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My daughter used to go riding at Miss Bush riding school. I used to take Akki German Shepherd MISS Bush dog for a long walk over the common great fun good memories
I attended Benfieldside Junior School to around 1963/64. I think the headmaster was Mr Appleby and my teacher Mr Watchman who was a prisoner of war and taught the class some German (which I still remember!) My family emigrated to New Zealand but the stories of the school and the red dust still touch me.
My father was stationed in Lakenheath, England in 1963. My mother and 2 brothers followed 3 months later - I was 12 at the time. Coming from Texas, November in England was a shock, and it was the coldest winter they'd had in 60 years. We rented a flat in Newmarket, in what had been the Carlton Hotel. We always joked about the layout - it was 99 feet of hallway from the front door the to the master bedroom at the back ...see more
De Brome now seems such a long time ago , all we have have is memories of how things were. How schools now are, from the former years we enjoyed or did not. I often wondered how all the kids we new then are doing with their lives. I was born in 1945 in sunningdale Ave , this road was opposite the REX cinema in hanworth. Prior to de Brome school I went to orial school junior and senior school. My name is ...see more
We used to stay at the Atlantic in the 1960’s and I am now doing research into the history of Polzeath. The Terrace was built I believe in the 1898 and it was part of the Pentireglaze Estate which I think was owned by the Lanhydrock estate but sold off in the 20’s bit by bit. The hotel (opened 1903) on a map of 1924 is shown to have been rented (?) by Mrs Macmillan and Mr T Williams. There is a possibility that ...see more
I clearly remember arriving at 'Ellerslie' a large detached Victorian house situated in the suburb of Edgerton near Huddersfield. The house had been used as a nurses' training centre by 1960. It was a pleasant day in April 1966 when I arrived in Dad's Austin A35. Dad got my luggage out of the boot and I walked up to the grand entrance of the building ...see more
So many memories i don't know where to begin! I remember learning to ride at New Park Road Stables. The wooden stairs going up to the office above the stalls to book in. Vodka and Gin the greys, Cossack, Cherry Brandy,Wellington the roman nosed Bay gelding, Janet the lady who ran it from Epsom racing stables....oh so much, Arthor Clouting from aunt bought a bay hogged cob mare from ...see more
I went to Hayling Island Suntrap Residential School run by the borough of Harringay . I believe it was around 1975. I stayed there for about 12 to 18 months. I had chronic asthma and people thought it would be best to go to Suntrap for the sea weather. I had a lovely time there and certainty improved my health. The teachers were very caring and though I was around 8 to 9 at the time, overall was a good ...see more
I lived at Hithermoor Farm,Stanwell Moor from birth in 1951 until 1973.We farmed part of the Reservoirs and a large chunk of Greenhams Gravel Pit land. Many happy memories.Started school at Shortwood,Staines in 1956 with Mrs McLoughlin as teacher.Then school moved to Lord Knivets at Stanwell with Mr Fox and Mrs Staples.I always remember Mrs Lavender,the Caretaker giving us boys conkers.After about a ...see more
I was at this school from about 1961- 1966 after passing the 13+ exam. I went to Hall Place first, what a wonderful place it was! I remember Miss Moore who was the headmistress, we had Mrs. Hodgson for geography and Mrs. Kendrick for sports. My name then was Ruby Little, but I hated my first name and changed it to Victoria now Mrs Fenlon, as soon as I could! I think at the 'big' ...see more
I was born in Headley and attended this school in and in this photo it does not look much different from how I remember it, except there was a tree in the playground that we used to climb. We had to walk up the village green to an annexe for our next class before the junior school. My Mum (and her siblings) also went to this school, she was born and spent the majority of her life in Headley. The school is now an Antique Shop.
Although I was born in Nantwich (1956), in the Barony hospital, I grew up in Crewe until the age of about twelve. We lived in Ellis Street, which then, if memory serves me right, only had three houses, even though we were in number 8! Most of the street (on our side) was taken up with a high brick wall with broken glass on top. The road was not paved, but I think there was one streetlight between the house and the ...see more
I lived there with my parents and my father Douglas Petrie he was the curator and the person who set it up. He and I are in some of these pictures. Jeremy Petrie. born 1965 Thank you for this correction. As you can see, our database has now been updated. Many thanks Ed.
