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In the 1960s winter frost would make going up Greenhead and Glenwhelt Bank too slippery for cars and lorries - they would need to wait for it to thaw. A few wagons crashed into a tree on the right hand bend - it's now a house built by the Waugh family. I noticed the rise of car ownership first hand - the notable increase of new cars stopping for petrol at the Waughs garage. The train station was open, together ...see more

I am sure my mother worked as a kitchen maid at Guisborough Hall in 1952 when it was possibly a nursing home, Cant find anything about the history in that era. My mothers name at that time was Gorgina Mary Mc Cormick. I always remember a photo she had of herself in her uniform outside the hall. My mother is no longer alive and I am on a discovery of my past so any memories any one may have regarding above would be most ...see more

Around 3/4 yrs of age- 1948/49 - I came across my first foreign work men coming off the boats at Woolwich. The men wore a rough looking outfit - blue in colour - as I recall. Upon asking my father who they were and where they came from ,he stupidly replied ,'Smoked Irish men' and I believed him until mum said 'Teach the child sense' To this day it has been one of life's unsolved mysteries. Those men looked so poor ...see more

I was born in Romwood Court, Langley Maidstone on 7th March 1944. My Father was in the Royal Engineers serving in France.

Virginia and I arrived at Loveden Hill in early September of 1972 during the middle of the last major dig on the site. She had found an ad in the Times for volunteers at the site and moved into the farm enclosure in our Citroen van. We were delighted to find that we would be doing the cataloguing of finds as they came down the hill to the farm house. This meant we would get to see everything and would need some ...see more

Just past Hockley Primary School on the way to the village was a small sweet shop/cafe? and it was run by a really nice man called "Bill". He used to sell 1d lollies to the school children. The shop was right next door to a big oak tree. The oak tree is still there, but sadly the shop is gone. I wonder if the people who live at the house now built on the land ...see more

I was born in Wellington Street on the 16th. of June 1955. My mother was Kate Holland, formerly Henderson. and my father was George E Holland. Sadly he passed away in 1939. So I dont remember very much about him. I had a great time in my younger years, swimming at the Vic baths, walking down Station Road to the station and buying a penny bar of chocolate from the machine on the wall. My schooling was at ...see more

I was fascinated when I saw the new development of Garndiffaith photo. This photo is of Lasgarn View, Varteg, which is just above the Garn. I was born in Primrose Cottage in 1951 with my brother as we were twins. My name was Marilyn Jenkins, my twin was Mervyn. We had so much fun in those days, when we moved to Lasgarn View. Wow, the back of the house lead onto Lasgarn Wood an imaginary world of climbing trees, ...see more

Added 08 August 2022
Hi does anyone here know whether The Imperial Laundry was near to Stanmer Road in Battersea in the 1960's Thank you for your time dottie

In circa 1964 to 1969 I was still at school in Romford ( Clark's College) and had the " hots" for Clare Coles who lived in part of the old house with her mother and father. I think he was the estate manager , he had a Ford Anglia estate car !. Clare was blonde and tall and my idol but alas she did not have the "hots" for me! I used to cycle over 15 mls to see her on a Saturday if only for a few ...see more

Light-years before the introduction of the mobile phone, Welling in the 1950's had mobile networks of its own. These were weekly delivery services to households in and around local streets. As a young child I was always excited by the Saturday arrival of the R. White soft drinks lorry and our usual order of lemonade, cream soda and Tizer. I remember well the familiar clinking of glass bottles in wooden ...see more

I moved from Blyth to Seaton Sluice into a newly built house in Cresswell Avenue in 1957. Life as a child in the village was exciting; most days we would either play on the beach and harbour or the new building development behind Parkfield in Easedale. We made camps in the former garden of the demolished Jacobean house at Seaton Lodge and used Starlight Castle in the dene as our ...see more

The old rest hotel in Kenton always reminds me of the terrific motor cycle accident my uncle Desmond Brennan had coming away from the pub, subsequently had is leg amputated and went into a decline,.

