Sutton, High Street c.1965

Memories of Sutton

Not sure what glyn.brian7 was seeing out the back of the Regent Cafe, but my mum and dad ran a cafe on weekends in Chipstead at the entrance to Banstead woods from the late 1940's until the early 60's and my dad was the only other person as best I know that Tony Capaldi allowed to sell his ice cream. We went to (...Read full memory)

I have many happy memories of St. Barnabus Youth Club, I was in the Wolf Cubs, 5th Sutton Boy Scouts, I sang in the Church Choir led by Mr. Daggart, Rev. Norman Hough was the Vicar in my days. Have lived in California USA for over 50 years but part of my heart remains in St. Barnabus.

Anyone remember us we got married at the registery office 21/9/1968 my wife’s name was Christina Susan Nicholls sorry I can’t put our photo up if I could it would help. My wife was a Sutton Girl,and lived in Elm Grove and went to school at then Clyde Road Sutton Surrey and crown road infant school . Does anyone have any photos of her please it’s our golden wedding anniversary this sept.

I was born in the maternity home in Cheam, we lived at 18 Brunswick Road, now demolished. I think it was build in or near the period of this photo. I remember Sutton quite well and it's such a shame all those old houses were replaced. I would love to find some photos of that house, or even the other houses on the road, as they (...Read full memory)

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