Does anyone remember my mum Jean Manning? She was sent to the school before she had really bad psoriasis all over her body. She was only a young girl when she was sent there from London to the school. Mum would love to hear from any one that remembers her so she can share her memories with as she very alone at the moment due to her losing her sight which is heart breaking for her. Would love to hear back from anyone at all? Many thanks again 🙏 Michele Manning
When I was 5, my family moved to Lancing in 1952, from a flat above Elliott's Shoe shop, Brighton Road, Purley (London), to a rented a shared home "Suva" on the Brighton Road, Lancing - a stones throw from the beach. In 1953 we moved just round the corner to "Greenways", 32 Lancing Park, the last bungalow on the left. Whilst living there, from 1953-1958, my sister Carol and I met Marjorie (Midge) McLellan, who spent ...see more
It was 1952 or '53. I was one of a few young boys boarded at Hawthorns in those Post-War days. I was sequestered there while my parents toured the United States for a year. I didn't remember them when they returned. My grandmother taught at Hawthorns in those days, which is probably how I ended up there after some horrible experiences in London schools. Her name was Francis B. Ball ...see more
I lived at Briar cottage just up from Mrs Stencil's pig farm and went to Hawley county primary school during 1959 1960 I think. We then moved up Fernhill road to Manor lodge which at that time I believe belonged to the RAF and the army, what a wonderful place to live as a small child. Does anyone have any photos of either place or the area around that time please?
I did my nurse training in Huddersfield 1966 - 1969. As Huddersfield Royal Infirmary was not due for completion until after I started training, my nursing career began at Huddersfield Old Infirmary, situated in the Industrial Centre of town with its mill chimneys and soot - grimed buildings. Built in 1830 by Joseph Kay and opened in 1831, the hospital had impressive original sandstone columns identical ...see more
My parents, Nora & Harold (Jock) Palmer, lived at 112 Windmill Road, Brentford where I was brought up, along with my twin brother David and older brother Michael. Later we were joined by sister Janis and brother Jeremy but moved to Feltham shortly after in 1956. I have found a photo of 112 from 1914 when it was Edwards' Dairy, but would love to have a later photo from 1940-50s when the shop window ...see more
I attended HH from mid 70's until '78 - I left after I had taken my 'O'levels there. I remember very clearly Mrs Hewlett, Mrs Earwaker (and her laugh!), Mrs. Poulter, Mrs Turnbull and her son Ffion who drove the school bus after Mr Vaness retired (he was always covered in dog hair due to having an alsation!). I also remember finding 'presents' under the desk occasionally, after one of Mrs. Hewlett's ...see more
I was too young in the 1950’s to use the Hotel and pub but I learnt to ride at the Driftbridge Stables, that used the land, stables and coach houses from when the hotel had been a Coaching Inn. Having learnt to ride on Nutmeg, I progressed to Toby. When I was more competent I was permitted to progress from the one hour rides over Epsom Downs to the weekly two hour ride and I would ride Penny, a chestnut mare ...see more
I was born on a not very pleasant day in February 1954! We lived in the Dunkirk area of the West End below the factory/mill on Dunkirk Lane. We had "The Green" to play on, Warley Road, and then the "Top Park" further up when we were a little older. We all walked down to St. Marys Infant and Junior schools by St. Marys Catholic Church, my older sister and her friend making sure we went into school and then taking us home ...see more
I moved to Elm Park in 1960 when I was 4 years old with my mum and dad, from Hackney, East London. My dad owned and ran the Newsagents in Station Parade and we lived in the flat above the shop. I remember it was next to the green grocers, and have memories of being given slices of watermelon and eating it, standing in my paddling pool at the back of the shop, in the hot summer! There was also a pet shop and I was ...see more
Your picture of the Novi Sad Bridge in Norwich provoked many memories. Firstly it is an extremely good replica of the bridge. I've been over it many times and remember seeing it on tv the day it was bombed. Everyone over there was crying. We were crying. Some of our friends were about to cross it and were helping to rescue the injured. It was a very special place and became a symbol of Novi Sad so fabulous to ...see more
Gipsy Road in Welling where I lived as a child in the 1950's was a long one. It stretched from Okehampton Crescent near Bostall heath and woods at its north end, down to the Welling/Bexleyheath mainline railway and a short walk to Danson Park in the south. If you went upstairs to my parents' bedroom in our typically 1930's semi-detached house and looked out the big bay window, there were views to both ...see more
I was born in Purfleet in 1947 and lived in Riverview Flats opposite Thames Board Mills until leaving for University in 1966. The flats were owned by Esso where my Dad, Herbie Jarvis, was a manager. He worked there for 46 years from age 14 (pushing barrels) until retirement at 60. The flats are still there but now all privately owned. I remember all the people others have referred to and can add my ...see more
My name is Terry Hendy. I attended Suntrap school from 1956to 1961. I have very happy memories of the school and although away from home I was very well looked after and fed well. 1 saw the photo of Mr Brooks and Mr Campbell who I remember well and Mr Campbell was the cub and scout master. I was a member of both. The scout hut was the old lifeboat house on the beach. Someone mentioned a boy from Tottenham ...see more
