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My Dad Ray New recalls being sent to Suntrap School, Hayling Island round about 1948, as he was "delicate". He would have been about 9-10 years old. He recalls helping to manually drain the chests of asthmatic children. He has a photograph of a boys' cricket team from those days and in it he believes is (...Read full memory)

We moved to Minster Way when I was six years of age, the estate was still being built and a lot of the workers were German prisoners as this was immediately after the war. It was a wonderful playground for children, although one day I fell head first into a water barrel, and it was only because one of the German workers pulled (...Read full memory)

My great grand parents were in service at walshaw hall, my great grandma Annie Armstrong married the gardener Jack Slater. My mum has fond memories of living at walshaw hall.

During the 40s I used to stay at the Fox Inn with my mum and dad, who were Gladys and Arthur Thomas. My name is Judy nee Thomas. The landlord and landlady were Mr and Mrs Ralphs. Their son and daughter in law and their 2 children David and Susan used to stay sometimes at the same time as we did. We had great (...Read full memory)

There was a two-hour program for kids at the Odeon on Saturday morning. A tanner downstairs, nine pence upstairs. Films of Heckle and Jeckle, Sir Galahad serial, then a final, longer film. Mr. Pearson was the manager. After, we'd go down the lane by, think it was The Still, and get free, broken brandy snaps from the brandy snap factory. Patricia Hampton.

Yes, I do remember. It was fancy dress. I was got up as a herald.. Yellow and white paper. "Yes," they said to me, "Mary won a prize wearing that." Patricia Hampton.

I had both our sons in there in 1968 and 1971, a lovely hospital, I had a lovely Jamaican midwife in 1968 for my 1971 visit I was in 24hrs so I had Mrs Golding as my District Midwife. How well we were cared for compared to today's Mothers and babies

My Mum and Dad, namely Gladys and Arthur Thomas, and myself Judy, used to stay at the Fox in the 40`s. It was owned by Mr and Mrs Ralphs. Their son and family used to stay as well, they were from London. I used to play with their grandchildren, who were David and Susan .I have lovely memories of us playing in (...Read full memory)

Hi I have lived in Amersham and Chesham Bois for the past 30 years and love the rich history of these places. I collect old postcards of this area and the Missendens, and I also research interesting people who have lived and worked here. I am particularly keen to hear memories of Chesham Bois (...Read full memory)

I was a child in the 1960's living in Waterworks Cottages (now a large Tesco). My schools were Tower Hill Nursery (I think) and Margaret Roper. As the cottages no longer exist, I wondered if anyone had memories or photos of them? I have a hazy memory that they were detached or semi-detached, with an outside toilet and a (...Read full memory)

My time at the County School must have been from 1947 until 1951, when I left, to become a trainee Draughtsman at the British Thermostat, in Sunbury I too remember Mr Phillips, who I thought was very formidable, until he became my Maths master, when I began to like him, as he was quite humorous His (...Read full memory)

We always refered to the pleasure boat as the 'Coker Boat'. Was this the name of the owner? I am not sure of the spelling, it was only a verbal reference and we were only young!

I was born 07/1946 no , 13 Lancaster Drive great memories of Lancaster & Laburnum losts of kids paying in the street and at the Sutton farm field at the end of Lancaster, we almost all went to Suttons . Siblings Brian Valerie Richard.

Looking back I don't think it was very modern at all. Walsh Pike Grey and some perv PT teacher delighted in whacking kids with sticks and slippers, loads went on to do well. Lots of boxing & football champs, marine commando Jeff Urand hero Falklands War, good memories.

1965/66 Jack firth was the publican every night live music the pub was full , my BSA Super Rocket out side! God knows how I rode it home. Kenny Jarvis

Anyone remember sainsburys in rosehill and the live eels sold at the front of sainsburys and the cheese counters, serving delicatessen no one on the estate could afford to buy. Also Landau Radio televisions. I think we had Lipton's on the circle, Middleton Road and the co op. If you shopped in the co op, you (...Read full memory)

well lived on south rd above Contessa's for about 5 years. I went to Featherstone and My sister Jane Carmichael went to Dormers Wells. My Dad was a postman and loved to play on the golf course. I used to walk with my Brother to Ealing pool and love a cup of oxblood soup Does anyone Remember those days,, As kids we used to (...Read full memory)