From 1947 I lived in Bedford Road at the top of East Hill but my maternal grandparents lived in the prefabs at the other end of town. The name Blackmans Close sticks in my mind for some reason but I’m not sure if it’s my memory playing tricks - at the age of 75 that seems to happen at times lol. Does anyone remember if there were prefabs in Blackmans Close &, if so, whether that address still exists - I assume the ...see more

This once sleepy hamlet was first home to me, a better place for childhood there could not be. Little Drayton church and it`s `olde` Sunday school. fishing excursions with Uncle to Buntingsdale pool, Dalelands West; lucky dipbags, Reardon`s supplies, Monday morning washdays, roller skates, blue skies. With my `Dan Dare interplanetary telecommunications set, boyhood dreams of space missions ...see more

My grandparents ran a cafe in South Harrow in the 1950s. They were called Thomas and Stella Parsons. We think it was called Parsons Cafe but it may have been called Belmont Cafe or something else in entirely! My dad, Tom Parsons, used to help out there too. Does anyone remember it and remember the name? Any memories most gratefully received.

i lived at 13ward gardens just by the village green.spent my youth there until moving to new zealand when i was 25,spent many a day fishing for sticklebacks in the stream by the pond back in 1964,as i got older spent many an hour in the 3 pubs by the pond,was just looking up my old school in burnham lane [Haymill] tosee that it as been redeveloped,Have great memouries of my youth there.

Ice cream was a special treat in our house back in the 1950's. The brand was always Lyons Maid, vanilla or strawberry, considered superior to Walls. But for those special occasions, especially during summer, we would enjoy a ball-size scoop of vanilla ice cream, dipped in molten chocolate like ganache, at the Silver Lounge in Bexleyheath Broadway, or real Italian ice cream - the very best - at Toni's ...see more

I was up Daviot way on holiday recently and wondered what Meallmore lodge was up to . I worked at Meallmore Lodge in the early 70 's as a trainee chef under the watchful eye of the McLeod family . The Meallmore and the McLeod family were fantastic to work for and I was well looked after as I was around 15 years old at the time. HAPPY MEMORIES 🙂

by Mr Alex Hillary (April 6th 2007) - as reported to Susan Hedworth, Community Care Assistant No, we don’t get the snow like we used to! Like it was in 1941, I mean. I was a taxi driver at Dilston Hall then and I used to bike to work. Never missed a day! There was me and the postman all the way from Prudhoe along the road through Riding Mill – just us two. And it’s a canny ...see more

When very young I used to go with my father to the huge allotments opposite the parade of shops in Wrotham Road. It was always on a Sunday when the hut shop was open for the sale of seed, fertiliser and garden accessories, and it was where he bought seed potatoes and Growmore for his vegetable bed. Then one weekend we discovered chains on the main gate and the allotments no longer open. Not long ...see more

Brought my first football kit at Wally Kilminster, was after a full Southampton kit but ended up coming away with a Man City reserve kit as they didn't have my size.

I spent most weekends and school holidays in my Nan's little caravan on Pantymwyn Caravan Park from about 1974. I remember going to Mr Rich's for a gas bottle, going to the water stand as Nan's van was a little old thing lit by gas with no running water. I remember the yearly donkey derby and just happy, happy times in the surroundings of the beautiful village. I did go back a few years ago and Mrs Rich ...see more

I was born in Barkingside and remember the Holy Trinity Church (Rev. Newman), where I was baptised, confirmed and married. I left in 1965. Memories abound! Especially riding my bike to Barton's bakery during Easter to buy hot cross buns for breakfast. I seem to remember they were a penny three farthings each. Rossi's lemon ice. Marment's toy store, where my dad would buy model aircraft for us to ...see more

My parents moved from Pentire to Crantock when I was about 3 and Crantock is certainly ingrained in my memory as being my first home. My mother had taken a position as housekeeper to a Dr Nicholas and with it came Rose Cottage. My father worked as a gardener, this was before he took a job with the Western National busses as a conductor. I have memories of him coming home in his gardening clothes, I used to run and ...see more

