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I left Powell Corderoy School Dorking in the summer of 1953 and started secondary school, Pelham when I was still ten. On our first day we were asked our ages. Several were twelve, most of the pupils were eleven. When finding out that I was ten the geography master volunteered to nappy change. This of (...Read full memory)

I am not a native of Aveley. I was born in Barking and spent most of my childhood in Dagenham. My father's sister and her husband moved to South Ockendon (Gatehope Drive) when I was very young. Every Sunday we would travel to see the 'out in the sticks' relatives. If we didn't go by van as a family, I would go on my (...Read full memory)

Although I was born in London in 1939 where my father was a master baker, we were blitzed out in 1940 and came to settle in School Road Tilehurst. My father had learnt the Grocery trade as a lad in Sainsbury's specializing in the cheese counter, He opened the shop in School road with very little stock having (...Read full memory)

I remember those names only too well Robin. On Saturday nights we used to wait till Pam and Doug closed. We would help them clear up then go to Whitstable bowling alley all night and get a free breakfast in the morning. Also remember your antic Robin making calls to anyone and saying you were a telephone engineer and getting (...Read full memory)

I'm interested in building a picture of my late father - Mr David Webb - who lived with his parents at 93 Friern Barnet Lane until he married my mum in 1957. I have inherited his large collection of classical 78rpm records - many of which were purchased from Sadd & Halsey at 821 High Road, North Finchley. I was just (...Read full memory)

I was christened there in 1960, we lived on Myrtle Grove and my Nan lived in the old Lennard House

My grandfather Francis H Page lived in Thatch End (alas no longer standing) which was black bargeboard with a thatched roof and an earth floor! He and my grandmother loved their garden. Gampie as we called him did topiary in the front garden, and grew tobacco and grapes in his greenhouse, as well as tending an (...Read full memory)

Having some difficulty commenting/doing a memory of Llangoed. Wanted to use some specific photos shown, but have not had the option to add a memory to them. Maybe because I am the first to do one ? Anyway, the photo of the Post Office. Despite being North Wales sub PO of the year earlier this century, as recently as 2012 (...Read full memory)

I remember going to the Astoria when I was 16(1967) I used to say I was 18, I suppose it was a dance hall, I remember there was a balcony where you could go and I remember that there used to be a man downstairs at the entrance, I think he was called Ron. I remember the pubs that I was able to get in at 16, The Woodman at the bus (...Read full memory)

My grandmother was born in west cornforth in 1915, her father John Doran was killed in the 1st world war in 1916 , her mother was Rebecca ward, if anyone knows of them, would be very grateful to hear from you, as trying to find out much as I can about my nans family, they lived at 20 moor street

Strange though it may seem, I spent several years at Chadwick Museum in my primary school years. I started school at St Edmund's, which was sited in the basement below the Church on St Edmund Street. From there we were sent to Chadwick Museum for several years before being then sited at St Edmund's at (...Read full memory)

When I was a child living in Stepney, I used to go to The Oxford & St George’s playcentre after school. I went to Harry Gosling School with my brothers. We would go away with playcentre to Quaremead for holidays and I loved it

I was raised in esse x road hoddesdon. The house i lived in was opposite bell and websters. It now is Sainsburys depot The school i went to was Hazelwood junior school and then onto Hoddesdon secondary school.Leaving school I became a carpenter and jjoiner, years later i got married ,had three children and emigrated to (...Read full memory)

I think it was in 1969 that I worked in San Feliu de Guixols, Spain (Costa Brava) where I met and fell in love with Patricia L. Dawe, from Barking/Essex. Pat was on holiday in San Feliu with her parents and her twin sister, I think her name was Jane. The end of that season (1969) I decided to go to England and (...Read full memory)

Our family lived in Hilton House, Swan Street from 1960 to 1971, my father ran an accountancy business which gradually occupied the entire ground floor as it expanded. I was educated at Miss Bligh's private school in Alderford Grange, along with many American children from USAF Wethersfield, and later at Grenville (...Read full memory)