Hello, the year 1944/45, my mother had put up with the V1 ‘s being dropped near us, we lived on the out skirts of London. A V2 was dropped one day, killing 22 people at the bottom of the road where we lived. So with my father working in Woolwich Arsenal making armaments, being there for three weeks at a (...Read full memory)

My granny was Gladys Webber who lived in Waterrow for most of her life. I lived there with her till 1953 but after that spent most weekends and school holidays with her. They lived opposite the Rock Inn and at Bovey Cottages next door to the Greenslades and for years Trevor was my best friend. I remember being taken to the (...Read full memory)

He hon janet kidd daughter of Lord Easterbrook owned and ran the stud farm here, breeding hangovers horses. She was the prime thinker and moved got start the Taunton jumping festival. My mother and father living nearby in Lydeard st lawrence met her as my mother was a burgeoning equestrian artist Madeline (...Read full memory)

My name is Geoff and I attended Broxhill School from 1967 until 1972. The school was a pretty substandard Secondary Modern School during my time there but, I understand, it became a Comprehensive in 1973. I was interested to read the memories of Paula , from Hilldene Avenue, and her time at Ingrebourne (...Read full memory)

As a child in the 1950s I lived in the Swan cottage ( the white 2 storey building on the left hand side of the road opposite the town hall) about middle of the photo. My father Mr E. W. Crocker owned the tobacconist and confectionery shop at street level. We emigrated to Australia in 1959. Unfortunately it has been (...Read full memory)

As an Essex Police Cadet I went to the Eskdale Outward Bound Centre in 1964/65 where I was subsequently elected the leader of Young Patrol. Every morning between 6-7am we were woken and had to run down to the lake and jump off the jetty into the lake, often having to break the thin ice, then climb out and run (...Read full memory)

I grew up in colindale during the war went to colindale school then onto Brent moden in west London worked at desouter brothers and schweppes before getting maried and moving to oxford 50 years ago by the way my name is Bob Thompson I lived in sheavshill house colin deep lane my e mail is

Mum and dad moved to Consfield Avenue in 1941 when I was just 2 years old. The air-raid siren (on the top of Malden police station) always seemed to go off at the most inconvenient time, and there was always a panic to crowd into the shelter in the back garden,- and occasionally it meant sleeping there, which (...Read full memory)

Starting at Eastbury Road, turn right into Green Lane by the Colliver Fisher car showroom and down the hill past the Blue Bird cafe, Barclays Bank, Martins newsagent, Rawlinsons the stationer, cross the road to the Post Office on the corner, past Ryders and stop for a cuppa at Fullers tea rooms. (Subsequently (...Read full memory)

I attended the school I had a brilliant time I was the 1965 school boy shot put champion and east Devon champion . I was a bit of a wild boy Robert Hildred

Hello Pauline, I was a boarder here from 1953 to 1955, just wondering when the name was changed to St Clare’s ? I don’t remember your name or your sister. I was known as Veronica Meyers, was taken very ill whilst a boarder with Rheumatic Fever, so, spent a long time in the infirmary which was right up at the (...Read full memory)

I was evacuated to Bedford in 1939 aged 7 and stayed first of all with a Mrs Drake ,the wife of a captain Drake who was in command of a ship called the Warspite. I remember it was off Goldington rd. by the school where all the evacuees were taken and sat around the central hall to be selected and billeted with various (...Read full memory)

The bottom part of this secen now lies under the Heads of the Valley Road. This is taken before the ‘old’ road was built, showing open fields down to the canal bank and the former Navigation Inn. You can see the Congregational Chapel in the left hand corner. The Farm was demolished when the old Heads of the Valley was built, but there is a footpath across the fields to Ty Gwyn.

This is the view from Brunant Road, over Brunant Farm to Maesygwartha and Pantybeiliau. The Old Rectory just on the left edge.

