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My Grandfather Edward Sharp and family lived in at Marbury Park at 66 West Park. They had 3 daughters Nora, Joan and Patricia. Joan married a Polish man called Frank he lived in the Hall or hostel as it was called. There is another site with some pictures in a PDF go to section 6 PDF If anyone remembers the Sharp family drop me a line.

Hello, I am writing on behalf of my mother whose parents lived in Marbury in Northwich at some point up until 1952 I believe. It is thought they lived at 187 East Park. Her father was an Alkali Labourer and he was called John Morrison and her mother was called Christina Morrison [formerly Christina Lawes]. They (...Read full memory)

My brother Colin and I lived at 109 East park Marbury, we were originally in no 110 which was a long red hut as I remember it. The Cleary's lived next door who were from Liverpool and I remember Willie Cleary as being a bit of a "Jack the lad". Dad like most fathers worked for ICI in Altrincham and used to go to work (...Read full memory)

I remember going to the demolished hall where you could still get into the cellar, I used to go there after school to take parts of old TV's that had been dumped there. Happy days... I am 56 now and still messing with TV's and valve radios.

I spent three idyllic years living at Marbury from 1949 to 1952, when my family emigrated to Australia.The hall was still there then and how well I remember the rhodedandrens lining the drive to the road. One memory I will never forget is the bus driver refusing to take us to school because of the heavy snow. Next day, we were (...Read full memory)

If anyone has memories of living in Marbury in the late '50s and '60s I would be very interested to hear from you. My name was Campbell before I was married. Thank you. The Marbury I refer to is near Northwich in Cheshire, not Shropshire.

I was born and brought up in Barnton and remember fondly how we used to walk across the fields to go to marbury swimming pool. We spent many happy hours there in summer. Like many others my father was housed in Marbury Park by I.C.I until the housing estates were built. We lived in Green Avenue most of my family still live (...Read full memory)

My surname was Campbell when I was born in Marbury in 1952. My sister Christine told me about this memory page and I was really excited because I remain fascinated by Marbury even though it is 48 years since I left. I go back as often as possible with my other sisters and when I am there I often think I could be (...Read full memory)

I was born in Marbury in 1954. My name is Christine Campbell and I was one of 6 children born to Paul and Kathleen Campbell. My dad worked for ICI. We were allowed to swim in the local open air swimming pool for free. The pool is just as it was all those years ago, it still has the chalk board on the wall to give the (...Read full memory)

My dad was Ron Watkin and we lived at 44 West Park (Marbury Park was divided in to a 'West Park' and an 'East Park' - I seem to remember that West Park was regarded as the 'posher' of the two!) . . I remember lots of things, even though my family left for Barnton when I was only 4 and a half (I attended (...Read full memory)