Trent Park was an amazing place to go in the 60’s, after my three years studying music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. After busy London it was beautiful to take a year studying philosophy, psychology, sociology and the history of educational ideas, as well as the lovely music wing with (...Read full memory)

I started out working life at the pontypool store ,Mr Galander manager ,in the stockroom with Gwen later on the floor 'then being moved to Newport! Those were the days when ponty Meant something!! The streets were full on Fridays and Saturdays' Woolworth's store was always crowed out . Sunday the monkey parade! It seems (...Read full memory)

My name is Terry Furlong I lived in Rhymney from 1949 to 1956 I lived in Heol- twin I attended the Top School and the Annexe . I loved both my schools and the other pupils there. I still go down a couple of times a year to see my friends, but there are more I would like to get in touch with. My email is

My name is Terry Furlong I lived at 22 Alfred Street from 1947 to 1950.I was aged 5 to 8 yrs old. We had to leave Abertysswg because the local pit shaft was getting close to our houses causing subsidence.I still go back a couple of times a year , my house is still there. Regards Terry

My first memory is watching the tide come in by the London Apprentice. As it got dark the reflected lights and sound of lapping water. Sometimes walking from Kew Bridge and getting the ferry across. Later on sitting on the seat by the graveyard railings with different girl friends, and again watching the tide before going into (...Read full memory)

I'm Anthony Smith, my brother was Bobby(deceased) We lived in Peel Ave, Higher Ardwick we left in 1963 and moved to Hattersley. My sisters Are Dorothy(Dot),Valerie(deceased) and Angela.

does any one remember a bar in croydon town centre in the late 60/early 70 called the beir kellor i think it was just past where marks and spencers is now you had to go down some steps to get i used to go there but cant find any reference to it

Hope memorial camp left by Arthur hope in the 1920s, we left our school in London black heath at 8:30am on June 3rd 2019 and arrived at 4:30pm the same day. i was sick twice on the coach and twice in the toilets at the pit stops. i was one of 14 girls and 12 year 8 children who went on the trip (...Read full memory)

The photo of the Market Cross takes me back to two memories, of 1970 & 1975. On & off, I lived on the Hillmead estate from the '60's to late '70's. June 1970 - the town is full of young people, with long hair. Noisy motorcycles - mostly British - go round the Cross. The Post Office, at the (...Read full memory)

When I first moved to Worcestershire - or Hereford & Worcestershire as it was then - I had a temporary post under the Job Creation Scheme. We were working for Malvern Council, doing such delightful work as glass fibre insulation of lofts & cleaning out gutters. Being young & keen we would often run out (...Read full memory)

I had just started at my boarding school The Sacred Heart Convent In Hove Brighton when the first bomb of the war fell , we were hastily evacuated to Shropshire ,the first term we shared with another school, the next term we were at Lutwyche Hall, a massive place with a farm attached . To help with war work (...Read full memory)

This would be around the first time I visited Stonehenge - I have a clear memory of sitting on the stone in the foreground. My father was a sergeant major (REME) at the local army base, Aldershot?, in the early to mid sixties. I rather rebelled against my military background, & my next few visits to Stonehenge were for the Free Festival at the Summer Solstice, from the late '70's on.

The shop on the right is Hobleys' Ironmongers. As a youngster I would buy my fishing tackle, airgun pellets, & sheath-knives there. I would gave in awe at the new Diana & BSA airguns that they stocked - way beyond my pocket & paper round money, I had second - probably tenth! - hand items, (...Read full memory)

My goodness what a walk back in time thanks everyone for bringing back so many lovely memories. I do remember Miss Hurst and her dog who used to keep guard on me until Miss Hurst was ready to tell me off again! Miss Kelly was my form teacher and seemed to understand me and guide me. MY FRIENDS WERE christine Faulkner (...Read full memory)

During WW2 my uncle Bob was billited in the area, and my mother took me up to visit him. I was only a child, but I have a memory of being allowed to stand on this bridge while it was being turned. Was this possible? I also have a memory of being near the river and seeing some sort of factory transport system which ran on (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember the Canham family. Fred used to have a shellfish round. Chris