Looking across the Clydach Gorge from Pant-y-Beiliau Farm, before the Heads of the Valley Road was built. Brunant Farm in the middle of the picture. My grandparents’ house is in the middle left. The railway line running clearly across the middle. I grew up in a new house built next to my grandparents, (...Read full memory)

Hello, my name is Mark Dominic Bird, and I attended Ladyloan Primary School from April 1977 until it closed in the summer of 1982. I would love to see photographs of the school taken during this period, but any other period would be fine. I still see one person whom I have since I started there, and that is now 42 (...Read full memory)

My grandmother Elizabeth Moseley married my grandfathergeorge Edwin Pitt in 1938 were the lived at hillend cottages my grandmother was seriously ill after having 2 children Patricia my mother and Stella Ann her younger sister I have myself tried to find out my past from some villagers in hope to find more of my grandmother (...Read full memory)

Looking at this photo, The Angmering Court Marine Club is seen in the background behind the Blue Peter Club. Also, the beach huts appear to be made of wood.

I was born in Morpeth, lived there until I was 14 When my family moved to New Zealand. I have never forgotten my childhood days, I have so many fond memories. Our family moved into a house in West Park in the early 50’s, we had open fields from West Park up to Bewick’s farm and the Common Camp. Gradually, new houses were (...Read full memory)

My father Leonard Duffield was brought up in the family home at 52 St Bartholomews Road. His father and uncle owned and ran a wholesale and retail bakery business H & GS Duffield which had a shop in High Street South along with delivering to bakers shops across London. In late 1944 whist my dad was (...Read full memory)

I don't have a memory of Laleham, but I would like to find out something about two of its nearby residents. Donald Jewson was president of the Laleham Skiff and Rowing club for many years until he died in 1956. Does anyone have any knowledge of him or of the Laleham Skiff and Rowing club, or of someone who might (...Read full memory)

I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea... But to me St brides brings back so many memories of people, events and the packed childhood holidays I had there. Not visiting holidays, they were my school holidays. I lived on the lighthouse caravan site (a place some people I know looked down on).. I now know there are (...Read full memory)

Hi There Again can anybody recall Whiteleggs fair which used to arrive at Damerell fields in either June or July and remain there for many weeks.The big wheel,The Dodgems and The Noahs arc were just a few of the attractions and not forgetting candy floss and toffee apples. I can recall the different (...Read full memory)

In 1938 my dad was a farm labourer in Wooburn common. He had a row with the farmer and got the sack, we moved down to Wooburn Green in a little cottage by the side of Pedleys yard.. They ran the post office.. We were 5 children , 4 girls (Brenda Joan Bet and Peg and 1 boy Donald.. Dad went to work in Broom and Wades (...Read full memory)

My husband and I bought 178 Langdown Road in September 1965, and moved in with 2 boys, Nick and Paul and a 3 day old daughter,Rebecca, she was supposed to be born in our new house, but couldn't wait long enough. It is the second house on the left in the photo. We purchased the house from Mr and Mrs Tovey. We were (...Read full memory)

I lived in Park Avenue with my brother Derek and went to Dormers Wells School. In the juniors I remembered Mr Thomas who drove a blue sports car. In the senior school I particularly remember Mrs Short who taught Sports; the only lesson I was interested in! I played in Southal park with my friend Carol James whom I am still in (...Read full memory)

I am so happy i have found this photo of my old school i spent a very happy 2 years there from 1964 to 1966 . It was an open air school at the time and the head mistress was a Mrs Winnie Anderson . I often wondered what had happened to the old place ? And was it still a school ? When i was due to leave i cried for ages , (...Read full memory)

I remember this cafe on the corner opposite The Bell pub and in front of what was, or became, the National Westminster Bank. They sold Glojoy lollies - the best flavour being spearmint which 'creaked' when you bit into them! I remember all the shops shown in the Frith Collection of Upminster and (...Read full memory)

Back in 1966 or possibly 1967 a friend of mine, now in her seventies and with a memory that is to say the best, sketchy, went on holiday from her home town of Sheffield to Ostend in Belgium. There she met a young man called Ian who lived in Balham. This holiday romance continued on their return to the UK., she travelled down to (...Read full memory)

Hi Guys , Yet another piece of nostalgia from VickyB , I was thinking the other day about the treatment of ailments , from years gone by and the and the things we were led to believe by our parents , grandparents aunts and uncles , for example , and I am sure you will all remember at least a couple of these old (...Read full memory)