Was anyone at St Michaels school 1968/69 ? Mr. Thomas class.. Colin James…had a motorbike.. Or David Dawson…did the cookery class and became a chef… Would love to hear from you.. Anyone who went on the school journey to Rimani Italy…

Hi mine is not a memory but wanting to say my birth father was at Blandford Camp he was training to be a physical trainer his name Brian he never knew I existed as he left the camp before he knew my birth mother was pregnant. They met at one of the dances at Blandford - she was a twin - I was born 1961 so he would of left before August 1960. I know he came from London I was adopted so only know what is written on ...see more

As a Londoner, when my new husband was offered a job in Great Yarmouth in 1964, I was excited, although a bit apprehensive about moving to the small village of Hemsby. We bought a brand new house in a new subdivision at Two Meadows. It backed onto the railway line. I think it was later called Meadow Rise. I was 19. My first two children were born there with a midwife, Nurse Chase and Dr Timothy ? I remember St. Mary's ...see more

Our last holiday before my father was posted to Germany, Royal Air Force 2TAF. We stayed at the Strathyre Inn. Proprietor A D Davidson. Is that now the White Stag? I have a photo of my sister and I sitting on the front step., I will send it to your email address for inclusion in your records.

My name is Donna Boyd then Wilson. l went in 1968 then again in 72. I have good memories - so good I would have went back again if I could. l remember the long walks through the woods also walking down the stoney Brae to the stream - we would paddle and we had a packet lunch and all the girls and I had a great time. I enjoyed the classroom we would write home and also get our mail - ...see more

Tracing previous generations living in Worle and Weston. My grandfather and great-grandparents lived in one of these houses at this time. The road has been renamed and renumbered so it is difficult to work out which one. But nice to have a general idea of the location.

Dies anyone remember the convent in priory road noak hill ? I remember seeing the nuns walking down the road in their bkack habits. I used to run away feeling scared

In the early 60s we used to travel to Talacre for a fortnight holiday in a caravan. One year my parents didn't pre-book but we travelled from Liverpool on the off chance we would find a place. I remember my father driving us along the concrete block single track road from Talacre through to Tyn-y-Morfa stopping at various bungalows that we were told may be able to help. We eventually arrived at Mrs ...see more

The Cabin was a significant part of my childhood. We first moved to St Peters, into a rented house opposite the church, then up to a council house in Hugin Avenue. As I attended St Peters primary and then Dane Court, I passed the Cabin nearly every day. The original corrugated tin structure was removed and replaced with a larger brick-built structure some years ago. I have tried, in vain, to find any photos of the original structure. Does anyone have any?

I was brought up from the age of two living in 63 Ashhurst Way and what lovely memories I have got. I was brought up in a large family. A lot of people I can remember are no longer with us and the friends I had Tony Plowman, Reagan Kingston, Ian Edwards, Kenneth Hawksworth, Norman Davies I would love to be in contact with again. I can remember playing Cowboys and Indians in the field at the bottom ...see more

I lived with my family in Windsor Avenue after 2WW. Oak Farm Primary was the school I went to which was just down the road. In 1951/52 the school had a choir, Mr. Roberts was the Head Master. I was in this choir. There was a record made and we were all given a copy. The copy I have unfortunately has got damaged. We immigrated to Australia in 1955, so I am not able to go to the school. I am hopeful that someone can ...see more

Just come across the site I was at Styal about 1950 in Peter Pan house lovely nurses nurse Lyon’s and nurse overend. Can’t understand the stories of abuse

My God father Edgar Summers lived in the ground. floor. .Banqueting Hall. We moved away from the area in 1972ish, I was about 22 at the time. I have quite alot of historical photos of Woollas Hall in my files

June 1940 our primary school The London Oratory was evacuated en masse to Exmouth. I remember arriving at the railway station when we were all put on a coach and went to the Pavilion on the sea front. We then lined up on the stage and local people chose who they would take in to their house. More memories to follow. Maureen Hall (maiden name O Reilly)

My very large family moved into The Chequers in March 1938. It had been a pub many years before and it was very much more suitable for us than our previous three bed roomed council house at Steeple Aston. We were not unknown as we had relatives in the village. I was the youngest and the only one not yet at school or out at work - Mrs Checkley kindly let me start a few weeks before my fifth birthday - my ...see more