Anyone remember queuing up for Saturday morning pictures? The queues were long and we all looked forward to the exciting serial with cliff hanger ending each week, cowboys like Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy, cartoons like Bugs Bunny and the escapades of the children in 'Our Gang'. I think in those days Staines (...Read full memory)

I was at Bexley Technical High School for Girls from 1964 until 1971 I remember Miss Fuller and her grey suit and bun Strict but fair I also remember Miss Grainger the PE teacher and her sandals and grey skirt. Can't remember the name of the cookery teacher She called everyone a "silly pie" Miss (...Read full memory)

My memories of Wyggie girls school straddle the years 1951 to 1956. I can still remember being in awe of Miss Pedley until she appeared in th end of year play 1066 and all that. She was a natural actress and had us all in stitches. I would love to hear from anyone who was in the science forms during the same years. Will there be reunion 2020 Janet Carter

Hi I went to st.bedes 1966/1970 headmaster mr.collinge Best teacher sid sheen geography!! Anyone remember him? I was dawn Boden friends helen mcabe , Margaret atherton. Remember Ada but not surname. Also Joe Boyle English Mick Read maths

The cinema was called the Herga.

i was born and brought up in Moore this is a picture of the old post office that was run by my aunt and uncle Jim and Josie Woods ,the little boy is there son Maurice who is my cousin Margaret Evans is with the dog and i believe the other little girl is Linda Callon , my grandmother lived three doors down from the post (...Read full memory)

I was born at the mill house 1955 what a life we had , I now live in Hampshire , my parents were Dr GC Hickie and Elizabeth Hickie

my memories of spiers bank.i was at school at the time and my gran sent me to spiers bank on a school trip.iwas alone there as i didnt bother with the other kids i my best mate wasnt there for some reason.anyway i got to spiers bank and i can always remember walking on the track and at each side of me where (...Read full memory)

Visited my Grandson, who is at Bristol University - his last year. Never been to Bristol before and couldn't believe how many interesting sights there are to see. A City with so much history. Spent four exhausting days, full of amazing sights and history plus amazing Cathedral and Churches. Thanks to the Hop on Hop Off Bus. Doreen Josephine Hyner aged 80

Bentalls was a big shop, especially if like me you'd grown up in small villages & army bases. I can remember seeing a bespoke luxury car being parked between the escalators. Not having a TV at my aunts house, where we were living for a few years, Cup Final day would see me catching buses to Kingston. (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Glasgow and my dad Hughie Crawford often talked fondly about Newton Poppleford and Colaton Raleigh. He was in the Royal Marines during the war and was stationed at Lympstone and then Torquay. I know he visited Newton Pop along with a mate Charlie Pinkham (from Tiverton). Although I don’t know any names, I (...Read full memory)

there is pictures of the old houses on VALE MEMORIES AND BANTER SITE ,And im sure there is one of Whiskery Dick,(he has relatives on the site)

my aunt and uncle Harry and Marjorie had the shop Strong bros, we would visit them in school hols, help with the cricket teas. strange the shop now sells fossels. I remember taylor sitting crossed legged on the floor.

My 3rd Great Grandparents lived at 23 Seagate, Irvine in the late 1800s. Their surname was Burns.

My parents moved to Enfield in 1936 when I was 6 years old. we lived in Norfolk Rd Ponders End. I loved Saturday Minors at the Picture Palace ( The Plaza ) seeing Buck Jones the cowboy and Flash Gordon, It was damaged by bombing and never opened again as a Cinema, but there (...Read full memory)

In the late 70's early 80's, I used to stay overnight at Wincham Hall, as a Lorry driver. From memory, the parking area was reasonably large, and could accommodate quite a few vehicles. I remember walking down the road, to have a quiet pint, at a pub called the "Slow 'n' Easy".... Don't remember too much more, (...Read full memory)