My parents, who came to England from India in 1955, when I was 3 months old, moved to Southall in 1959, from Whitton, when I was 4. I remember Southall Broadway at that time-there was actually a saddlery business there! C. Quinion, Saddlery! Hard to imagine such a thing today, but at that time I assume Southall was “in the sticks” and people could go riding. Mum and Dad first rented the upstairs at 43 Abbotts ...see more
Hi I have just been given a batch of school reports belonging to my mother Patricia Barbary. Two reports are from Hearnville Road school 1949 & 1952. The rest is when she attended The Rosa Bassett School, Streatham. 1952-1956. Her mother was Ethel, she also has a brother called Robert and I believe they all lived with Grandma Elizebeth(Liz) in Denby Rd (now a school Hornsby House school) If anyone has any memories of this family it would be great to hear from you. Many thanks Wayne
I lived in Hopkins St for 13 years from 1953 when I was born until 1966, when we moved to North Road. I went to Stanley Grove school , the headmaster was Mr Silver. I remember neighbours The Evisons they had 2 daughters Jean and Margaret. My mum did some dressmaking for Margaret. The Plenderleifs had daughter Anne and son Billy. The Beggs had a son Mahmood who used to play out with us. The Winstanleys ...see more
I lived here from 1970 to 1973 The boys I remember were Malcolm Wilkins, Philip Eldridge, Henry fuller, Sean Cope. Teachers were Mr Laycock, Mr Hanner, Mr Trelforth, Mr Clegg, Mr Beardsall and Miss McGuiness. Mrs Fionet was the secretary. I remember the cloakroom we all sat down in one day as someone had stolen Miss McGuiness' purse !!!! She found it !!! Days out at Toad Rock, Tunbridge ...see more
I moved to Aveley in June,1970. My family were living at 128 Teviot Avenue in the maisonettes across the road from Kenningtons infants. My teacher's name was Mrs Staines. I don't remember that much about Aveley because we moved away 13 months later when I was 5 years old. I returned to Teviot Avenue 47 years later, in 2018, but found that the flats, as I remember them, had gone. I went there to reminisce and take photos ...see more
I have fond memories of Westbury when my Dad and uncle had their garage, Reynolds Bros in Westbury, they started in Waters Lane from 1946 to 1952. When the lease ran out, they then found premises in Church Road and had a new Garage built, times were hard while it was being built. My mum used to tell me she had motor engines on the dining room table. They moved to the garage in 1952. Gilbert and Les ...see more
My name was Donna Francis and I lived at 106 Reynolds Drive with my mum, Diane Francis, dad Donald Francis, brother Colin and sister Tina. Our neighbours were Vera and George Monk, Ted and Helena Weatherly lived at 100, both my godparents. The Mr and Mrs Byford with Susan and Colin. Trevor Bradshaw electrician and builder, built our extension 1977. I went to Stag lane 69 to 77 and then ...see more
I attended Campsbourne Junior School between 1958 and 1961. I arrived during the 2nd Year at the age of 8, having moved from St Michael's School in Highgate. I was placed in the top stream and my class teachers were Mrs Atkins (2nd yr) and Mr Aston (3rd and 4th Yr). Among my classmates during this period were my best friends Raymond Souster and Christopher Mears. Also there were Alan ...see more
Around 1959 I appeared on the stage of the Davis as part of a group of Lifeboys a junior group of the Baptist church in Selsdon's organisation The Boys Brigade. It must have been a Christmas Revue as it was called Alladin Blue or perhaps billed as the title. For people unfamiliar with this organisation it was the first chidrens organisation that was formed before The Scouts. I started as an Anchor Boy equivalent to ...see more
I was born in High Wycombe in 1938 and lived there till 1945. My school-time memories were of going to Godstowe with my sister, and winning the top spelling prize in the school - an achievement never since emulated! I remember my father taking me to the hilltop and pointing to a red glow in the distance, saying “That’s London burning”. We had a couple of doodlebugs which landed in nearby fields, and we ...see more
We traveled from Missouri U.S.A. in 2015. Having reached Bonsall, Derbyshire, a kind, elderly resident told us she used to deliver meat to Mouldridge Grange for her uncle the butcher, as she pointed across the rooftops to his building. Upon asking for directions, she said it had been a long time but she thought it was in the vicinity of Brassington. We headed for Brassington where the only sign of life was in a ...see more
Like everyone else growing up in Newarthill, life wasn’t easy, as times were tough in the 50s and 60s and I suppose in many ways it is today. But back then people really had nothing, but one thing I do remember - people helped one another when it really mattered, aye they would give a pint a milk here and a cup of sugar there. The essence was, that they cared for each other and if people ...see more
Charles Peters was my Great Great Grandfather and he owned the Vale of Health Hotel in the early 1900's. He rented rooms to to the artists, including Henry Lamb and Sir Stanley Spencer. For whatever reason, Charles was so very upset with Sir Stanley that he asked him to leave immediately and burned his paintings and sketches by the side of the pond. He also owned a houses in Byron Villas, one of which he rented to D.H.Lawrence.
