Memories of Wiveliscombe

I have lovely memories of Wiveliscombe and my Father moved us there in September 1939. We lived in London and with the war upon us the move for me was very positive .I was just 3 at the time and really took to country life and we were lucky because we managed to rent Norton Cottage(Oposite the Vicarage). The Cottage was part (...Read full memory)

In 1985 my family and I moved from South Africa and purchased the detached house at number 24 West street, called Bay House. This house was built by E.B.D. Hall M.R.C.V.S. He was the local veterinary surgeon but on his death his wife lived on in the house until her death when the house went on the market and (...Read full memory)

Here is another tale of recollection of the Wiveliscombe Donkey Derby. In November 1967 we had moved from the New Forest to Uppingtons, 6 High Street Wiveliscombe, a strange 3 floored Georgian house that sat between the Chemist and the cake shop/restaurant ran by Mr Rates. Wivey was a thriving little (...Read full memory)

I remember being taken to Wiveliscombe as a young boy in my Uncle Jim's dark green Standard Vanguard, he ran the Rock Inn at Waterrow 1954- 1965. He would take me to the toy shop at Wiveliscombe Square called Richards and Lanes (later became Twiggers) to buy me a Dinky or Corgi car. I was only four in (...Read full memory)

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