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It was January 1957, I just turned 10 and was sent to Taxel Edge, I remember Me and Mrs Wilson, there were children from Dr Banardos who only seem to stay about 2weeks, I was there for 3months, I have tried to get confirmation that I was there but to no avail, I am 72 now, any way I can get proof I was there,

Hi I was there 1953/54 and had good memories can relate with William regarding long walks/singing those old songs, we too were out in all weathers.I went there with food hangups but I was soon cured of them. have many good memories.

I remember being at taxel but I don't know which one I was in, it was from 1960,s all I remember I was being taken to stockport hostpital after falling from a wall into a reservoir, that's what I have been told broke both wrist I am 65 now I had good times there,.

I was at Taxal edge in the 1970's, we were told it was a convalescent home and we went as our Mothers thought it was good for our Asthma, me(Jock) my brother Mike and friend Phil. I don't know what happened but it was NOT a convalescent home, was a concentration camp, horrific treatment, knife-fights amongst the (...Read full memory)

Well here goes, what can I say about Taxal? It was the best school I have ever been to, sometimes I wish I never left . Just like to say Mrs Dale is still well and alive. I remember all the teachers with fondness. I would like to know where Mr Linsley is living now, last I knew he was living in Buxton. Hi to (...Read full memory)

I can't believe I've just found this page. I was looking at the area as my wife and I are looking at buying a pub in the bridge and I thought I'd see if the old home was still there - but stumbled on this site. It made my spine shiver and my hands tremble when I saw the pic of the place. WOW I can't believe I found it after all (...Read full memory)

My memories of Taxal were all good and I really looked forward to going back there. The staff were very kind, we had the best food, and rambling through those beatiful peaks was just one big adventure, we were very sick children, mostly chest and heart complaints. I remember they had a gardener, and one day we (...Read full memory)

With all thats happened recently regarding Jimmy Saville and many others its has brought back all the years of abuse I suffered at Taxal Lodge. I have read some of the comments on here and its not for people who never suffered from abuse to claim it never happened there.I am in the process of contacting the Police to (...Read full memory)

I went to Taxal Lodge in 89-90, it was a school for so called 'bad eggs', but we weren't bad just a bit stubborn. I was one of the oldest at that time and can honestly say my memories are fond. Heard the sad state the place is in now, always thought I'd go back now I'm older but unfortunatley that is no longer possible.

Had some great times at Taxel Lodge - was there for just over 4 years - 10 till 15 years old. Littelhampton twice on holiday, went camping with scouts had good football team. My first pair of football boots wos something out of the 1940s - steel toe caps Mr Curry and Mr Hughes wos Head master, Mr Lomas, (...Read full memory)