Hi , my dad grew up in eltham and we have a big family mystery ongoing . I have pictures of people dating back to the 50’s and 60’s. I am wondering if any of you fine people would know the names of these people . I won’t share the mystery as yet as I need to find out if anyone remembers these people

I worked in Crewe 1980/81 In a shop called Motorist Discount Centre anyone remember it, or anyone who worked there? I then worked at Brown Bros motor factors on Crewe gates estate for a couple of years. Happy days 😊

I was born in my nanas house at Waterloo where my dad Harold bell had lived as a child with his 4 sisters Eleanor dot violet and Eileen he married my mam Winnie and moved to Brady sq in 1955 we lived there till I was 10 in Clyde tTce no 4 I think upstairs, loo in yard I remember the kitchen cabnit and geezer which basically (...Read full memory)

As a youngster in the late '60's I was very keen on aquatic life, & there was plenty in the lake. Minnows, sticklebacks, Great Crested & other newts/amphibians, dragonfly & diving beetle larvae. It's an interest that has stayed with me - I have a large wildlife pond in the garden. The island in (...Read full memory)

For many years, this was my local. A good combination of beers & ciders, bar staff & regulars, also frequent live music nights & beer festivals made it our 'go to' pub. It was a proper pub, no TV, games machines or jukebox. I worked in local factories, & if on a late shift would phone an (...Read full memory)

the year would be around 1978, I know this for in this year I passed my driving test, anyway we came to live in New Yatt having moved from Wantage where I grew up, so as one can imagine was not very happy having left my friends and the area, after a long search locally, eventually my parents found a cottage they liked something (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1940 and lived for the first 20 years of my life in Church Road Notholt, my grandfather built the house in which we lived together with many others in that road. I started school in 1945 in a wooden hall behind the Methodist church in Church Road, later moving into classes in the church itself. We (...Read full memory)

I moved to Lymm in 1955 when I was 10. My form teacher was Mr Whittle. I remember also Mr Low ( who I had a crush on) and Mrs Smith, who took us for needlework. The boys used to do gardening with Mr Low. Some of the others in my class were Jeffrey Craig, Roger Benn, Marlys Parry, Winifed Arden, Ruth Archer, Leslie Stott, (...Read full memory)

My first girlfriend went on holiday here in 1955 so I waited impatiently for a letter from her. Lovely memory

Hello! I am tracing my maternal family who were born, lived, married and died in Droxford. Does anyone remember or have connections with any Hillyers in Droxford? Henry Hillyer was my great grandfather and was Sexton of Droxford church for over 40 years.

Going to the pictures at Raynes Park . If I remember my friend Nigel's sister Denise used to go to her boyfriends flat in RP, he was studying to be a Doctor, A load of us used to go with her Me Robert, Tania. Why did we lose contact.

Anyone remember THE WOODSTOCK , my friends and I used to go dancing there. We used to have such great times 1968 - 1970. There was Me Jackie, Tania Davy, Eileen Fisher, Nigel , Robert. I remember a song Knock on Wood. Such memories. I cannot remember Roberts's last name, hoping he sees this and gets in touch, we (...Read full memory)

The picture of the pool on the River Brue took me right back to the '70's. I often used to go fishing there with school & other friends, if we could get a lift. I remember first going with a schoolmate & near neighbour called Craig Holmes & his dad, who was a warder at the HMP Shepton Mallet. We would go (...Read full memory)

I had a Patent Ductus Arteriosclerosis in 1957 when I was 5 operated on by Mr Mason at Shotley Bridge Hospital. I even started school in hospital. I am still here and am forever thankful for everything. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter but sadly lost my husband in 2016. I always remember my time at Shotley Bridge and Mr (...Read full memory)

Adrian, first my apologies for such a belated response to your fond memory but in my defence, I only came across it recently whilst searching for photos of the school. I too remember a Mrs.McDermott but only have a vague recollection of Mr.Cowie, in fact the only tangible evidence of his existence for me is his (...Read full memory)