Barry Watkinson I remember the Royal. I was born in Tewkesbury Rd. When I was 10/11 we moved to Tottenham Hale. We visited the Royal regularly - there was a young teens on a Saturday afternoon. We had some old friends from Tewko like Duggy Hamilton & family the Hawkins ,the Turners Bob Martin Jimmy Belcher the Hills family John ,Margaret ,Ray, and another girl who sadly died I am still friends with John ...see more

I was a nursing auxiliary on Perkins ward in the 80s. I’m still in touch with quite a few staff. I was only 18 and came from Preston Lancashire, first time I’d ever left home and worked away but it’s the best thing I ever did - the experience I gained, the forever friends I made . Sr Callum always made sure her patients were well looked after and she trained all her staff to a very high standard. Rosie , Anna , ...see more

We moved here in 1978/9 when I was 4 to 8 - St John’s Crescent, and was heartbroken when my parents split 5 years later and we had to move with my mother back to Knaresborough. Lots of lovely memories. The old schoolhouse where we grew Hyacinths in the outside sheds in winter, the ponies in the field next to the path that led to the modern school building. The huge climbing frame that ...see more

My siblings and I were all born at Weir maternity hospital in Balham, we lived on Mandrake road and we all went to Fircroft primary school opposite our house. I was at Fircroft from 1976-1982. Mr. Chaimings was the headmaster then, Mr Nevil was his deputy head of the Juniors, and Mrs Dale was the head of the infants'. I eventually got my wish to be in the annex classes situated in the boys' playground when I was in ...see more

Hi we moved to Great Kingshill in 1968 from Edmonton in N London. We also lived in Wood Green N. London. I remember my first impression of our new surrounds were not great. I suppose moving from London to a village in the middle of no where, but in time I fell in love with the place. I went to school in Great Missenden at a school called Misbourne County Secondary. It was situated near an estate of ...see more

Tommy was the ventrioquist's dummy and the morning's show was not to be missed when on family holiday from Penarth in early August 1936. I would be eight in the October of that year. As far as I recollect there was no entrance fee, I just sat on the sand along with a crowd of kids. Unfortunately I do not recall any of the repartee but there was plenty of fun. I have a vague recollection that the ...see more

Hi I was born in 20 Barnet street in 1947 to Mary Cowley daughter Madge Flanagan Mary’s husband was Frank they had 3 children Madge Jean and Frank We moved a few doors away to number 26 when I was 4

Hi to children of Dunstaffnage, do you remember the funeral of the Captain of Dunstaffnage and the procession of the horse drawn carriage to the chapel at the castle where he was buried. I have many fond memories as a young boy to share with you as I grew up and the friends I had. Andrew longridge phone 519-403-6724 or 519 485 2816

This is a treasured memory, and a plea for help. I need to trace a recording of a Southern Television documentary called "Marching Orders", a film which preserves the memories and could share them with future generations In 1976 I was a rookie Programme Director with Southern Television based in their tiny studio in Dover. One of my first documentary efforts was a 25-minute film in the ...see more

My second great-grandmother, Isabella Challacombe,emigrated from here with her parents and siblings in 1833.

I went to st Roses convent in Stroud when I was eleven years old . The boarding house was up the lane called merrymeads. It was named st Bedes . I can remember going to the Holy Rosary church which was next to the convent . Every morning we went to mass in the convent chapel . I entered a painting into the Stroud show in 1960 and it was highly commended . One night. When I was in my dormitory I was ...see more

I had a wonderful upbringing ‘up the hill’ from Buttshole pond… 1958 - 1966 I was raised in one of the seven cottages- mine was Lime Cottage. My matron was Mrs. Aunty Betty Harris- who had a daughter, Ann The Deputy Matron was Aunty Mary- a Scott and the sports master Uncle Bob and the Supervisor was Mr. Jeffrey Baker whom with Mrs. Baker had a son, Paul who also attended Sir ...see more

