Tidmarsh and sit in the stocks and pretend to be poor peasants. I can't find any history of the pillory now, but it is clear in my mind, as (...Read full memory)

i was at etton pasturses school 1978-1984 there not alot i remember about that school but i remember mr bunn pe teacher and my name is erich green

My name is William ( Bill) Pickering .I was born 28.9.1942. and lived at No.17 Davison Terrace Sacriston. I attended Sacriston Modern School. I attended St.Peters Church and I was in the Choir for a while. I also was a member of the Boys Brigade in Sacriston. I have many Happy Memories of my life in Sacriston and would love to share them. Best Wishes to anyone that knows me.

As a student at Southend High School for Girls in the 1960's, I remember our swimming lessons at the Westcliffe Swimming Pool - and I hated them! Unlike today, the water was cold and our instructors showed little empathy to those of us who were frightened of the water. Luckily, I learned to swim as an adult which has stood me in good stead for my life in Australia!

We used to visit Maggie Cook's on our way home from school if we were lucky enough to have been given tuppence

I also remember this tower as my Great grandmother, Elizabeth Welham lived under the tower when I was a boy. This would be in the late 1940's/ 1950's. The door to her rooms was just inside the archway and you would take one step down into a small kitchen. It was very dark inside, but homely as granny always cooked (...Read full memory)

I was shocked and saddened when looking on Google Street view recently to find the M&B factory gone, with just a few of the old roadways and outlines of buildings left as testament to the years of work, sounds and smells that used to be. My father Stan Wilson worked as a (...Read full memory)

Born 1946, Wilmington gdns. Memories abound of my sister as carnival queen, going to the fair and winning goldfish that always died. Fishing for tiddlers in the park. Even had a stranger help me to tell the time in the park, harmless but would be classed as something different now. I remember getting in to watch the football (...Read full memory)

My father Stan Wilson grew up in a cottage on the marshes at West Thurrock where his father was the resident engineer for the adjacent Pumping Station (Sewage?). The 1939 census shows the family comprised Robert Wilson and his wife Rosa Wilson (nee Crates) and 4 children Bob, Rose, Stan (...Read full memory)

I was supposed to have been born at the Green.. ended up being at Tynemouth... So I missed out on a commemorative silver spoon given to kids born in wallsend on the day the Queen Mother visited Wallsend.. 1.10.1954.. My family lived at 18.Charles St. The Cotcher's.. my nanna Annie. Uncles Bob, Joe, Dad..Jimmy.. Mam Thelma.. I have (...Read full memory)

My ggg grandfather, Robert Skelton, farmed here 1825 - 1838. In his early days there he also looked after the duck decoy at Stocks Hall. My gt grandfather, John Skelton, was born at Modney Hall Farm in 1827.

There were the Cardricks who lived at the top of Tilehurst Lane and Terrace Road and were a family of carpenters. Then there were the Carpenters who had the garage near the Standard Corner in Terrace Road and the Timms with the other garage and breakers yard in Terrace Road(now South) . The Dennis (...Read full memory)

I was born in Southlands hospital in 1932. In 1935 I moved into 14 West Road Fishersgate and (when old enough)went to Fishersgate Infant school. In 1943 we moved into 21 Fishersgate Terrace, which at that time was on the corner of Laylands Road, it was demolished to clear the way for the rebuilding of (...Read full memory)

Hi Laura, Is your cottage to the right of the passage way? If so, that was my first ever property. I bought it in 1976 for about £8000. Nigel

My name is Robert Mellor , my grandfather was Percival Thomas Mellor and as a young boy I used to be taken to my grandfathers relatives at Uttoxeter. We visited two farms there which were joined together, both were dairy farms the top farm was run by a man who I called uncle Tom and the bottom by a woman I called aunt (...Read full memory)

I was at Cedar House from 1963 to 1968 I was one of the girls to go onto the school in Rutland but for the life of me can't remember what it was called. I have very different views on Cedar House some very happy and fun others not so much. I remember Mrs Button, her big fur coats and her wigs, I remember being in the main house (...Read full memory)

Just outside the entrance of the Odeon was a Police phone box (Tardis) you can just about see it.

I too remember the stepping stones, just past them was a kind of a cave. The picture shows the chequers tiles. There was a bit of a hill behind them, we used to rolly-poly down the hill. My sisters would Putt on the putting green or play tennis. There was a little shop where you coud get tea and bags of Smiths Crisps with a little Blue bag of salt.

On the right of the picture is Eltham Corn Stores, a Pet shop. My mother worked there for many years. Next door there was a Chinese restaurant 'The Three Yen' run by a Chinese lady who claimed to be Scottish! We knew her as Auntie.

Remember Guinea gap baths in 60s.Dick took my swimming lessons and taught me to swim.Drink of bovril afterwards from vending machine!! Used to also play outside the baths sliding down grassy hill on cardboard.Then to the cake shop and then walk home to Lea road.Happy days!!As a kid you could go and play anywhere without fear and just have fun.

My name doesn't realy matter however I was born in King Edward road in 1973 !, the oval and claxey Rock was my playground ,,,l had a lot of good mates and relatives in and around the oval we would play curbs , tiggy , hidey , with the likes of the barrellas the dorrans, kemp, qwallies, the dobsons , good times ...everybody had (...Read full memory)