As a schoolboy living in Chingford from 1956 to 1964 I spent many hours gazing through the window of Jobstocks, the army surplus store in Walthamstow. Surprising how much junk one could acquire for half a crown ! Wonderful carefree sunny days when every available spare hour would be spent in Epping Forest. At that time we (...Read full memory)

I remember the tiv well always went on a Monday and Thursday.Ninepence to go in and Three pence to spend in kerrys.They were good memories also had many good times in the Institute on a Saturday for the dances they held.Bont was a great place to be brought up in,Had great mates Peter Tudor,Brian Ball,Raymond (...Read full memory)

Ma liddle sester came hwoam to Biddy a few yers ago and this wumman stopped and seyd, ‘Yur now, Ah thort Ah nawd ee when Ah seed ee, but Ah newd Ah knawd ee when Ah yerd ee speak.’ Up Biddy! John Polley

I remember arriving at Andover railway station in 1950 and asking how I could get to RAF Amport where I was to spend the next 18 months or so doing my National Service. Eventually an old pre-war coach turned up and we chugged our way through country lanes ocassionly stopping to drop off elderly ladies and waiting while (...Read full memory)

Hello My dad was born in the District Maternity Home on 02 November 1939 and died in Apr this year. He was 'fostered' during the war and never knew where he came from. I have a copy of his birth certificate and we have tried a number of times to find out any information we can but have not had any (...Read full memory)

I am wondering if anyone has any information on the Red Cross hospital that cared for convalescents in Hexham around 1957-1960. I am particularly interested in anyone who helped the priests and fathers there. Or anyone who knows anything about them. My father helped out there when (...Read full memory)

Due to the closure a few years ago of Litcham Museum, an album of Tittleshall photos many with negatives were discovered and even more recently the death of a life long Tittleshall resident has produced a large number of very interesting photos of old times in Tittleshall.In fact I am surprised it is not common (...Read full memory)

Hi I remember your father and your sister Penny, who I saw living locally about 25 years ago. I remember Little Luxford and could have produced the name before you mention it. I had a good friend who lived there just before you. I have memories of the book club, including when stuck I’ll in bed ,asking my younger (...Read full memory)

I Was Born at Lewes gardens in 1955, that's almost 65 years ago and Whitleigh hasn't changed that much all the streets are named after towns and the only change that I have noticed are a few of the shops from the green which have different names.we used to have a fine Fish and Chip shop (...Read full memory)

I have found a photograph from September 1936 of my Mother Lilian with 2 gentleman and 5 ladies standing outside a building, and on the back she has written Co op Villa, Corby. Some of the ladies are wearing white aprons. I am not sure what Co op Villa is? Does anyone know?

Some time ago I read with great interest in a local paper that the pool at Arley had been restored. My formative years were happily spent at Green Lodge on the green where I was born in 1932. My farther lived there for over 40 years, he made a garden from the lodge down to the Pool and boathouse now sadly (...Read full memory)

I remember this photograph being taken. I was the boy on the bike with mates Ted and John on the wall outside the old Co-op shop. It was a quiet week day and think it was a day of school. I'm still living in the village, it's a bit busier now! Dave Collister

I also remember the father Christmas grotto and the ride there. I was mystified for years as to how we seemed to travel through the store to reach it. The ride changed every year. Years later my mum explained how it was done, but at the time it was part of the magic of my 60s childhood.

I lived in Kenton Avenue from 1959 to 1972 and have so many very happy memories. The old swimming pool (the manager was John Cuffley), Vienna Bakeries, the hairdressers (Mr Kirby) in the High Street, the sawdust on the floor of the butchers opposite Vienna Bakeries.... I went to Halliford school in Shepperton from 1964 until (...Read full memory)

Hi ..I lived in a prefab in Claude Road - too end of Rye Lane and used to use the bombsites as great playgrounds ....also used to call them ...”the debris”....haha..which they were!!