I was brought up in Doggie from the age of 3and1/2 and lived in 12 Oak Terrace with my Aunt and Uncle. I left at age 17 years and have many memories of growing up. Do you remember the hills and holes? we used to roll our hard boiled coloured easter eggs down there and jape them. We used to stay out until the street lights came on and used to play marbles on the tiny patch of grass near out house. I remember going to ...see more

I was in Founders house 1962 - 64. Mr Gentry (Duck Billed Platypus) was housemaster and Twiggy his wife (thin as a lathe she was). I decided to get into bricklaying and ended up with Mr Cliffe as our building teacher (Woofy) was his nickname. It was a toss up between Woodwork with Mr Burton (Beanie) Tall as a beanpole. I became quite good at the bricklaying and as a result was employed by Mr Cliffe assisting ...see more

i was born in late 1949 in sugley street and currently live in the street directly opposite rokeby street with the school in the middle my name i s geoffrey watson although my surname was changed from hudspith when i was fifteen. not a lot of changes over the years building wise i remember some shop names along tyne view merrix,s where you used to buy paraffin from, the lovely old couple that used to ...see more

Added 29 June 2022
Does anyone remember my Grandmother Doris Hampton, she had three children, my mother Betty her sister Vanda and their brother John who was killed in Korea I think in 1952. I can't remember my Grandfather Ted who died in 1957 I think after a heart attack outside 23 Hillside where they lived. My mother was born in Bryn Road. We went to visit Nanny every week and I would sometimes stay the weekend with my brother Neil ...see more

One of my very first memories was of a family holiday spent at the HF Cliff House around 1961 - I would have been 4 years old and my brother Stephen maybe 18 months. I remember looking forward to the best bit of the day - our picnic lunch, (and, to this day, a famous HF institution!) on the beach. But oh ... the disappointment I felt when I accidentally ...see more

HI i am trying to find any picture of Charles Hunt, his brothers were George and David, sister Ada and Maude, i have a photograph of my grandfather C George Hunt in his WW1 uniform, a paper clipping of David Hunt, WW1 (killed in action) and i would love to find a picture of Charles, I know they lived in Peel Street Birkenhead, later Ellesmere port? and i was told Charles Hunt was also in the ...see more

Hi. I’ve found a photo of Middleton Camp taken in 1948 showing staff and pupils. Would like to display. Is there any way for me to do this on your site? Jill Hi Jill, unfortunately we do not have the capability at the moment for our customers to upload photos, however we do hope to enable this at some point in the future. Regards Ed.

This brings back vivid memories of growing up as the doctor's son. Our house not quite in this shot was on the left just here. The wing of the car could have been my father's an Austin Devon. As a five year old I would cycle like mad all round The Buttlands on my trike and when I had a two wheeler, across the diagonal paths and skid to a halt on the corners. Like many of my friends my growing up years ...see more

So happy to have found this. This was my grans home. My great grandmother owned this shop. We have just come back from a visit to see my grans oldest friend who still lives in Georgeham and used to work from my great grandmother in this shop. Amazing I will need to order this.

Straight from school at 17 and a half, I started training at Treloars in 1948. The Managers had managed the transfer to the NHS very efficiently! As Lord Burnham was Chairman of the Board [and also of the Daily Telegraph! ] we we well provided for. I remember that we had a free taxi from the railway station if returning from a day off after dark! The picture shows the Nurses Home. We were under strict discipline, and ...see more

This shows St. Comgall's before the addition of the spire; the church dominates the intersection of Hamilton Road and Castle Street, sitting in a roughly triangular plot encompassed by the aforesaid and Ruby Street. Long gone is the horse trough which stood at the apex of the triangle; was it saved?

As in the title this mooring place beside Seacliff Road is known as the Long Hole, two separate words. Many thanks for this correction - the archive has been updated, Regards, Editor.

The name of this church is incorrect; although known as Bangor Abbey it is a Protestant church which stands on the site of the Catholic abbey long since gone . The view is from Church Street, looking across the Newtownards Road. Thank you for letting us know - the archive has been updated with the correction. Regards, Editor.