I spent two mostly happy years as a boarder at Downside School, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, in the early 1980s. What a beautiful place. And with the magnificent minor basilica Downside Abbey. I last returned(from London) in 2017. And was struck by how much I didn’t(couldn’t) appreciate as a 16/17 year old. Not much had changed. What wonderful memories were evoked. And the quiet pride and joy of ...see more
I worked at LPH between school and tertiary education in the mid 60s. I am horrified to read the comments on this page. For me at the time that I was there, this was a truly happy and joyful place offering holidays to Lithuanian children. We were all so happy. The little German that I remember was through working with these lovely children, playing 'foosbal' and so on . I got to cook lovely meals for them . A local ...see more
My granddad was a master baker in the shop on the corner of Northcote Road and Mallinson Road (1930's). There used to be an old advertisement painted high up on the side wall. I would love to know the name of the bakery if anyone remembers. I think there is a Gail's Bakery on this site now.
I was born at hopedean in elswick 1953. My mothers name was Eva may haddock. I wasn’t adopted but placed in a children’s home in hebburn when I had just turned 4 years of age. All my brothers and sisters were all adopted but I was the only one who wasn’t for some reason. I take it my mother resisted on me being adopted as well although I don’t know why. Unfortunately my mother died in 2002 I believe, and as ...see more
Paul Andrews here was at barwick 75 until 80 whe I joined the army at 16 which saved me a extra 2 years of being there
February was a very sad time for all my family. There was a light at the end of a very sad day. My youngest son took me to Wednesbury, Old Park Rd, Dudley, and my home 5 Wells Rd. The day was brilliant, parked right outside my family home. Went running over the bandstand and running up to the memorial cross. Looked across the trees - there it was - when we were kids ,looking over the bushes we could see dad on ...see more
Can any one tell me what happened to miss Doller from Hassobury school she was a teacher there in 1969 there was miss eveans I like to know
My grandfather on my father's side, Jabez Herbert Henry Smith (known as Herbert) was born on 19th January 1885. At the tender age of 13 he was sent by his parents to take up a seven year apprenticeship at Devereux’s store in Lowestoft with a view to becoming a grocer. He eventually opened his own grocer shop “H.J.Smith” circa 1916 in the converted front room of a property known as ...see more
As with many of the neighbors in our road we owned two coal fires, one in each downstairs room, with chimneys to match. Keeping the fires lit during cold winters required loose coal, supplied in huge bags, to be regularly delivered. As a child this was always something of an event when the coalmen arrived in their big lorry. We usually had two bags delivered, carried from the lorry to the coal ...see more
I was born in hope hospital in 1956, we lived at 49 Tatton Street with my gran, she was Emily Pearson, my mam was Doreen Pearson, till she married my dad Jim Scanlon. Does anyone have any memories of the area or photos please? We moved to Knutsford when I was 3-4 Dave Scanlon
We moved to Pilgrims Hatch in 1971, such fun living on the Estate with a never ending hotch potch of mates to street rake with - knock down ginger, ipp dipp dog sh*t, duck duck goose, conkers and kiss chase. We'd bike to Ken Saunders sweet shop and get half ounce of Golden Virginia for Dad and penny chews or marshmallow mushrooms for us. There were Silly Syrretts the tiny grocery shop, the Butchers with ...see more
When I saw this photo, and read the memory by Jill Graham, I have to admit that tears filled my eyes. I stayed at Ashleigh with my parents and sister in the 60s. It was the first time that my parents had ever booked a holiday - before that they usually just set off in the car to an area and looked for places to stay. I was 12 when we first went there, and I can honestly say that my memories of that stay are ...see more
In 1871 my relatives were inn keepers of the cross keys pub. Names were Dorothy Hadfield and Abraham Barber. This I have just found out on my family history. They were in the pub in 1861 also and I think before that. I dont know if this is any good to anyone who lives there or who are relatives of the two people listed. It would be nice to hear from anyone who is interested in this history.