Lived in Sampford 1952 - 1977 and went to Sampford Primary School 1957-63. The school had three classes, Mr Vickery, the headmaster, taught the oldest pupils, Miss Michelmore, a middle-aged lady (in 1960) the middle class and a young teacher the youngest pupils. Can never remember her name, it was a foreign (...Read full memory)

I recall other far more sinister events which took place at number 82 Annesley Mount. I first became aware of these events in 1953 when the Sunday night discussion took on a hushed and serious tone. My understanding increased as the story was re-told in later years. The Polish priest who lived at (...Read full memory)

Born in 1938, lived in Isleworth, I was constantly monitored for TB at the clinic as my father died of it when I was 12, I remember the shiney chairs, red and turquoise. The dentist there still holds horrors for me, 8 milk teeth taken out under gas, the mask was (...Read full memory)

I recall living at my grandparents' house at Annesley Mount from 1960 - 1966. .A formidable character lived at number 88 Annesley Mount, known to my grandparents as Parson Bullock. He shared the house with his wife and a lodger called Doris. He was the minister of a large Unitarian church in (...Read full memory)

The Edmonton Lido is no longer there,is now a housing complex.

We lived at the Old Mill Housr, East Harling from 1949 until 1955. I have happy memories of the river. We had a punt and used to paddle up to Larling , so that my parents could have a beer at the Angel. Our neighbours up river lived at the wooden bungalow, Waterways, owned by the Tillett family. The Doctor was Paul Jonason (...Read full memory)

This is the Bath Rd A4 about a mile from Cippenham Village where there were a few shops and pubs.

Frank Williams had a garage under the Bowling alley and his cars won Le Mons after being built there.

This is Mercian Way Play ground and not Cippenham Park in Station Road. We played here only in school holidays, otherwise we played on The Green , 15 - 18 a side football or cricket every evening in the Summer between 1800 - 2030 or dark whichever came first. Matches were St Andrews Estate boys v Bower Way Esates boys (...Read full memory)

My school friend Elisabeth Stewart lived almost opposite and I remember going for a swim there with her - we both went to the school at Abbots Bromley, Wonderful times and her parents were so good to me, I remember she had an older sister - does anyone know where they are now ?

I learned my English in Torquay at YMCA 1968 . Firs job, first experience of independent life. Miss cotton my Boss. All nice old clients extremely gentle with me . So many beautiful memories. Sandro Melaranci

As a child living in Blurton up until the age of about 12, I remember playing with my friends at the "White Rock" Yet cannot find any other reference to this on maps etc. Does Anyone know what happened to this landmark?

So many wonderful memories of my life in West norwood. I went to st Luke's infant school. We had to go to the church hall for our lunch, no happy memories about the food. I hated it! We first lived in Hannah road above the cafe. can't remember the name. My mum worked in the cafe. We then moved to Caswick (...Read full memory)

My memories of holidays in seasalter was getting up early to go mushroom picking in the dykes.also when staying in Yorkletts walk to shines shop to buy the best tasting ice cream I can still remember 60 years later.Great memories. Glenn

I went to Southchurch High School for Boys after failing my eleven plus in 1948. Tbe headmaster was Mr Haxall a frighteniing person to an eleven year old. A great teacher of history and bookbinding was Mr Bull. The paddlesteamers were still coming into the pier to take the holuiday makers across to Herne Bay (...Read full memory)

I can remember walking down the road to the holiday camp. on the left there were old railway tracks with some old carriages on them. top of the road was the marsh hotel. I have old photos of stopping off here with mom and dad for a drink.

I was born in 1939 in Camberley and lived there up to 1960. I loved the freedom as a child, we lived in Abbott’s lane on the frimley road and as a child had easy access to watchets woods and the Collage Grounds plus all of the common grounds surrounding the town at that time. I attended the primary school that was (...Read full memory)

I lived in Dagnall Street , born 1938 I remember the Anderson Air Raid Shelter in our garden Attended Latchmere Infants School and Culvert Road School Loved going to Arding and Hobbs, Battersea Park was a wonderful place, we would visit the Rose Garden, the Boating Lake, feeding the ducks and swans and (...Read full memory)