I loved walking day, it was always hot and the tar melted on the roads as we were morris dancing. It's so different now, no one dresses up in their Sunday best anymore when walking

We moved to a listed property on Manor Road a couple of years ago and would love to know more about the history of the area and road. Any memories, maps or photos would be hugely welcome!

I recently moved to Hackbridge SM6 (having previously lived in Sutton/Cheam). I was told that the row of cottages called Centurion, between Park Road and Wandle Road, used to be an industrial laundry which was later pulled down. Has anybody any memories of that and, first of all, is that info correct ? I even found a very old, rusty piece of machinery buried in my garden. I would be happy to upload a photo. Thank you to anybody who can remember a bit of lost history.

I was born in 1942 in Hathaway Rd at my Nan's. We moved to Milton road. When small I remember the house being damaged by the rocket that fell in the pit. Later playing on the bomb site in Cromwell Road. Went to Quarry Hill school, remember standing in London Road waving at Queen Mum who had visited the flood victims in Tilbury. When I married in 1967 we moved to Stanford le Hope.

John McCue was a Union Rep at Hendon Mill and left c.1910 following a dispute with management. As a result his son, then about two years old, grew up in Kent where the family relocated to work at The Imperial Paper Mills, Gravesend. John was well known in Hendon for his involvement with a local Quadrille dancing group. I'd love to hear any memories of this group.

My Grandfather, Frank Portingale came from Faulkand, we spent many Summer holidays there. I remember having our photos taken in the stocks and gathering mushrooms. My Grandfather's sister Edith lived in Pond row. I have fond memories of Faulkland.

The cottage nestling in the foreground was purchased from the White family in 1986 by my parents. Between the vicarage and smithy it was built in 1780, and from 1782 the curate's school before moving up the hill to the new building (now village hall) in 1839. It has been a home to a post office messenger (Thomas Sancton 1881 census) and also Bella, who ran it as a sweetshop in the '70s. For the last twenty years it has been let as self-catering holiday-let accommodation.

First real memories of Leighton Buzzard was being ‘put down’ for my afternoon nap as a child of about 5, and listening to the Church bells just the over the road. Another memory must be an early one as I remember the Stock market with all the sheep etc in the yard behind the High Street Pub, and the High Street itself full to bursting with market stalls and people. Another memory is of my Tricycle, riding it ...see more

Growing up I had a good friend and neighbour, who I knew as 'Miss Porter'. She inherited her house from her Uncle who (according to her comments to a young boy) used to be a footman to Queen Victoria and was the first owner of the newly built semi-detached cottage in Edinburgh near the Musselburgh border. The three semi-detached cottages built on the edge of the former Newhailes Estate all had house names ...see more

I don’t have a personal memory of Spaunton Lodge. But my great great grandfather John Saint was a farmer there until his death in October 1839. I have seen photos of the lodge. As far as I am aware there was some controversy over the lodge sale. And family recollections may have altered over time. Unfortunately there is no one left to ask. This submission may not have any interest to other parties, but it remains of interest to we brothers. As part of our heritage.

I was born in Little Waltham and lived there until 1967. I only left because I got married and the cost of housing in the village, even then, was way out of our reach, so we had to move 20 miles north to Sible Hedingham. I had a very happy childhood in Little Waltham, spending a great deal of time in, on, and around the River Chelmer. A favourite spot was what we called The Water tower that stood in a deep ...see more

I was born in 1943 in Mancot and lived in Shotton. After the eleven plus I arrived at Hawarden Grammar school. The first two years were easy enough but in Form3, I noticed all the boys studied Science and all the girls had to take Arts subjects. No. not for me! I wanted to study science as I imagined my future career in Medicine. I gathered six similar like-minded girls, and we insisted on studying ...see more

During the doodlebug attacks on Dover, my mum was an air raid warden. She had a friend with her and they saw the doodlebug engine cut out and dive to earth. It landed near Pauls Place but did not explode. We went to watch it and cordon the area off. The Royal Engineers came and made it safe. My mum asked the engineers if she could do anything to help - one of the men, a sergeant, said "make us a cup of tea", ...see more