I was born in Taplow in 1957, my parents shared a house (a semi) with my grandparents. They lived downstairs and us obviously upstairs. I attended St Anthony’s Catholic School on the Farnham Rd and at that time they had only started building the church next to the school. While I was there I became a member of the 9th Slough Cub’s. I also went on to play for the cub's football team - but we never won ...see more
Hi I am Stuart Lindsay, my parents moved into the first council house on Tenter Lane no. 38 in 1950 and I was born in 1951. Sally Goozer was a favourite haunt for me and my late cousin Anthony Basham who lived in Cliff Crescent. I remember Charles Day, Barrington Cornthwaite, Janet Hinchliffe, David Gill, Susan Swaby, Peter Tuffrey, Alan and Keith Machin, the Gray twins Alan and Brian, Eddie Martin,, ...see more
Hi all, Does anyone have any memories of the twins - Bernadette and Nicolette Brady. Our early childhood is very patchy as our Irish mother, now deceased, refused to offer any information of all the time we spent in care, including foster parents. We were born in 1961, and believe we were around 4 when we entered the Convent. I can really only remember Sister Margaret Josepha who treated us well. ...see more
I joined the BARN THEATRE SOCIETY in 1970 and we put on several performances of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas in the new (1972) building opposite the Campus
Was resident at Newnham house ran by Peter prankherd and staff bullied and beaten regularly over 18mth period has was all boys under that roof. We actually lived at the back in dorms wasn't allowed in main house unless summonsed to do work or to get a beating
Hello Ken, You may remember us, the Beaven boys at number 71 or 72 (Parents Name Collins). I was born in 1945, Stephen in 1940 and Michael 1936. I went to the lovely Eardley Road Primary school before we moved to Clapham in 1954. Its now a nursery I believe. I loved the walk to school under all the enormous railway junction Bridges and at the weekend following my Brother to the Tooting Bec Lido for a ...see more
I spent my first period of nursing training in this hospital (now converted into luxury apartments I believe). I can remember its endlessly long corridor with wards off, left and right and flights of stairs to the upper floor. Oh how proud I was of my new ward uniform but equally scared as a novice student nurse, but quickly adapted and learned and before long I was doing my first stint on night duty, in ...see more
I spent many happy evenings here as a young soldier in QARANC (army nursing corps) from December 1965 until early 1967 when I was posted to Germany. Just about everyone military stationed in Aldershot congregated here at some time or another, and it was there, while undertaking my basic military traiing that I met my first real love, whom I later married. Dances were held there in the ballroom at weekends and ...see more
Down Bilsdean Creek where fresh and salt water meet, the bladderwrack rehydrating incoming tide chases tiny trout upstream to the overhanging hazel branch sanctuary of dappled dancing sunlight where they flit back and forth under the ever watchful kingfisher shimmering electric blue glints of nervous anticipation By whelk denuded tidal pools, Freddy the refugee with his rusty bike, tin can ...see more
I lived in Sudbury, Wembley and went to Sudbury primary then Wembley girls grammar We lived in Medway Gardens and had family in Beaumont Avenue. Remember the swimming pool and going to ballet classes with Suzanne Cash? Also going to De Marcos after school and getting fruit and veg from Henry Cooper. This site has brought back happy memories.