I Have many good Memories of the Albermarle Pub which I believe first opened in 1958, there was always some good entertainment available usually a local band. The pub was always packed and everyone seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves. I used to meet many of my friends here and (...Read full memory)

Can still see the smoke in photograph of the old council refuge tip ( just off centre l/h side top of pic..) which was at the end of the Chepstow golf club the rubbish in those days being tipped virtually onto the edge of the woods above the banks of the river Wye . The golf club itself was in front of the old mansion and (...Read full memory)

I was born here in January 1956. I weighed in at 2lbs and measured just 10 inches and despite this I was a strong baby, no tubes for me, or so I'm told. My sister remembers playing on a sunken lawn outside the unit while my Mum visited me, the nurse would hold me up to the window for my sisters to see me, her name was "Auntie" (...Read full memory)

Old Mr Wilson as we knew him, used to walk the cows to his field letting them graze the verges. They all had names and were very gentle. When they got too old to milk, he still kept them. Some lived until they were 30. His farm is behind them on the left.

My father was manager of the colliery in Wingate until late 1952. I went to Wingate Primary School in 1951. Other notable pupils, not in my year, were the novelist Barry Unsworth and Geoff Caygill who I met in Hull where he was teaching science.

My Grandfather grew up in Hall Green street next to his Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins, who later ran a grocery shop together down there. Irene and Olive Eliza Roberts, 49 & 50 Hall Green Street. Does anyone have any memories of them or their shop? Also does anyone have any memories of going to Sunday school at Bradley (...Read full memory)

Memories of the old Portavogie by Lena McVea. I used to live facing the harbour and a newspaper item on late Robin Drysdale, former Mayor of Newtownards, brought back fond memories of him, as a young boy, sailing in a wooden fish box, through the harbour. Robin also lived at the harbour. He also built, behind (...Read full memory)

I was christened here in 1942 and also confirmed in the mid 1950's

Whilst carrying out research into my family I found that my great grandmother was born in Aberhafesp. My great great grandfather also lived there. It appears that a lot of my family lived and worked there as well as Bettws Cedewain.

my name is Charlie lewis I was born in llanharryand my grandparents lived at 40 tylacoch they wer named Richard and alice lewis .my aunts and uncles all lived in tylacoch . They were dilys price and eddie lewis .Iwas born in 1953 and we all moved up to scotlandin late 50s. We always came back down every year and as kids we loved (...Read full memory)

It’s a rather sad fact that you only come to appreciate a town several years after you have left it. At the age of 19 I was sent to live and work in Stafford between 1964 and 1979, before the Main Street was fully pedestrianised and it’s much maligned traffic relief ‘ring road’ (...Read full memory)

I lived in the model cottages on avenue road Tottenham throughout my childhood, what good times they were, I remember playing on the old railway embankment at the top of the road and many hours spent over chestnuts park, there used to be so many small shops dotted around the area which I imagine have all gone (...Read full memory)

I was at Walford from 57-62 . I remember mr Clark, miss Clarke, mr Acland, mr Pickering and mr batts. I went on a trip to tesserete near Lugano in 1959. I remember Chas Ramsay, Malcolm young and Martin Gill.There was a big campaign to build a swimming which wasn’t built before I left and I remember the headmaster was keen that we all joined the scripture union. My name is Alan Gomm

I moved to Strathmiglo with my family in 1958, it had a lot of shops then a dentist, a chip shop and cafe inside, a picture house we go through the right of way through the hotel to get to the picture house, when we were 15 princess margaret came to visit us at our youth club where the picture house was (...Read full memory)

I was a pupil at Sir Walter St. John's Grammar in the 1960s. It is now the home of Thomas's whose pupils include George and Charlotte Wales

I was born at Luton Chatham as was my Dad and Grandparents. I used to sat around the cafe with my mates in the paddock watching the Pentagon being built. After going to Fort Pitt my first job in 1976 was working as an office junior at Brown Brothers in Clover Street. I rented a bedsit in Rochester Street up by Chatham (...Read full memory)

I served my apprenticeship 100 yards up Westhill Road, HL Austin and Son, a BLMC dealership. Friday nights I spent a proportion of my wages in the Park Tavern. Run by a wonderful Irish family with a horse and carriage hired out for weddings etc. The stable was behind the pub, the groom engaged to the Landlord's daughter. (...Read full memory)

During the course of research I have traced this name in my family tree back to 1689 and it looks like my direct branch all lived in the St Agnes area up to around 1800,many of them at Skinners Bottoms. I am wondering whether it might be named after them. Other related Skinners lived there until at least (...Read full memory)