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Arlesey Bedfordshire

When my dad was demobbed after the war in 1946, we had to move back to London because of his job. We had all our funiture put on a lorry, and the local publican, a Ted Bland, delivered us to a requestioned place over a shop in ...Read more

A memory of Arlesey in 1940 by Michael Smith

Family Stories

My family lineage (Samuel) comes from Bedfordshire mainly around Old Warden and Biggleswade. My father always said at bedtime, "right, up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire!"

A memory of Old Warden by Carol Johnson

Whitethorn Morris Dance At The Dunstable Folk Festival

Whitethorn Morris danced here at various town centre sites and pubs along with St Albans Morris Men, Caddington Blues and Bedfordshire Lace. It was all in support of the Dunstable Folk Festival which was organised by Dunstable Town Council. A surprisingly enjoyable day was had by all!

A memory of Dunstable in 2001 by John Howard Norfolk

My Youth In Stopsley And Luton Bedfordshire

When I was a very young man and I lived in Luton in Bedforshire. I remember my who my Godparents were but only by their surename of Ingham. My fathers name was E dward Shotten Stuart and my mother's was ...Read more

A memory of Luton in 1960 by Brian Stuart

Bearnes School

I was born in Newton Abbot 1952. My brother John and I went to Bearnes School until John left to go to a new school above our home in Penn Inn Close. We left Newton Abbot when I was about 6 years old and moved to Bedfordshire. I ...Read more

A memory of Newton Abbot in 1956 by Jacqueline Wood

Looking For Information

Hi, can anyone help me? My dad has lived in the Bedfordshire area since he was a young child, however he was born in Tottenham. Apparently his parents owned a pub called the seven Sisters & that is where he was ...Read more

A memory of Tottenham by lenahedges1

Grocer Of Bridge Street

My 3 x great-grandfather William Lightfoot was born in 1809 in Roxton, Bedfordshire. He was a grocer. His wife was Mary Jane Lightfoot (nee Clarke). They had 5 children, 3 of whom worked in the shop. The youngest ...Read more

A memory of St Ives in 1860 by Gillian Skeen

"The Bad Old Days"

I was a " Resident" here in 1955 and would like to hear from anyone else who was there at that time. My strongest memories are of grueling hard work, from daybreak to dusk, bleeding hands and sadness. I scrubbed the whole place!! If ...Read more

A memory of Luton in 1955 by Beryl Mc Intire

School Trip At Whitsun

I remember travelling from Luton in Bedfordshire during the late 1950s and early 1960s to spend a week at Mrs Sampson's Harbour House boarding facilities. My father used to drive the coach overnight from Luton and we would ...Read more

A memory of Porthleven by Michael Bream

Bad Memories

I am now 73 but still remember my time in the Boy's Home at Biggleswade. I cannot remember how old I was, possibly around 6 to 9. I remember it well because I and a few others ran away from the home because we were being bullied by ...Read more

A memory of Biggleswade