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Reconnecting with our shared local history.

Take a moment to remember the places that have been important in your life. Where your family comes from, where you were born, went to school and got married; the towns and villages where you've lived and worked since. Recapture and rekindle those precious memories with this special part of our website. Here are a few of a favourites for you to read today..!

Lived in Doncaster Gardens - No.43 in the flats then No.49 in the three storey houses which are still there, before they filled the green in where we played football, with houses. Used to help run the Oriel Youth Club from its start with Pete Seal and the first Leader named Ron(?) Was a life guard at the swimming pool, (...Read full memory)

My great aunt, Muriel Dundas Legard, lived for many years in Huttons Ambo. She built a house called Colswayn and then built two other bungalows in the grounds; firstly Mynchon which she lived in for years, then Bardolf. My sister, brother and I have many many happy memories of visiting her and staying in the (...Read full memory)

Delighted to find photographs of the Rivacre Lido. I moved to Canada in 1966 after being born and raised in Liverpool. Most Sundays in summer my late parents and their friends' took us kids to a variety of outdoor lidos/swimming pools in and around Merseyside. Rivacre Valley stands out from the (...Read full memory)

I will cherish forever my memories of Brookfield, I was 11 when I started at Brookfield in 1980. For the first year I hated every muniute of every day, but purseverance from my mum paid off. I can honestly say the remaining years were the best years of my life. I feel very privileged to have been able to do so many (...Read full memory)

My sister and I were in Myton Hamlet Children's Home which was in Warwick/Warwickshire. We would come by Lloyds Coaches on a Saturday, this was the start of the holiday. It took us all day to get there, no motorways then. We often went on the Dimchurch railway. I also remember the shop on the corner (...Read full memory)

At the time of this photo I was just 8 years old, and I have a lasting impression of three things from around this time. The first is kind of hazy - animated Red Indian cutouts in the park opposite the prom. Next, the windmill itself, which was not overly attractive, being in a red-brown canvas - tho the sails at least did (...Read full memory)

I remember the Plough ... it was where my dad, Chas Ross, and a group of other artists held their meetings; they called themselves the Battersea Art Society, this was during the 1960's. My dad, who painted every spare minute of the day, painted a picture of Ron Moody as the famous Charles Dickens figure (...Read full memory)

I was born in Watford in 1934 and went to school at Callow Land and Alexandra Secondary Modern. We lived through the war years in Elm Grove. I used to work in Trewins all day Saturday then go to the market and buy mum a bunch of violets. I loved the markets hustle and bustle. My parents moved to New Zealand in 1952 because (...Read full memory)

I was actually born in Bushey but I grew up in Edgware. I always thought it a funny little town but in it's own way it was beautiful. The parks were beautiful and always had Rose Gardens and ponds to visit. Walking was a way of life and cars were far and few between. High Street had wonderful shops to stop and look (...Read full memory)

In 1958 when I was 3 year old, we moved from a small flat on the London Road, near the bank where my father was branch manager (TSB), to Belton Road off Church Hill. I watched our new house being built on a sloping plot of land. My parents lived in that same house until their recent peaceful deaths. The roads around Church (...Read full memory)