My sister Maureen and I were evacuated to Worlington Rectory, Worlington, Suffolk during World War 2. Although I was very young, we were looked after by a wonderful woman called Mrs Whitehead whose husband, I assume was the local vicar or such. I don't remember him. My recollection was towards the end of the war around late 1944/45, although my sister arrived there long before I came along, I was ...see more
My Grandfather George Thomas Cooper 1880 to 1957 lived at Hebron a Detached Victorian House ( which is opposite what today is Coopers Place, named after my late Father Phillip George Cooper 1923. to 2004 ) my earliest memory of Granddad Cooper is of him digging in the Huge Garden ( which the width ran almost from the Laurel Hedge by the Footpath from Clayhill Rd right ...see more
I loved reading the memories of South Africa Lodge. What sparked me to Google search was watching Hinterland!! It worries me that I can’t remember much! I remember Mr Liddle and Miss Gardner and Christmas parties and Boxing Day - playing outside on old boats!! I remember ripping my thumb nail off and being in a big dormitory. My best friend was Janet. But she left and I was devastated. I lived in SAL from ...see more
My friend and I now both 90 yrs old and still in daily contact! Although we live a long way from each other. My maiden name was Sheila Dwight and my friend's maiden name was Joan Byrn. We met age 5 yrs old at North Cheam infant school Molesly Drive North Cheam, then we went to the Junior School in Kingston Ave, a Mr Imber was headmaster. And then to Chatsworth Rd Girls School. Mrs Evans was headmistress ...see more
my dad Walter James Harrison lived in 2 Gold Cottages, the Stubbs i think on government road its where the fishing lakes are now. his dad Albert Edward Harrison died there in 1936. just trying to find out more about the place back in the day
I was born in December 1962 in the mother and baby home in Hopedene. I would have been there last three weeks in December and first three weeks of January. It was one of the coldest winters on record. I'd love to hear from any adoptees that were there around that time. You never know. I found my birth mam eventually and knew her for about 15 years until she died. Thanks for reading this. Thanks for sharing your lives.
I remember the boys club on Chandos crescent we used to go there 2 or 3 nights a week. All harmless innocent fun growing up around Edgware in early 1970's I lived on Buckingham Road and went to school in St Thomas at Canons Park. Thats now gone just memories left. Good ones does anybody remember me. Derek Doyle. It would be great to hear from anyone who grew up and lived around Edgware in the late 1960's early 70's Thanks
I was here with my sisters in the 1980s and I remember it as scary and horrible. There was 3 teachers i remember miss fletcher she worked in a wee tiny tiny shop with her wee white dog.miss lockie old women played piano in the play room and miss she was the worse horrible nasty made me eat sweetcorn I said I didn't like it was told eat now I was sick she made me spoon it up and eat it because I cried I ...see more
1964 and my parents announced to us kids that we were going to move to the countryside from Great Bar in Birmingham where we were all living at my grandmothers house My Father had died back when I was seven and mother had eventually remarried to a fantastic man who took on a single mother with two young children and a dream to do something better with his and therefore our lives, He was a test driver for Joseph Lucas ...see more
Please can someone remind me of the name of the Fishing Tackle Shop in Low field Street, Dartford, where I used to join/rejoin DDA&PS each year?
I was three years old when I went to Charnwood Forest for four weeks to convalesce in late spring 1949. I was recovering from pleurisy and pneumonia. My parents didn't have a car so I was collected from home in Birmingham in a black 'London' taxi. There were three children on the back seat and one boy was holding a kidney bowl on his lap because he felt sick. I sat facing ...see more
I recall as a young boy the Saw Mill that existed neat Esh Winning Colliery. It was sited just prior to where the Railway siding crossed the road at the bottom of West Terrace. It used to cut pit props which were stacked on the opposite site of the road close to the colliery. There is no indication today that this building existed. The railway is gone and so are the colliery terraces beyond where the railway ran, the only remaining building is one I always knew as the Women's Institute
In the Fifties my family used to live in Gipsy Road. Once a month, or so, I was taken to visit friends of my stepmother, Uncle Andy and Auntie Kit, who lived at the Bexleyheath end of Long Lane. This involved a long walk to get there but along the way there was a handy short cut path between Brampton Road and Long Lane. There were no houses lining this pathway but on one side was a sprawling tomato nursery ...see more
My Grandad Cecil Robert Swansborough moved into Hurtmore in 1924, he is first registered at 1 Kersland Cottages. They moved to 21?Quarry Cottages now 38 Quarry Road. They were then moved into number 3 Quarry Cottages now 51 Quarry Road. Grandad moved out of the family home (51) into the ground floor flat at no.42 Quarry road in 1962. My Dad William (Bill) Swansborough remained in the ...see more
Spent many happy hours paddling away in the little boats during the summer months when we lived in Southwold!
Does anyone have any memories of Rivermede School. Mr Dunkley was the Headmaster and Mr Kirkley was a Teacher.. Went here with many friends from our previous infants School Sunneymede . If anyone has any memories or photos would really like to see them . Thanks Tina Beeston