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My maiden name was Joan Rose and I lived at 18 Osborne Road in 1940s until 1955 when I moved to Doyle Gardens. I went to Gladstone Park School. My two best friends were Mary and Anne Hall who lived in Chapter Road. We went to the Girls Life Brigade at Baptist Hall and also the Co-op Choir in Willesden High (...Read full memory)

I'm hoping someone visiting this site might remember or have information on my father's family. Oliver Jeffries known as Jeff used to work on the railway goods yard in Hendon and he married Mary Bell in 1930. They lived at 8 St Marys Mansions, St Marys Road, Willesden when one of their daughters Sylvia was (...Read full memory)

Hello. I am hoping someone reading this may know of the ELLIS family who lived in Kilburn/Cricklewood/Willesden from 1920 - 1960s ish. Road names were Heron road. Salusbury road. Old Kenton road and others in area. Any info on Thomas Ellis/ Elizabeth Ellis ( believed to be a Boot/shoe maker) Cissie/ Ada... Albert.. George (...Read full memory)

1944 -1949 I lived in Waldo Road, well all the family lived in Waldo Road my Mum Dad and sisters Phil Ted Pat Val & me,1900 - 1970s My Aunt And Uncle Collis and cousins Ron & Alan Aunt & Uncle Begley, and Aunt & Uncle Stadden & Cousin Evelyne. And grandmother Collins at the age of 4 and my sister 5 we got (...Read full memory)

I remember Canterbury market, the pie and mash shop, with crates of eels on ice outside. I remember going on my own for mash and liquor, it was 3 pence and a real treat. There was also a chip shop there and as kids we used to go and ask for the crackling and we used to get it for free. Also the rag and bone man used to be (...Read full memory)

My email address is john98718@gmail.com Mobile No. 0879615663

My name is John Power, Waterford City. I lived on Harlesden Road, Willesden from 1965 to 1968 and then returned to Ireland. In that space of time I made some great friends and one family in particular who were named Roche from Kerry. There were at least 6 men and 2 girls in the family. One girl was married and (...Read full memory)

Stuck in the middle of this parade of shops is the cream coloured frontage Irish Bacon Shop & my mother worked there.We lived at 41a Willesden High Road, just a short hop to the shop, and I have found memories of the Standard Indian curry house which my mother some times popped into and bought a curry home from as it was bang in the middle between the shop and our house.

I lived in Willesden until I was 17. I went to St Mary's C of E school which is no longer there. One day a week we would all walk to St Mary's church for a lesson. I was also baptisted at the church. We used to play in Gladstone Park, and Roundwood park, lots of happy memories. Shame it's changed so much.

Do you remember Electricity House, just to the right of the picture?  In the late 50s when I was about 8ish I guess,  Mum used to take me to the cookery demonstrations held there.  They were in the afternoon and they were free.  There was a special room with a stage and a cooker on it and table (...Read full memory)